Candace Parker has a vintage performance in losing the first game

No sports team won in Chicago on Sunday.

The Cubs And the white socks He lost early, leaving the sky to try to put the city in the winning column in Game 1 of the semi-final series against the Connecticut Sun, but the defending WNBA champion couldn’t move on and stay there. There were 15 lead changes and nine links, but the sky never seemed to find its rhythm.

After the match, Sun coach Kurt Miller said his team’s goal was to “make the match chaotic” relative to the sky, and that they succeeded In a win 68-63. Sky shooters had a limited appearance and offensive recoil was a major issue. The team was caught looking often, not following shots and not boxing because second-chance shots went through them.

While the sun was capable of it knock them over and over into the paintthe sky died just as they lived – index 3.

Forced inside and taking shots that didn’t fall off, Heaven’s responses were always a little late. Extra dribbling, extra pass, one extra look. The sun didn’t need to beat them. Instead, they imposed their game plan on a team that was frustrated not only with the physical strength of the game, but also with the officials.

It was clear that Sky felt they were not getting the calls they should, and coach James Wade mentioned it more than once in his post-match press conference while trying not to criticize the official directly.

Sky found itself under pressure from a more physical team. For the first time this season, Sun has been able to get Sky to play its game. They scared everyone – except for Candice Parker.

Parker has had a game for ages. This was vintage CP3. The 36-year-old played as it was 2008 again. Parker made a statement with 19 points, 18 rebounds, 6 blocked passes, five assists, and four steals.

It was kind of expected though.

Jay-Z, Parker’s favorite rapper, dropped a house on “God Did” on DJ Khaled’s new album, and within a day, she knew every word, enthusiastically singing it on Instagram for her Stories.

During the pre-match warm-up, as soon as Parker exited the tunnel, Sky’s DJ played a series of Jay-Z bounce songs. She was focused, singing every lyric as she went through her routine. She clearly finds inspiration in the lines of the Brooklyn rapper. When In the face of adversityYou go to his music.

Parker, a bright spot in a game in which her opponents came out poised and ready to plow their way to victory, continued to raise the bar for her teammates in a difficult situation. She seemed to be training them on the sidelines and during hiatus. She put them on her back and they all wanted them to the end.

After averaging 13.2 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists in the regular season, Parker has taken him to another level in Game 1 and found a place in the record books again. She’s the first female player in WNBA history with 15 points and more, as well as 15 rebounds, five assists and five more blocks in a playoff, which is one double of Tamika Catchings’ league tally of 27 after the season. – my husband.

Although the sky did not flee from the stadium, the chaos caused by the vengeful sun was too much.

We’ve seen this before this team – they lost the first game and then came back in control. Can they do it again?

Wade, Azura Stevens and Ali Quigley all seemed confident they could adapt and come back on Wednesday in Game Two.

How will the sky respond? Maybe someone should call Jay-Z.

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