Emma Radocano – Alize Cornet: US Open 2022 – LIVE! | Emma Radukano

The Aussie world No 198 has taken the first set against the 22-time grand slam champion! We’re focused on Raducanu v Cornet on this blog but will keep you updated on that potential shock. Hijikata’s best grand slam performance so far is … this year’s US Open (first round).

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Cornet is about as tough a player as you’re going to find among the unseeded ranks in this year’s tournament. The 32-year-old is the world No 40, and is incredibly tough to break down, something that could cause Raducanu problems after she vowed to come out and attack at Flushing Meadows this year.


The Frenchwoman is in pretty good form this season: she’s beaten three women who have held the world No 1 ranking – Iga Swiatek, Simona Halep and Garbiñe Muguruza – in this year’s grand slams so far. Oh, and she’s durable: tonight will mark her 63rd consecutive grand slam appearance – an all-time record.

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Elsewhere at the US Open… Rafa Nadal He seems to have woken up a bit after losing the first set and is 3-0 ahead in the second.

1st group: Raducanu 3-4 Cornet * (* denotes server)

Raducanu has 14 non-compulsory fouls against seven for Cornet. But she hit a big forehand on the line at 30-0 and then missed her opponent for the fourth time to 30-30. Another non-forced error from Raducanu makes it 40-30 before she takes it to beat a beautiful cross into the net. else It gives a double error Raducanu chance to break. Which is what you do Cornet floats with a long forehand stroke.

First set: * Raducanu 2-4 Cornet (* denotes server)

Cornet’s backhand is too good for Raducanu, who has failed to find her rhythm at the moment. It’s 0-40 not long after that. She hits the big second serve that Cornet failed to handle to save her first break point. She has a good chance of grabbing it shortly thereafter but she misses a backhand with the court spaced apart. Cornet is firmly in control.

1st group: Raducanu 2-3 Cornet * (* denotes server)

Comfortable grip for the French lady. It looks like it’s going to be a tough night for the defending champion, but that was always expected in front of the world number 40, a fierce competitor.

Rinki Hijikata wins the first set against Rafa Nadal

The Australian world number 198 won the first set against the 22-time Grand Slam champion! We’re focusing on Raducanu v Cornet in this blog, but we’ll keep you posted on this potential shocker. Hijikata’s best Grand Slam performance so far is… this year’s US Open (first round).

First set: * Raducanu 2-2 Cornet (* denotes server)

Now Raducanu is struggling with her ball fling. But she won an impressive streak of aerial volleys on the net to go 30-15, one of her best lopsided moments to date. A backhand in the net gives the champion the match.

Meanwhile, we have a story developing on Arthur Ashe: Australian Rinke Hijikata, number 198 last checked, serves in the first set Against a man named Rafa Nadal, who you may remember as a semi-decent player over the years.

1st set: Raducanu 1-2 Cornet * (* denotes server)

on Arthur Ashe, Australian Rinke Hijikata broke Rafa Nadal In the first set, he leads 4-3. We’ll watch it for you… Meanwhile, Cornet sends it. Third Double foul in the match to make it 30-30. Both players give points to their opponent at the moment and they both look tight and solid. Raducanu can’t get a dangling shot and holds Cornet.

1st group: * Raducanu 1-1 Cornet (* denotes server)

Raducanu has some early problems in the opening service game, dropping 0-30. Great service on a large scale, takes us back 15-30. It was only 87 mph but in perfect condition. That’s about as good as it gets for the Brit, who hits a backhand wide to give her opponent a break of her own.

1st set: Raducanu 1-0 Cornet * (* denotes the server)

She is a Cornet to serve and won the first point of the match after her opponent threw a forehand into the net. But she missed twice later to give Raducanu a 15-30 lead. Another double foul – her tossing her ball seems to give the Briton a 30-40 break opportunity but is blocked by a shot into the net. Someone somewhere is blasting what sounds like an air horn, which could be a coil a little Distract you when you serve in the Grand Slam. Raducanu has said that she intends to attack during this tournament and produces a great backhand when it pays to Cornet to get us back to the Devil. After a few points, Cornet sprinkles with a long backhand and Break the hero at the first opportunity.

And Raducanu and Cornet are now in the field. The defending champion gets the biggest cheer when he gets in from the crowd. The stadium is still half empty as the evening session gradually begins. There is a chance to shower later in the evening, but Louis Armstrong Stadium has a retractable roof, so we should be good to go.

In Arthur Ashe, Nadal beats Hijikata 2-1 but we are still on serve.

Nadal started his campaign with ease, setting up the first service game he loved. Hijikata wears national gold and green, and dips 15-30 before returning to claim his own.

Raducanu v Cornet will start soon Since the last game of the afternoon on Louis Armstrong is long gone, so they have to switch the afternoon fans to the evening fans. We shouldn’t spend too long.

We’re still waiting for the players to enter the stadium, but ESPN is showing an ad from Dior playing the title role Emma Radukano. She doesn’t play tennis in it, just sells some skin cream. With that, I’m sure she’ll be doing her day job soon.

Elsewhere, Rafa Nadal prepares for his opening match on Arthur Ashe. He plays with Australian Rinke Hijikata as the Spaniard battles for his 23rd Grand Slam title.

New York Humidity Check: It was another dirty, wet day in NYC** but it’s starting to cool off with the breeze rising this evening. Your intrepid reporter visited several locations around town this morning and can confirm that today’s garbage smells mainly of fish sauce. I’m not sure if there was really a large scale spill, or if the smell was just from garbage and current weather conditions. Anyway, I’m sure the US Open has the resources to take the scents to other areas of Long Island.

** New York City is also a great city to visit, with many cultural, artistic and culinary attractions. And it smells nice most days.

There was a fair amount of action already today, of course. In the men’s draw, Radocano’s British teammates, Cameron Norrie and Dan Evans, advanced to the second round:

In the Women’s Championship, Venus Williams remained tight-lipped about her future after being knocked out in the first round. She barely played last year due to injury and was beaten in straight sets on Tuesday by Belgium’s Alison van Uytvanck. While her sister, Serena, has said she will retire from Venus she hasn’t said anything specific about her future.

“Right now I’m just focusing on the doubles,” she said after today’s defeat, referring to Thursday’s game, in which she will play alongside her sister. There is a possibility that it will be the final professional match for the two resplendent sisters.

Profile: Alize Cornet

Cornet is a tough player You’ll also find him among the unranked ranks in this year’s tournament. The 32-year-old is world number 40, and it’s extremely difficult to break, something that could cause Raducanu problems after she vowed to go out and attack at Flushing Meadows this year.

The French women are in great shape this season: She has defeated three world number one women – Iga Swiatek, Simona Halep and Garbine Muguruza – in this year’s major tournaments so far. Oh, and it’s solid: Tonight will mark her 63rd consecutive Grand Slam appearance – All-time record.

Good evening. Emma Radukano She gets to defend her title this evening in Queens, and while she has been awarded a prestigious evening spot, she plays on Court No. 2 of the US Open, Louis Armstrong Stadium. That’s because someone named Rafael Nadal is in Arthur Ashe, which may be justified when you’ve won 22 singles titles at the Grand Slam.

The 19-year-old Briton has had varying lead times for the tournament. On one hand, she has recently had encouraging victories over Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka, and on the other hand she has had some minor injuries to deal with.

“I had a few little things, got blisters, and a bit of laughter here and there,” Raducanu said Friday after a tough training session. “It’s just one of those weird days where you feel like you’re nothing… I don’t know. You just feel out of it. I can’t really explain myself, to be honest. I’m sure everyone in this room has probably had a day like this. .yes, that’s what it is.”