August 26, 2022 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

NASCAR race results from Daytona International Speedway

After a rain delay of several hours, we’re ready to go racing in Daytona Beach, Florida. The green flag is set to drop at Daytona International Speedway, just 11 p.m.

See the Daytona race results for the NASCAR Xfinity Series below.

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Noah Gragson and AJ Allmendinger set the front row. 100 laps of super speed racing is next…

Stage 1 – Report

Rolls: 30 (1-30 / 100)

The flag is green, Allmendinger is clear across the outer lane to one turn. Allmendinger starts blocking both paths.

On lap 5, Noah Gragson moves to the top lane and grabs Sam Meyer’s front bumper. Gragson has a four-off round, Allmendinger blocks. Gregson cuts in while Meyer rolls outside. Allmendinger is stuck in the middle and falls as Gragson leads.

On lap 16, Sammy Smith spins on his own in Turn 4! Slams the inner wall and cautions the outside.

Gragson dug out the lead along with several others. Gregson restarts 17.

Greene, Riley Hurst acquits Josh Perry in one role. Ty Gibbs has a round in the third round, Gibbs to the lead.

lap 21

NASCAR Xfinity Series - Daytona International Raceway - Speed ​​Shot
DAYTONA BEACH, FL – AUGUST 26: Ty Gibbs, driver of #54 Monster Energy Toyota, and Riley Herbst, driver of #98 Monster Energy Ford, drive the field during the Coca-Cola-powered NASCAR Xfinity Series Wawa 250 at Daytona Highway International on August 26, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

On Lap 21, Kyle Sage has a flat left front, warn.

Trade side drafts Green, Gibbs and Herbst turn off the second. Finally, Gibbs finally made it through the inner lane.

1 to go in the first stage, they run 3-on-2 with Gibbs holding the lead. Gibbs throws a ban on Sheldon Creed.

Ty Gibbs wins stage one at Daytona International Speedway!

Daytona results (Phase 1): 1. T. Gibbs; 2. Austin Hill; 3. Sheldon Creed. 4. A.J. Allmendinger; 5 – Josh Berry; 6. Brandon Jones. 7. Justin Alger. 8. Sam Mayer; 9. Justin Haley. 10 – Ryan Sig;

Stage 2 – Report

Number of turns: 30 (31-60/100)

Gibbs drilled out of the fore. Josh Perry takes the lead at the front.

Green Flag in Phase Two, business side drafts for Berry and Jeb Burton in turn one. Perry removes him through the inner lane.

On lap 37, Brandon Brown leads a charge on the outside lane. Alfredo leads the inner lane. Alfredo exonerates him.

Lap 42, next to the lead.

On lap 54, Alfredo leads a charge from the outside with Creed leading the middle lane. Both work in tandem with the feedstock. Alfredo is in the lead.

5 to go on the second stage, Gragson runs inside Alfredo, exonerating him.

1 To move to the second stage, Sheldon Creed is operated by Justin Allgaier in the second turn! No caution because Gregson prevents Alfredo from running.

Noah Gragson wins the second stage!

Daytona results (stage 2): 1 – Noah Gregson; 2 – Anthony Alfredo; 3. Riley Herbst. 4 – Sam Mayer. 5 – Josh Berry; 6. John Hunter Nemechic; 7. T. Gibbs. 8. Justin Alger. 9. Mitt Snyder. 10 – Ryan Sig;

Stage 3 – Report

Windings: 40 (61-100/100)

Gragson leads the field to the pit lane. Herbst wins the race to the exit pit by just recalling the fuel.

Green flag in the third stage, Gragson Herbst clears the first turn.

29 to go, Riley Herbst has a flat left forehead! Spins and slides through the grass and the caution ends.

Greene, Gregson advancing while Algayer on the shock absorber.

17 to go, John Hunter Nemechek spins his second turn and collects Sheldon Creed. Creed blasts back across the track and collects Joe Graf Jr.! Caution out.

Green With 13 years to go, Gragson is clearly visible in his first turn. Allgaier returns to Gragson’s shock absorbers.

9 to go, Allmendinger exits through the triple oval with Allgaier on his bumper. Sam Mayer, Josh Berry, and Myatt Snider collected! Caution out.

Greene, Gregson advancing toward the first turn. Ryan Sieg rests on the Hemric shock absorber on the outside fairway. Hermic has been pushed to the fore!

3 to go

3 to go, Heimrick blocks a long distance from Austin Hill. Hill dives in and takes the lead anyway.

They’re destroying Turn 4! Hemric throws a block at Gragson but Gragson is already there. Hemric spins and collects Alfredo. Brandon Jones, David Starr, Justin Algare, Jeb Burton, Matt Mills, Riley Herbst, Sage Crum and more are collected.

Green in NASCAR overtime, Ty Gibbs gets side kicks by Ryan Sieg at launch. Noah Gregson is alone on the inside in one role.

Brandon Brown flips sides on a burn draft of Riley Herbst. Brown flipped across the track and collected Myatt Snyder, Justin Haley, Riley Herbst, Josh Williams, Alex Labe, Kyle Sage, Caesar Pacarella, Patrick Emerling and Bailey Corrie. The warning is back and they’re going to bother them again.

The green in NASCAR Overtime #2, Hill and Gragson knock on doors at launch! Hill clear in one turn. Gragson threw a huge block at the Allmendinger in the third turn, Gragson was in front of the field and collected Landon Cassill!

Allmendinger ran out of fuel when they come to reboot! Hit the pit lane for fuel. Austin Hill has an electrical problem!

Green In NASCAR Bonus #3, Austin Hill Can’t Fire! Generosity pushes Clements to the fore! Brandon Bourne runs with a push from Allgaier, blocks Clements. Allmendinger dives into each. Clements resists forward.

Riley Herbst spins a triangular oval and caution ends! Jeremy Clements wins in Daytona!

Daytona International Speedway
Race results
August 26, 2022
NASCAR Xfinity Series

NASCAR Xfinity Series - Daytona International Raceway - World Racing Center
DAYTONA BEACH, FL – AUGUST 26: A racing overview during the Coca-Cola-powered NASCAR Xfinity Series Wawa 250 at Daytona International Speedway on August 26, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

position | driver

1. Jeremy Clements
2. Timmy Hill
3. AJ Allmendinger
4. Brandon Brown
5. Hakim Karam
6. Ryan Vargas
7. Ty Gibbs
8. Alex Labh
9. Ji Ji Yili
10. Kyle Sieg
11. Jesse Ioji
12. Mate Snyder
13. Justin Lime
14. Austin Hill
15. Riley Herbst
16. Joy Gas
17. Blaine Perkins
18. Josh Perry
19. Daniel Hemrick
20. Brandon Jones
21. Jeb Burton
22. Noah Gregson
23. Landon Castle
24. Matt Mills
25. Justin Haley
26. Ryan Sieg
27. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
28. Caesar Pacarilla
29. Josh Williams
30. Bailey Corey
31. David Starr
32. Anthony Alfredo
33. Mason Massey
34. Sam Mayer
35. John Hunter Nemeshek
36. Sheldon Creed
37. Joe Graf Jr.
38. Sammy Smith

NASCAR Xfinity Series
Ranking of points
Daytona International Speedway - NASCAR Xfinity Series - Green Flag
DAYTONA BEACH, FL – AUGUST 26: AJ Allmendinger, driver of the #16 Action Industries Chevrolet, leads the field to the green flag for the start of the Coca-Cola-powered NASCAR Xfinity Series Wawa 250 at Daytona International Speedway on August 26, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida. (Photo by Meg Olivant/Getty Images)

Note: There are 3 races left in the regular season

position | driver | wins / points | Match points

1. Ty Gibbs
5 wins | 29 p

2. Noah Gregson
3 wins | 26 p

3. Justin Alger
3 wins | 21 p

4. AJ Allmendinger
3 wins | 17 p

5. Josh Perry
2 wins | 16 p

6. Austin Hill
2 wins | 11 am

7. Brandon Jones
win 1 | 6 am

8. Jeremy Clements
win 1 | 5PP

9. Riley Herbst

10. Sam Mayer

11. Daniel Hemrick

12. Landon Castle

– Play-off line –

13. Ryan Sieg

14. Sheldon Creed

15. Anthony Alfredo

16. Brandon Brown

Daytona International Speedway
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August 26, 2022


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