Albert Pujols achieved the 695th in his career at home

Street. Louis – over 40 hours ago Albert Pujols Rising to the occasion, meeting the moment once again and ultimately crushing home number 695 in his run on Sunday, the legendary bazaar captured an entirely different atmosphere zipping through the humid air of Busch Stadium.

That palatable feeling was overflowing with excitement. It was a tension as the days dwindled and the urgency increased. She was full of anticipation, and Pujols – someone who doesn’t miss much of anything these days – felt deep in his overpowered heart.

Once out onto the circuit on the deck late in Friday’s one-sided victory over the Cubs, Pujols was met with a wave of energy from the crowd at Busch Stadium. That was the moment when the 42-year-old legend cardinal realized it for the first time Register The house chase game has reached another level in terms of excitement, intensity and urgency.

Pujols bluntly admitted Sunday following the Cardinal: “I was raised by these fans for the 12 years of my career, including the playoffs, but on Friday, I felt something different.” 2-0 win above the cubs. “When I went in and pressed on Friday on my first hit against her [Sean] Newcomb, I felt something different. I don’t know what it is, but I felt it. I shared it with my family, I shared it with my kids who were here and I was like, “Wow, this was different.”

A similar vibe returned on Sunday when Pujols came out of the bunker for his pinch and delivered in the clutch. Pujols called up at the bottom of the eighth inning of a goalless game, hitting home to help the Cardinal beat the Cubs. The 429-foot blast projected by Statcast propelled Pujols within easy reach of Alex Rodriguez for fourth place Every time And within the number on his back – 5 – of scrambled air he will bring 700 home kicks.

Not only did Pujols expand his historic record of conceding 451 bowlers—Chicago’s Brandon Hughes, in this case—but he also mashed a long ball in his last swing against the contender Cubs, a privilege that he dreaded for decades. In 199 career games against the Cubs—most of them coming with the birds on his chest—Pujols crashed 59 home runs, 99 extra baseball hits and 149 ground hits. A day after his close friend and teammate Yadier Molina tortured the Cubs with two hits and three RBIs, Pujols took a step forward with a stunning blast above the Cubs hangar.

“I guess that’s a good thing in your last game against the Cubs?” Cardinals director Oliver Marmol said. Later, Marmol addressed the Pujols’ rare ability to block out the stress and intensity of intense expectations and present them in a big moment.

“There are times when you take a step back away from being locked into the game and become a fan for a minute and try it out like everyone else does, and this was one of them,” Marmol said. “You take a moment and take it all in because what he’s doing is absolutely incredible.”

On the heels of the Cardinals sweeping the Cubs for the second time this season at Busch Stadium and winning there for the 18th time in their last 20 home games, other St. Tommy Edman, who doubled before the Pujols’ home win, was befuddled by the crowd’s cheering for the strike call before realizing that Pujols had come out of dugout to strike him. Next, pitcher Miles Micholas—who was brilliant while allowing only two hits and one walk on eight goal-free rounds—was this exchange in the dugout.

An unidentified teammate looking at the field: “What is the cause of that raucous cheer?”

Micholas: “Oh, Albert went out into the circle on the deck.”

Unknown teammate: “Well, that makes sense.”

Late Sunday, after the Cardinals ended their 13-6 lead over the Cubs in the season series, Pujols admitted the excitement of this late-season surge — both in terms of his strength and St. Louis’ late play. – Help carry him emotionally. Pujols said trying to play in front of an audience can be both a blessing and a curse because of his tendency to do too much, but he’s a willing rider on this emotional wave.

“That’s why these cheerleaders are the best cheerleaders in baseball,” Pujols said. “It’s so special to be able to do this and share that moment with [the fans]. Sure, I wanted to do something special, and that can also be your worst enemy, because you’re trying to do so much. At the end of the day, knowing what you have to do, chasing the pitch you’re looking for and not trying to do too much – the nights you do it and have fun with it, that’s what I love the most. “

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