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IIndividually, none of West Ham’s first three games in the Premier League have been that bad. They were very unfortunate to lose in Nottingham Forest, There is a little shame in Losing to Manchester CityAnd the Brighton He could be an embarrassing opponent for any side, especially West Ham, who are now unbeaten in 11 attempts. However, these three defeats with no goals scored put West Ham at the bottom of the standings. Sunday’s meeting with struggling Aston Villa comes with a clear sense of pressure.

There was a full-time booing at the London Stadium last Sunday. They may have been born out of frustration with that day’s performance rather than anything more general, but West Ham have now lost eight of their last 10 games, the only win that came against doomed Norwich.

The context is important: there was fatigue towards the end of last season and the focus clearly and understandably shifted to the Europa League. Nobody can seriously question the job David Moyes He has done it since returning to the club.

But what if West Ham lost in the FIA? They have Tottenham, Chelsea and Newcastle in the three games after that, and they can all lose without making too many mistakes. By the international break next month, this could look like a relegation battle, one that the Europa League can only hold back. Making his way into the group stage against Romanian Football Club would not have the allure of those fantastic nights against Sevilla and Lyon in last season’s Europa League.

Perhaps this does not mean more than that the road ahead for clubs of West Ham’s stature is difficult. It is almost impossible to improve to the sixth or seventh level; While survival is never guaranteed. Boasting about the competitiveness of the Premier League often feels largely empty (they all welcome the masters because we’re not Germany, yet) but the middle ranks are a fickle mix of big spending, innovative and fading giants and over-achievement fighting. No team outside the Big Six can ever feel completely safe.

For managers, the line between genius and fraud is dangerously thin. After good years at Preston and Everton, Moyes’ reputation took a hit with his disappointing spells with Manchester United, Sunderland and Real Sociedad. The feeling then was that the game had progressed and left him behind.

His response after leaving Sociedad was to reevaluate his methods, prioritize communication, and redefine himself with best practices at other clubs. And for a while it worked. Saving West Ham from relegation before being cruelly substituted, he returned and led them to the heights; No manager has achieved three consecutive top seven places with West Ham.

Gianluca Scamaca
Newcomer Gianluca Scamaca may not necessarily be the type of player that Moisian’s tactics are passionate about. Photography: Matt Impey/Shutterstock

Moyes’ post-Everton career began to re-evaluate. Sir Alex Ferguson’s success has always been fraught with danger. Sociedad abroad. Sunderland was helpless.

Again, no single instance is mischievous, but perhaps the pattern is. Sunderland may have been a mess but he had eight coaches after winning promotion in 2007 who did Not lead them down. Moyes replaced Sam Allardyce when he took over for England. He didn’t get into trouble but he inherited a club in the best position since Peter Reid.

Signatures can be called into question – he refused to make Yann M’Vila’s loan deal permanent while netting a club record £13.6m. Didier Ndong It’s still inexplicable, although it’s still a lot less mystical than buying Pape Geloboggy. The immediate negative of the tone seemed unhelpful: Sunderland’s last home game under Allardyce was a massive 3-0 victory over Everton. Their second home game under Moyes was a massive 3-1 defeat to the same opponent.

Perhaps there are disturbing echoes this season. West Ham have thrived with notably Moissanist signings, experienced English players backed by a pair of hardworking Czechs. This summer, though, there was a turn for the odd: Three players brought in from Ligue 1 plus Gianluca Scamaca from Sassuolo. Even Emerson Palmieri, a necessary upgrade for Aaron Cresswell, only started 20 league games with Chelsea during Maxwell Cornet He was at Burnley only one season. Thelo Kahrer, signed by Paris Saint-Germain, was the first nightmare match against Brighton. These are not players who would necessarily be excited by Moissan, perhaps not players he would instinctively trust.

Add that to the retirement of Mark Noble who did more than anyone else to preserve the club’s character, and there may have been a loss of identity and direction. After the Brighton match, Moyes openly linked Noble’s absence to the failure of some players to take responsibility. “He was important at the club,” he said. “So the little things can sometimes make a big difference.”

The tone, likewise, was pessimistic. Against Manchester City, West Ham seemed almost giving up. Last season at the London Stadium, they drew against the champions and beat Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham, but there were none this time around. There may be an element of fatigue, particularly with Declan Rice, Jarrod Bowen, Thomas Suchek and Vladimir Koval being flogged through protracted League of Nations campaigns in June.

Perhaps you faced a player who was adept at hitting spaces behind the defensive line as Erling Haaland-Moyes encouraged him to sit deep in his squad, but, as in so many games at Sunderland, from the start she felt the damage limit – in contrast to the way West Ham were not settling in . City in the penultimate match of last season.

After the unexpected transformation of the London Stadium into a vibrant theatre, especially on those European nights, it has once again become a grumble pit of this campaign with some fans boycotting food and beer outlets over prices and the club threatening to sue the stadium’s owners.

This may simply be Everton’s recurring pattern: Moissan’s football can take on a limited team so far, but there is a ceiling – and when results go awry, there is a class of players who will be irritated by a tactical approach that, when it doesn’t produce results, can feel constrained. It may even backfire.

In the modern Premier League, there is no margin for error that Moyes experienced in his years at Everton. The middle of the table these days is a brutally difficult world.

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