Eagles Bootcamp Training Notes: Not a Strong End for Jalen Hurts

Today marked the sixteenth Philadelphia Eagles Training camp before the 2022 NFL season. The Eagles’ second training was supposed to be against dolphins but Miami decided to withdraw due to disease concerns. And so the Eagles trained against themselves instead. Their last session was fully open to the media this year. This is what I noticed at the Baptist Health Training Complex in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Programming Note: The BGN Radio co-host had a flight to pick up, so he wasn’t able to record the rehearsals on today’s podcast workouts. We’re aiming to score after I get back to Philly on Friday afternoon. Sorry for the delay. In the meantime, enjoy our conversation with Eagles pre-season analyst Ross Tucker!

• Nick Siriani met with reporters this morning and specifically mentioned that Galen Hurts had a “Best practices he had as an eagle. “A lot of people were quick to bring this up to me after Hurts gave the decision to “low inventory” yesterday. If you want to make the argument that Hurts looked a little better than he had imagined, I think that makes sense. Best exercise ever? This is definitive. I think the vast majority of observers of practice agree with that much. It is true that we, as outside observers, do not quite know what Hurts was asked to do in those plays. But it seems silly to me to award Gold Stars for a quarterback performance as he battled the foul to move the ball. Not to mention the play in which Hurts knocked out DeVonta Smith for what would have been a touchdown. Siriani is obviously really big in supporting his players. Look no further than how he wears shirts with their names and likenesses on them. And I wouldn’t envy him for their backs, especially when it comes to basic QB! But I think he could reasonably have said Hurts had a better day than he was credited with rather than claiming it was a training performance the whole time. This was a little bit for me.

JALEN HURTS STOCK REPORT: Last year Hurts finished his training camp well. The headline of my recent posts on my training notes was literally “Eagles vs Jets boot camp training notes: Galen Hurts ends strong. “

This year, not so much.

Hertz gave one of his weaker performances on Thursday with the Eagles focusing on the red zone business.

7 on 7: Darius Slay broke Hurts’ pass to DeVonta Smith on a path to the right side. The pains returned with a gentle throw in the back shoulder to DeVonta. The nice thing about that play is that it threw anticipation somewhere before the receiver took a break. Hurts’ pass over the middle to Dallas Goedert which may have been easy but looked less than it should have and ended up incomplete.

11 in 11: Hurts held the ball for a long time, and was eventually sent off by Hasson Riddick to kill a play. Hurts had a fine finish on Goedert’s way to the left lane to beat Zech McPhearson. Hurts threw a shovel pass to Goedert but the block completely didn’t allow him to reach the end zone. Hurts threw an accurate ball to Zach Pascal, who would absolutely hit the eagle fantasy football This year, the front right corner of the end area to get a score. He threw Hurt short/low in another back-shoulder attempt to DeVonta in the end zone. Hurts threw behind Keys Watkins open over the middle and one of the defenders got the ball but ended up patchy.

Pain ended up getting him twice in 11v11. To his credit it’s been a while since he turned the ball around. Hurts threw a pass to the right side of the field that looked like he nearly hit Anthony Harris, who missed it, before really turning to Slay to intercept. The second choice was when Hurts dropped DeVonta on a fade and the ball ended up in the hands of Avonte Maddox’s jumping. Hurts nearly threw a third pick when McPhearson broke a disputed capture attempt and nearly grabbed the ball somehow while on the ground. Referee The play is incomplete but it was almost a great defensive game.

I’m pretty sure Sirianni wouldn’t say this performance topped out on Wednesday as Hurts’ best practice ever.



Day 1: even stock

the second day: stock

Day 3: stock

the fourth day: even stock

Day 5: storage

the sixth day: stock

the seventh day: even stock

Eighth day: storage

Ninth day: even stock

Tenth day: storage

Eleventh day: stock

Twelfth day: storage

Thirteenth day: storage

Fourteenth day: even stock

Fifteenth day: stock

Sixteenth day: stock

The bottom line is five days up for stock, five even days for stocks, and six days of down stock. If you want to include Hurts’ good preparatory show against New York Jets There, you can push it up to six days out of stock.

Eagle injury news

did not participate: Derek Barnett (ribs), Sean Bradley (ill), AJ Brown (rest), Andre Chacheri (thigh), Landon Dickerson (rest), Christian Ellis (hamstring), Javon Hargrave (toe), Josh Joby (elbow) , Jason Kelsey (elbow), Miles Sanders (hamstring), Josiah Scott (hamstring), Greg Ward (toe)

The absences of Barnett, Brown, Schacher, and Dickerson were new.

Sanders has now missed six consecutive practices.

Not so good for the already slim safety depth of the Eagles that both Chachere and Scott have smashed.

James Bradbury is back in full training after being limited on Wednesday. This is a positive development.

• Not the most intense day for Gardner Mincio, either. He’s got a nice touchdown throw for Kenneth Jenwell. He was picked up by Taron Jackson after a pass veered over the middle. Another throw was brought down on a crossing by Reed Blankenship, who still looked good. Minciu threw a ball to a point while drifting to his left and Josh Blackwell nearly caught it but ended up patchy after being hit by another defender. Covering the drive, Minshew made a short touchdown throw to John Hightower in the front right corner of the end zone.

• Boston Scott had a drop to the left side as the attack was launched around him. The coaches really seem to like it. As did Scott, who jumped to pat the back of the offensive line’s helmets as they huddled for the next actor.

• Kenneth Jenwell had one of his best practices in the summer. He got a pass from Minshew over the middle in the end zone to score and later ran well. It’s good to see him look better lately.

Roster transfer: The eagles filled the spot on the list they opened Trading Ugo Amadi To re-sign Josh Blackwell. They recently cut Blackwell to come up with the 80-player limit. Blackwell will now get a photo opportunity on Saturday’s pre-season game, but his return to the squad will likely be short-lived.

• Tyree Jackson was doing some sideways running. I think he’ll be ready to come back from the PUP roster sooner than Brett Toth wants. Maybe as soon as the fifth week. Of course, it remains to be seen if the Eagles want to activate it at that point.

• Two notable DeVonta moments after practice:

1) Hurts chose when asked to choose one player who would have a big season.

2) He admitted his addiction to wawa.

Same thing, Defonta. same.

• Thank you for keeping up with our coverage of the BGN bootcamp! I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I have just completed my 10th bootcamp to cover this team. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this was possible as a kid who grew up loving vultures so much. Thank you for helping me turn my passion into a career.

• We hope there will be a fun season ahead! Don’t go anywhere because we’ll cover it every step of the way.

next one: The Eagles will conduct a closed tour to the media on Friday before playing their final pre-season game against Dolphin on Saturday evening (assuming no further cancellations occur). Then, the Eagles must trim their roster from 80 to 53 players sometime before 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 30.

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