ANTHRAX Bassist says ‘sinking phase’ was reason to cancel Rochester concert: ‘We had no choice’

In a new interview with “Metal Mayhem ROC” Podcast, Frank Bellow talked about canceling anthrax And the black patch communityAugust 19 concert at Main Street Armory in Rochester, New York. Regarding what caused the two groups to cancel the show after the opening The seed of hatred already done anthrax The guitarist said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We were ready to play. I was literally expanding into the show. Our guys – it was a safe thing. They said, ‘The theater is sinking’ – it literally sank. Like our friends The seed of hatred They were playing, I think jamie [Jasta, HATEBREED frontman] He even said it on stage. The platform was sinking. And then they went under the podium. They have all the evidence here. They have a lot of pictures they had to take because of the show. They were breaking. I mean, things weren’t safe to carry gear And the the band.”

sincere He continued: “Look, we came there. We wanted to play. We were the death to play. Two hours [before showtime]I’m already extending the show, and our guy, our tour manager, comes along [and says]”I can’t put you at that point”, because it was a danger everybody – Not just us, not just the band, but the crowd. We can’t do that. So it was a responsibility [issue]. We had no choice. Even if we wanted to play, we had no other choice. Things were about to fall apart. There were cracked cases under the stage. They have documented photos.

“Look, you know us man – we don’t cancel shows unless they’re serious,” Bellow added. Plus, due to illness a couple of weeks ago, we had to put on two shows. So the last thing we wanted to do was cancel another show. It was out of our hands. So we feel bad for everyone. Believe me, I want to come back. I want to do it better. Right. We all do.” Because we were there all day hanging out. I walked in the streets. I had some coffee in a great cafe. Suddenly there is no display. So he’s kind of, “Ah. What happened, man?”

When asked how something like this could happen at a party of this size, sincere He said, “Honestly, dude, I’m talking to you now, frankly… all I can do is be honest with this… all I know is that I was extending the show. It was two hours before the show… and we have Out of nowhere… Look, they checked the line and everything. And suddenly, apparently, someone came up and said, “The stage is sinking.” That’s all I heard, and then they took it, the powers they took from there, and it’s out of the band at that The stage. It’s safety — all that stuff. I can just tell you as a band member, I felt like crap. Like, “I can’t believe we’re not going to be able to play.” You’ve been excited about the show all day and hanging out, and all of a sudden you can’t do it because of something like that I felt bad for the fans – to everyone out there. I don’t know what happened with the theater, to be honest with you. But that’s all I was told….they told us the stage wasn’t safe enough for us to play. That’s all we know. That’s honesty as far as I can’t be with you. Whatever that means. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m the bass player. anthrax. I do work. This is beyond my salary grade.”

When anthrax And the black patch community Announcing the cancellation of the Rochester show, they said in a statement: “Due to unforeseen production issues, tonight’s show at Main Street Armory in Rochester has been canceled by both anthrax And the black patch community Because it was unsafe for bands to perform.

anthrax And the black patch community Don’t cancel shows lightly but we cannot jeopardize the health and safety of teams and crew. All bands tonight apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment. We will go back to Rochester to rock again.

Refunds are available at point of purchase starting Tuesday, August 23rd.

anthrax guitar player Scott Ian Also took to his character Twitter To write: “Rochester didn’t want to cancel, we had to. The stage was broken, the venue didn’t fix it and it wasn’t safe to continue the show. It’s bad for you, it’s bad for us. We’ll be back, my friends, on stage.” TRUE “.

A fan who saw The seed of hatred He tweeted at Main Street Armory before the rest of the show was canceled: “Rochester canceled after 5 songs of The seed of hatred Because of the “broken phase”. The seed of hatred The front man says, “We have to get off the stage, safety first, let’s take care of this to see BLS! He performs one last song (the fifth song) and then waits 40 minutes for a staff member to take to the stage.”

anthrax She started her tour with black patch community And the The seed of hatred On July 26 at Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona. The trip will conclude in Philadelphia at Fillmore on Sunday, August 28. anthrax And the black patch community Both play title combinations. The seed of hatredCelebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of “perseverance” The album is a special guest.

anthrax And the black patch community She has participated in several stages of festivals and one-off shows, but this is the first time these two teams have toured together.

anthraxhis last album, “For all kings”came out in February 2016 via nuclear explosion.

anthrax It celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2021 with a number of special activities and events. formed by Ian and guitarist Dan Lilker In Queens, New York on July 18, 1981, anthrax They were one of the first thrash metal bands to emerge from the East Coast and soon became considered a pioneer in the genre along with MetallicaAnd the the killer And the Mega.

Active for the past five decades, anthrax He released 11 studio albums, received multiple gold and platinum certifications, earned six Grammy Award nominations, toured the world since 1984 and played thousands of shows, including the Madison Square Garden flashback and Yankee Stadium play with the “Big Four”.

“For all kings” It was called by some critics anthraxStrongest album to date. Its arrival came after a five-year period during which the group experienced a rebirth of sorts, beginning with anthraxInclusion on the ‘Big Four’ tour and continuing release of LP worship music.

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