Burning Man’s Top 10 Art Projects and Curiosities 2022 (so far), where the event is now taking place

It’s already Day Two of Burning Man 2022, and thanks to a group of Burners who took their beloved Starlink satellite internet kits with them, they’re online and we can see what’s being built in Black Rock City this year.

On the same date every year! It’s time to revive this deceptive claim San Francisco empties during Burning ManThe annual art event officially began at midnight on Sunday and is now on its second day. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not in the dusty playing field of the Black Rock Desert.

But we scoured social media to find posts for top art projects and the like. So tune in and drop the songs and scroll down for the best things from Burning Man 2022 we’ve seen posted on social media.

This year the man is burning

Here he/she is, the Burning Man doll of 2022! It’s green with some yellow and blue highlights and, as usual, has an ambiguous connection to any mystical theme of the year (this year’s theme is “Daydream)”.

According to a statement from the artists, “To represent sleeping dreams, the ornament (the five pieces emanating from the man’s pelvis) were covered with soft glowing rings depicting the phases of the moon.” “These discs float above a sea of ​​neon light, undulating in the tidal clouds of the moon, and represent the deep waters of the realm of the subconscious.”

Burning Man Live Streaming

For suckers stuck at home, your best bet to savor this alkaline dust is Burning Man webcast. The broadcast lasts all week, sometimes with narration, and of course they will broadcast Burn, which will be around 9pm on Sunday.


This year the temple prefers to be called Temple of the EmpyreanIt was designed by a Colorado architect Lawrence Renzo Verbeek. And the people, the Paiute Tribe and the Burning Man Project this year are asking you again Please do not place cremated remains In the temple area.


Gaya Sculptor seems to be one of the most popular new art installations this year Marco Cochran Who have seen his work? Many nude women statues installed around the bay area. You can see a file Submit the full version hereand Partially completed repository here.

Screenshot: janeshamaeva via Instagram


Eric College Autumn Spire is one of 2022 Burning honor installations (Meaning they got a grant from Burning Man to build it.) You can see it in This is a set of images for Burning Man 2022although you have to click a little to get to this.

Screenshot: janeshamaeva via Instagram

This great bike kickstand stop

The same Instagram Burning Man photo gallery Show us a great place to rest on your bike, with full seats.

dancing skeleton figurines

We don’t know the name of the artists in this work, but these dancing skeletal sculptures are a hit for good reason.

Silver Lists

The kids’ favorite Instagram trap at Burn this year seems to be these groups of paired silver figurines (there are at least two), where couples can take pictures and all express themselves “Hey, we’re pretending just like them!”

People Bring Inspirational Starlink Satellite Crews

There is definitely an overlap between Burning Man fandom and Elon Musk fandom, and yes, the Bros are making an offer to bring their own Starlinks. Would anyone drive their Tesla outside and let it be destroyed by the elements? I bet someone does!

Photo via Facebook


We finish with what Not At Burning Man this year, coffee sales at Center Camp Café. According to Project Burning ManThe coffee trade in the center of our depopulated city has been a constant point of discussion for years. The experience of not selling coffee in 2022 is a tangible example of the Burning Man Project’s commitment to our values. But some early guards built a replica of the café as shown above, and you’d better believe they set it on fire soon after.

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Top photo: JohnKuras Via Twitter

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