Apple iPhone 14 event: price hikes expected, but will there be ‘something else’?

Apple Inc.’s upcoming iPhone 14 lineup may not bring. Lots of new features, but there might be a big change in the store.

after, after Keeping iPhone prices steady for a yearsome analysts predict that Apple AAPL,
The price of iPhone 14 Pro models will increase this year amid camera, chip and design improvements – as well as continued pressure from supply costs and a strong US dollar. Amid the highest rates of inflation in decades, there have been concerns about increased cost awareness of consumers – especially those with lower wages – but Apple is expected to keep the standard iPhone models at the same starting price while increasing the base price of $999 and $1,199 on the iPhone Pro and Pro Max .

“While the base iPhone will remain at the same price, we believe a $100 iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max price increase is likely in-store due to higher component prices as well as additional functionality in this new version,” wrote Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, in a recent customer note.

company The new iPhone family is expected to debut At the Wednesday event that kicks off at 1 p.m. ET. Apple’s smartphones are its biggest business to date, bringing in more than $162 billion over three quarters of the company’s fiscal year, more than 57% of Apple’s total revenue.

But the planned iPhone 14 launch comes amid uncertainty over how smartphone demand will continue in the macroeconomic climate. IDC recently forecast a 6.5% decline in global smartphone shipments this year, after shipments were below its estimates while declining for four consecutive quarters. However, demand for the iPhone appears to have held up better than the market as a whole, and Apple CEO Tim Cook said on the company’s latest earnings call that he did not see “clear evidence of a macroeconomic impact” on the iPhone.

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Other than the price, perhaps the biggest news from an Apple event is what’s not mentioned or omitted. Few observers would expect Apple to showcase its highly anticipated class of products, a headphone, and Apple could say goodbye to the iPhone Mini and its infamous “notch.”

Apple is expected to ditch the mini version of its base iPhone, and could add a 6.7-inch configuration for the first time, according to Bloomberg News. Also, five years after Apple introduced the “notch” on the top of its iPhone X model It wasn’t exactly a fan favoriteBloomberg reports that the iPhone 14 update may finally be ditched in favor of “the hole-punch and grain-shaped cutouts for the front camera and Face ID sensors.”

Steve Jobs’ deserved “One More Thing” detailing Apple’s next big invention has long been absent from the events of the iPhone, but its successor may have something to fit the bill. Apple is developing a headset that’s expected to incorporate long-running mixed reality technology, which Cook has long called “a big idea like a smartphone.” Experts expect it to reach consumers in 2023 at the earliest, but few analysts believe its debut will be at a Wednesday event, even with Meta Platforms Inc. META,
Preparing to unveil the next generation of virtual reality technology.

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Since there’s been no chatter about the device lately, it’s unlikely that Apple will be ready to show the product in September – otherwise the silence means Apple has done a good job of keeping “something else”. Bloomberg reported in May That the company “aims to unveil the headset as early as the end of this year or sometime next year, with a consumer release planned for 2023.”

Those who stand up to Flip and foldable phones Such as Samsung Electronics Co. models. Ltd. 005930,
It will probably still debut a few weeks ago awaiting this kind of launch at Apple, but iPhone fans should expect a faster processor and the finish of a much-mocked design element.

There may be a long-awaited announcement of satellite communication technology for the iPhone, which would allow people to communicate even when they are off the beaten path. The move was expected last year and has not been announced, and a similar setup will happen this year, with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes this week That “Apple has completed hardware tests for this feature”, but “whether the iPhone 14 will offer a satellite communications service depends on whether Apple and operators can compromise the business model.”

iPhone Pro models are expected to get the majority of upgrades, compared to regular iPhone models. Bloomberg News reported that Apple Plans to introduce a 48MP cameraAnd a faster chip and better battery life for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. MacRumors notes that an improved camera will do just that Let more light pass through the lenssomething that could allow for better image quality, including when shooting with the company’s Portrait Mode feature.

The iPhone 14 Pro could also have a new A16 chip, which MacRumors said could help the company Turn on the new cameraPlus, the always-on display some Apple watchers expect to see is finally on the cutting edge. While Apple is believed to be planning chip upgrades for Pro models, 9to5Mac expects the company can Sticking with the same A15 chip as the base iPhone 14 The font that was used in the iPhone 13 family.

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An update to the Apple Watch lineup is also expected at Wednesday’s event. Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to introduce the Apple Watch SE that features a faster chip, the Apple Watch Series 8 that has a body temperature sensor, and a Pro model. Amit Darianani, an analyst at Evercore ISI, said the virtual Apple Watch Pro could offer “longer battery life, a larger screen, and new fitness features.”

Apple’s iPhone event comes a week before September last year, which suggests Evercore’s Daryanani may also make the phones available for purchase sooner. For investors, that means Apple’s September quarter could feature an extra week of iPhone sales compared to last year.

Apple stock is down 10.9% so far this year, as is the DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average,
– of which Apple is among its 30 components – is down 12.9% and the S&P 500 SPX index,

MarketWatch staff writer Jeremy C. Owens contributed to this report.

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