Archeology: Gonzaga is expected early on to be the top seed in the 2023 NCAA Championship; Houston, UNC and Kentucky are also No. 1

Just a couple of days before the college football season starts and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to take a not-so-early look at Bracketology. March Madness is a few months away, but we have pre-season predictions for the NCAA 2023 Championships and Court 68.

The vast majority of the team’s schedules haven’t been released yet, so there may be some bracketing errors based on games played against potential opponents, but I don’t check that into this category. This will be resolved in dropping the pre-season arc in November before the season begins.

But for now, here’s a look at the top seeded from the never-before-seen premiere of the 2023 NCAA Tournament.

Top seed brackets

Check out the latest Palm slide, a full field of 68 and all the teams in the bubble on Archeology The center is major.

No. 1 Universal Seed: Gonzaga (West) Zags will attempt to secure the top seed for the fifth time in the last six NCAA tournaments. They were boosted by the return of six of the eight top scorers, including the 2022 All-American Drew Timme’s second team. They’ve also added 2022 Southern Conference player Malachi Smith from Chattanooga. Look for Gonzaga to dominate the West Coast Conference again this season.

No. 2 Universal Seed: Houston (Middle West) Houston slipped from its second consecutive Final Four win last season without the services of two of its key players, Marcus Sasser and Tramon Mark. They will be back this season to bolster another strong squad that will be a tough match for everyone. Kelvin Sampson has turned this program into something to be reckoned with and it will be interesting to see how the Cougars go when they join the Big 12.

No. 3 Universal Seed: North Carolina (east) The Tar Heels had to get hot at the end of the regular season just to secure a place in the NCAA Championship. They entered as Class 8 and kept hot, they couldn’t reach the National Championship in a loss kansas In the title game. Almost everyone has come back to try it again. I’m a bit conservative about the teams that have been so successful from the low seed, even if several players come back. University of California He moved from the top four to the Final Four in 2021 and was in the top four the following season. The Bruins ended up in fourth place, which is a very reasonable jump. North Carolina should move very far from last season as well.

No. 4 Universal Seed: Kentucky (South) Oscar Chiboye of the Year at Naismith returns with Safar Wheeler to give coach John Calipari a good base to build on. Freshman Damon Collins and senior Jacob Tobin should both play a bigger role this season, and as usual, another top-five recruiting class is arriving.

Kentucky is bringing back the strongest roster in years, so can the wildcats finally make it out of the first round of the NCAA Tournament? Listen below and Subscribe to the Eye on College Basketball podcast Gary Parish and Matt Norlander also discuss the UK in the Summer Shootaround series.

Big Ten Pack

The Big Ten has eight teams in this category, the most in any conference, but no team is ranked higher than fourth. Rutgers She is expected to make her second consecutive first four appearances. Michigan StateAnd the IndianaAnd the Illinois And the Bordeaux It is all bundled together in an arc in what is expected to be a busy regular season title race.

The ACC, Big 12 and SEC each have seven teams in this category. Of course, for the Big 12 group, this is a larger percentage of its members than the others.

Aztecs head across the country

San Diego State He gets a slightly raw deal in this category by sending him to Albany, New York, in the first two rounds. This is a trip of over 2,800 miles. Needless to say, this is the furthest site from the homeland of the Aztecs. No other team travels farther than its fourth farthest position, but that’s life like Team 16. You get what’s left after the top 15 are placed in the arc.

As usual, schools cannot play tournament matches where they are the hosts. This season, this school list includes Ohio State (Columbus), SacramentoAnd the drake (Des Moines), UCF (Orlando), LouisvilleAnd the UNLV.

Now, let’s get ready to go with a tip not far behind!

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