DC Comics Green Lantern Cover: Backlash for Hispanic Heritage Month

Jorge Molina 2022 Green Lantern illustration.  Photo: DC.

Over the weekend, there was Understandable hype online Regarding DC’s editorial choices for their future Latin American Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) Variable issues. Like its previous Cultural Month celebrations, DC featured special variant covers for print stories that featured Latin titles, by people of a similar background, and while fine art alone was great, the problem arose when people started noticing that all the artwork seemed to boil over what makes it Latin for the food they eat. they eat it. As we discussed earlier, for one or two people, this may be successful, but for seven – yes, no. This makes it a punch.

To make matters worse, there is another version of United Titans: Bloodpact The variant (featuring Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern) began sharing online because it was an example of decentralization in food, and the artist (Jorge Molina) stated as early as June 20 that the version that appears to be going to print wasn’t his original vision. He also shared the historical inspiration of various aspects of art along with that original vision:

This made it look even worse that the seemingly printed version featured prominently in Reiner holding a plastic bag of Tamales, As seen here.

Then, early in the morning of Monday (29 August), NPR Posted a story About the situation It was one of the only publications containing an official response from the capital. according to NPRD.C. stated that the official cover news was “inaccurately reported” and that it would in fact be the bagless version, although Molina had believed, for several months, that this was not the case.

Receiving and developing multiple copies of illustrated artwork from our artists is part of DC’s internal creative process. Some are issued as variable caps, others are never used.

DC on other covers

the next day, Molina tweeted, “Sorry for the confusion – the modified version you drew was an alternative option, not a definitive one.” I might just read this, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if this was just Molina trying to stay on the good side for one of the biggest comics publishers in the world. With that, Molina was the first person to talk about the modifications in June (which could have been the source of the confusion) on Twitter And the Instagram post has now been deleted.

Complicating matters further, no other artist has said anything about the controversy, and while DC may say the final cover was incorrectly reported, sometime before August 29, the official DC Twitter account Delete a Tweet in the Ad threadObviously only leave a file titans Cover out of range. While mistakes do happen (on the news side and the comedy side), even if that is the case, this commentary by DC fails to account for the broader trend within special covers to reduce the entire racial background to food – which is not to blame individual artists but all The decision makers who let this overall picture come together.

Molina’s replacement was one of seven, and NPR He noted that “the company has not addressed the controversy over other planned covers.” Maybe they need another week of the workshop, and put some statement about better performance next time, when this can be avoided if people make decisions from the editorial staff All the way up Discovering Warner Bros. was as diverse as the characters in the DC canon.

(Across NPRFeatured image: DC Comics)

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