Chiefs vs.

The final result: Kansas City Chiefs 17, Green Bay Packers 10

rematch from Energy I, The Chiefs and Packers went to fray in the final match of the 2022 pre-season. The chiefs cut the deal in pre-season 2-1 and closed the match in the victory formation. The Cardinals will be next on September 11th to start the regular season.

Crime (Brian Stewart)

Thursday night’s pre-season finale was “The Shane Buechele Show.”

Brilliant veterans Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey didn’t play, while JoJo Smith-Schuster and Marquis Valdes-Scantalling rested on a wide range of injuries — and it was 37-year-old Chad Heaney who started behind the first-team attack in Kansas City. Line. Henne struggled through two drives, averaging 3.3 yards per pass attempt after seven throws.

Back then, Buechele – the third-series quarterback – made the most of his chances while shining with a 53-caliber roster ability. Buechele brought The Chiefs back from a first-half deficit, eventually helping them take the lead with two separate passes to drop deep into Matt Bushman.

Given the good performance he had in his previous two seasons in Kansas City, there’s a good chance another team will take him out for good if the president doesn’t choose to keep Buechele. There is virtually no chance of Henne being released, but if head coach Andy Reed and general manager Brett Veitch are truly fans of Boychel, they may need to keep the third quarterback on the shortlist to start the season.

All around, Thursday night was the kind of unforgettable contest that most pre-season finals turn into. Now it’s all about narrowing down the final roster, enjoying the health and getting ready to start the regular season against Arizona Cardinals 17 days from now.

Attacking player: Isaiah Pacheco running back

Finally, the popular 7th-round rookie was able to break free a bit and brag about the explosion and speed that made him popular during training camp. Pacheco averaged 5.2 yards per carry in 10 lunge attempts.

He still has a lot to learn and experience in the coming weeks. One thing is clear, though: When the ball is in his hands, Pacheco has some athletic impulses that not all NFL ball holders have. Combine that with the strong hands you’ve flashed throughout training camp and we can begin to see the path towards production for this young player. Time will tell if Pacheco can translate the hype into a season-changing role in important games.

Defense (Talon Graf)

The freshmen got a nod in defense – and there was a new face in the primary defense: Rookie full-back Leo Chenal took on the first-team delegates with Nick Bolton and Willie Jay. During pre-season, the third player from Wisconsin was impressive – so the coaching staff rewarded his play.

The top end of the defensive line had early reps and they were annoying while they were there. George Karlavtis seems to be an immediate boost to the intro seven, while Frank Clark still looks more explosive — although we won’t be able to really say until we see four quarters of them. The inner defensive line – led by Chris Jones – has a good mix of speed and mass.

Once he was put into play, reserve quarterback Darius Harris got to work right away. His first three plays resulted in three interventions. The latter could have forced a penalty kick after instinctively reading an on-screen play in third down, but a face mask penalty from rising linebacker Joshua Williams gave Green Bay new life.

During the same drive, Williams also let sure fire interception bounce off his hands. With time and iteration, he should grow into a reliable player in the future. Rookie teammate Jaylen Watson made a huge impact for being a seventh-round pick. He plays hard in the running game and plays in the air as well.

Round one 2022 cornerback Trent McDuffy left the game during the first quarter after entering concussion protocol. As the game progressed—and chiefs began to rotate in younger players—quarterback Jordan Love and the Packers attack began to move the ball. But safety rookie Brian Cook finished driving late in the first half by getting a sailing card.

The 24-yard drop from Packer running back Tyler Judson in the second quarter was ugly for the Chiefs; They missed many interventions and saw a lot of corpses on the grass. The defense was solid throughout pre-season, however, this play looked like it was out of the ordinary.

The defensive unit was tested late in the second quarter as the Packers had several goals but came out with only three points after a beautiful position on the goal line aided by a few Green Bay penalty kicks.

But then Williams drew a flag on the field goal attempt after committing a jogging penalty. Had this been a rough science, Green Bay would have had a new set of landings. But the Packers rejected the penalty and took the successful field goal.

Defensive player: Safety of Brian Cook

The first-year player and the second most popular Cincinnati Bearcat on the team put in a solid performance. He was influential in running but also made his mark as a defender. He’s earned a lot of praise throughout pre-season – and has grown not only on the field, but also as a captain.

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