Edwin Diaz, Timmy Trumpet and Narco of the Mets are linked forever

by Disha Thoussar
FOX Sports MLB Writer

NEW YORK – You can’t predict baseball, but that wasn’t the case mets to write it.

Australian musician and DJ, Timmy Trumpet, was present at the opening of the series between Dodgers The Mets on Tuesday night at Citifield. The plan was to play the trumpet Edwin DiazEntry song – “Narco” by Trumpet and DJ duo Blasterjaxx – live in front of 40,607 fans. But that won’t happen unless Diaz gets into the game.

With the Mets tracking the Dodgers 4-3 from the seventh inning to the final, New Yok manager Buck Showalter had no reason to call up the Bullpen in order to trust him. And so, Diaz stayed still in the pen, the trumpet…well, he got the experience of a lifetime from his trip to Citifield.

“This is the first baseball game I’ve ever watched,” Trumpett said in an Australian accent. “But I can tell you, I can assure you that I’m officially a lifelong Mets fan.”

Diaz started using Narco as a warm up song in 2018, when he played for Seattle Mariners. The team gave him four or five songs to choose from, he liked “Narco” the best and got along with it. Later that year, he won the Mariano Rivera Award for Best MLS Rest for 57 saves that season.

Edwin Diaz, Mariano Rivera heads up the closest entries ever

Edwin Diaz, Mariano Rivera heads up the closest entries ever

Ben Verlander picks his closest favorite entries of all time, including “Enter the Sandman” by Mariano Rivera, “Narco” by Edwin Diaz, and “Welcome to the Jungle” by Eric Jani.

But in 2019, Diaz’s first year with the Mets, he canceled the closest Narco song and chose the Puerto Rican single. It wasn’t until Diaz’s wife, Nashali, that before the 2020 season suggested a return to using the song “Narco”, the closer we got to introducing trumpets to Queens. But in that pandemic season, there were no fans in the stands. Only Díaz’s teammates and reporters at the press box can imagine what those sparkling tracks would look like at the all-sold Citi Field.

“The fans are getting tougher,” Trumpett recently told FOX Sports. “It’s like a party when he’s out in that pile.” “Nothing makes me happier! That’s exactly what this song was supposed to do.”

This year, with the Mets holding the top spot for 121 days in the Eastern National League and flushing fans every night, Diaz and “Narco” took off. Trump said that when he first collaborated with Blasterjaxx on the song, he imagined a horse running into battle. In many ways, Diaz brings this vision to life as he runs from parking lot to hill with “Narco” delighting nearly 50,000 fans.

Trump told FOX Sports that he first learned of “Narco” gaining popularity in the baseball world when “the absolute legend that is Edwin Diaz” caught his brand’s attention. Trumpet’s tour director, who is a Puerto Rican like Diaz, is a huge fan of the Mets, and has gone on to tell the Australian musician how much Diaz has dominated the team. Trump only needed to watch one video of Citifield fans’ reaction to Diaz running down the field to “Narco” to understand the tumultuous environment his music created and the closest.

“It’s absolutely insane,” Trump said in front of the Mets bunker on Tuesday. “It is very humbling and a great honor for a world class athlete to use my song as inspiration to run on the field. This guy is so professional. He can do that with any song. I am so grateful to the Mets” fans and anyone who adds this track to their playlist supports Narco song. But most importantly, I want to thank Díaz because he was the one who chose it. “

Trump reached out to Diaz this season as soon as the song went viral, nearly five years after its release, and the two have communicated. The artist said that Diaz promised to attend one of his groups at an upcoming festival. No matter the day or location, Trumpet has included “Narco” in his shows since the song debuted in 2017.

Although Trumpet didn’t get a chance to play it live on Tuesday night, he did blow his shining golden horn before the game at a mostly empty Citi Field for a few practice sessions. Diaz boycotted the trumpet seizure before the game and gifted him the No. 39 shirt with the “trumpet” on the back. He also threw the trumpet first pitch Tuesday, then jumped into the defensive player Tyler nakinmy arm.

During the seventh inning, Trump surprised fans by playing an instrumental version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Earlier, Trump said he had never played music in a stadium the size of Citi Field.

“It’s really cool to be in a stadium where you can hear his voice echoing around like that,” he said. “I have [got] Goosebumps constantly right now. We just did Tomorrowland. We’re on our way to Singapore on Thursday. We are constantly turning around. But in America, I’ve never had anything that big, and nothing would have been possible without Diaz. I’m excited to be here.”

Trump’s guest appearance with the Mets was originally limited to a Tuesday, when his schedule will take him halfway around the world on his next tour of Singapore, and later Thailand and Italy. But there is at least the possibility that Trump will bring out his golden brass instrument and play live on Wednesday. And if the Mets do the post-season tour and win the National League title, there will be another trip to America in the Trumpet’s future.

“I can’t wait to see Diaz play this in the World Championships for victory,” Trumpett said. “I’ll be there for it.”

Disha Thoussar is an MLB writer for FOX Sports. She has previously covered for the Mets for the New York Daily News. Follow her on Twitter at @Dishes.

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