Android tried to detect a flaw in Apple. Instead, he reveals why iPhone revenue increased by $165 billion

in Last TweetAndroid thought it was intelligently displaying a file Iphone iOS defect. Or at least what Android It is seen as a flaw in iOS. stated in the caption,

“If they can put WiFi on a plane 33,000 feet in the sky, why do you still need a cellular signal to just send a text?

Apple didn’t talk about it. However, we love an informed audience. # message received

The message Android apparently didn’t get was that in its deceptive attempt to air Apple’s dirty laundry, what it exposed was its biggest flaw. Because there’s one thing Apple doesn’t get and that’s Android – and it boils down to just one word.

The Android tweet states, “Apple isn’t telling you the whole truth about read receipts.” But of course, Android does. Android goes on to explain why the iPhone shows read receipts for all text (not to be confused with iMessages).

Apple’s dirty little secret, according to Android, is that iPhones rely on outdated (SMS/MMS) technology to communicate with non-iPhones. Although Android isn’t wrong, it doesn’t quite get the story right. Because there is something Android does not want users to know.

Android designs the story to make it look like a problem. Which is a problem but only for those who use the Android operating system.

For Apple, this is not a problem at all. In fact, it was designed this way on purpose and for a great reason that Android doesn’t fully understand. It’s part of Steve Jobs’ Great 3-Step Method for Solving Tough Problems And it just so happens that this is the exact reason behind Apple’s iPhone revenue 191 billion dollars 2021 – $165 billion more than Android’s estimated profit of $31 billion.

Apple has one thing Android doesn’t: great marketing.

Apple built the iPhone using several great growth hack strategies. From the “Sent from iPhone” message that is automatically added to outgoing emails and changes the message color to blue, giving users the ability to see which device their contacts are using to read receipts – a feature that lets you See if someone has read your text.

The genius part of Apple’s marketing strategy was that it not only made people want to own an iPhone, it made people want their friends and family to own an iPhone, too. Because, sure, Apple can easily enable read receipts on text messages, but why would you do that? After all, it’s one of the perks of being an iPhone user and part of the Apple club.

Although the read receipts are trivial, they are a small example of how Apple has done an amazing job in marketing the iPhone, turning it into a record-breaking product last year. 52 percent of Apple’s total revenue.

While Android points the finger at Apple for its lack of technology to bring up something as basic as enabling read receipts on text messages, Android reveals its lack of understanding of strategic marketing. While Android makes the basic mistake of laughing at something it doesn’t understand, it shows its lack of marketing ingenuity and why its revenue is just a small part of iPhone revenue.

As far as marketing can be considered a very long four-letter word, companies that master marketing can dominate their markets, build cult brands, and outsmart their competitors. Marketing plays a major role in the degree of business success. With mediocre marketing startups succeeding, and mediocre marketing, great startups may still fail.

Apple focused on great marketing strategies from the start. Making people want to be a part of something. used a Exclusive Marketing Strategy to nourish desire. It shows who used the iPhone and who did not increase the demand for the product. Android may be superior, but due to Apple’s genius marketing, iOS users may never know.

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