Airplane behavior “walrus” to passengers divides the Internet

There may be no greater source of in-flight conflict — and disgust — than people who take off their shoes and socks on a plane.

However, in this case, while the person kept their shoes on, they stretched their feet forward yet, and protruded under another passenger’s seat, prompting the annoying woman to share a quick shot of the virus now with Reddit.

The woman described the act as “annoying,” saying the person kept doing it repeatedly, even after she hinted at their presence in her personal space.

“Slightly frustrating that this kept happening like every 15 minutes throughout the flight,” she wrote online. “I actually started hitting the person’s foot with my foot.”

Like ‘Excuse me very nicely, I’m not sure what’s under my feet.

“I’ve done this a few times. It doesn’t seem to work.”

The woman’s post has attracted more than 2,000 comments with many people, especially the taller ones, defending the passenger act.

One wrote, “I’m a tall person and I probably did it with my feet.”

“Remember, don’t hate the player – hate the game. I’m almost 6′ and it takes effort not to encroach on other economy passenger spaces, thanks Narrow seating arrangements for airlinesAnother added.

One person said that planes are getting “worse and worse for me”.

He wrote, “I am not an abnormally tall man and the distance from the tip of my knee to my back is not short enough to fit in the back of my seat and the back seat in front of me.” “There literally isn’t enough room. My knees are starting to spasm and if I feel like someone is stabbing my knees with a hunting knife. I have to stretch them out. I’m sure I’m pretty annoying on planes.”

The Passenger behavior “walrus” He continued to split with others who sided with the woman who took the photo.

An annoyed Reddit user wrote: “I found an excuse to stand up and look around occasionally/frequently and make sure I’m going to tap their feet and make eye contact.”

“Kicking/trampling on them until they move? Don’t be a doormat and defend yourself now and then.”

Others suggested they wouldn’t mind a passenger asking if they could extend their legs.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I’m thinking,” agreed another.

This comes after another passenger had a similar accident, this time with Someone behind him stretches barefoot under his seat.

Photo, taken from above, shows the stranger’s ‘particle’ feet between a woman’s feet, and a passenger appeared in May Filmed other passengers barefoot on someone’s armrest.

A video clip shows a person looking at the camera in horror before zooming in on their bare feet pounding from the seat behind the seat and onto the armrest.

The passenger who shared the clip was traveling from Melbourne to Adelaide when the accident occurred.

“Your worst nightmare,” someone wrote on the Internet.

Another agreed, “Oh hell no.”

When the passenger seemed to notice that he was being photographed, they hurriedly whipped their feet back. Little Mix Jade Thirlwall star Also a similar experience earlier this month while flying on a commercial flight.

I was so shocked by what I saw that she registered TikTok and shared it with her 1.9 million followers.

The British singer commented on the video, saying: “Beautiful views at 38,000 feet.”

Jade filmed herself looking stunned before turning the phone over to show a woman a few rows in front with her leg stretched high, her foot touching the overhead locker.

Experts warn travelers to Don’t be barefoot on the plane.

Ebony Vincent, a California-based podiatrist who is also responsible for the American television series, My foot hurtsHe said that being barefoot leaves travelers vulnerable to bad bacteria.

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