Everton 0-0 Liverpool: Premier League – as it happened | Premier League

The whistle goes, and Jordan Pickford raises both arms in triumph. He simply refused to let the ball past him this afternoon!

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Coady was indeed off. Fractions in it, but offside nevertheless. Before the game can restart, someone channels their inner Eddie Kavanagh and invades the pitch.

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The corner’s hit long. Maupay recycles possession to the left of the Liverpool six-yard box. He fizzes low. Coady, at the far stick, trundles in. Goodison erupts!

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Level pegging seems about right on balance of play, though Liverpool lead 2-1 in terms of woodwork bothering.

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Everton: Pickford, Patterson, Coady, Tarkowski, Mykolenko, Davies, Onana, Iwobi, Maupay, Gray, Gordon.
Subs: Keane, Allan, McNeil, Begovic, Coleman, Gueye, Ruben Vinagre, Rondon, Mills.


Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, van Dijk, Tsimikas, Elliott, Fabinho, Carvalho, Salah, Nunez, Diaz.
Subs: Milner, Firmino, Adrian, Jota, Robertson, Arthur, Matip, Bajcetic, Phillips.


Referee: Anthony Taylor (England).

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The Merseyside Derby is always hotly contested. It’s seen 22 red cards in the Premier League era, a record no other rivals can beat. There’s a fair chance this one could kick off, too, seeing both clubs, for slightly different reasons, are desperate for a result. Everton are still looking for their first win of the season; Liverpool can’t afford to cede much more ground to Manchester City, Arsenal, Spurs et al. Throw in some recent brouhahas between the two teams – principally that ill-tempered 2-2 here in October 2020 – plus Liverpool’s desire to maintain a high tempo compared to Everton’s willingness to break up play, and this has all the makings of another full-throttle rumble. Plus: added Neal Maupay and Darwin Nunez! Two strikers with a track record in comedy confrontation! It all begins at 12.30pm BST. It’s on!

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main events

Andy Hunter was at Goodison, and his report had arrived. Thanks for reading this MBM!

Frank Lampard is even happier, telling BT: “Ko yeah, we were great. They are a great team, great players, a great coach, and they are always a risk. We defended brilliantly and held us, and we had our chances. Both teams went to toe in the derby, one of the best rows you’ll ever see. No The goalkeepers made great saves. It was a real game for two teams. I can’t blame the players. We played well and we’re improving. We won’t go from just staying up late to becoming the team we want to be. It’s a process, we’re building from behind. It’s not easy to play against it. Liverpool, but we went out more than enough times to achieve our own goals today. We have to keep working, we feel those gains will come. We feel we deserve more. Today maybe not, he could have gone either way, so that’s fair enough, but the fans can see that we don’t take pride in nothing, it’s a team with a soul fighting for the badge. It makes me proud.”

Pessimistic Jurgen Klopp talks to BT Sport. “A great derby. Very intense, with a lot of great moments. We hit the post three times, and they made great saves. Great. So in the end, nothing. That is it. It’s a very intense week for us, we go straight to the wires on Wednesday and then we have to We have to play here. It’s always difficult here, and it was tough today. We think Carvalho has a serious injury, but he should calm down quickly. Thiago can train on Monday but I’m not sure if he can play against Napoli. The situation is the same. You can cancel a match. Derby of the season, it’s always special, it’s always really tough. I don’t forget that they had a great chance when he saved me, but we had more chances. He’s good now.”

Everton’s first win of the season remains elusive. Pickford’s post-match analysis is of great interest, though: They don’t look like a team destined for another relegation battle. Liverpool Meanwhile, it looks a lot less than another title show, it’s already off the pace and there’s nothing clicking in the foreground… which seems counter-intuitive given Pickford’s performance, but there it is.

thing, though Liverpool He shook the woodwork on several occasions, Pickford had to make several ridiculous saves, and the tie seemed to be right. Everton were a rival in their own right, hitting the post by themselves and scoring a marginal goal for offside. Alison had to make some big balls, too. Man of the Match Jordan Pickford is delighted: “We have character now and team spirit. We haven’t got our win yet but it’s hard to beat. You need a lot of leaders on the pitch, and we’ve got that. We have a draw and we can keep building. It’s hard work, it’s Commitment. We will become stronger and achieve victories.”

Full time: Everton 0-0 Liverpool

The whistle sounds, and Jordan Pickford raises his arms in triumph. He simply refused to let the ball pass him this afternoon!

90 min +6: Pickford was booked because he had his great time in the resulting goal kick.

90 min +5: Robertson leads in the middle of the road. The ball worked towards Salah on the right. Salah enters the box and sends a shot towards the bottom right. Pickford gets the tip of a finger in the shot, and turns it on to the post! The ball spins around, then bounces off Salah and exits with a goal kick. The man of the match was just fine!

90 min +4: On BT Sport, Jermaine Jenas chose Jordan Pickford as Man of the Match.

90 min +3: Milner Jay robs in the central circle. Salah sends away down the right. Salah meddles inside, but can’t get a useful shot. For a second, it seemed.

90 min +2: Robertson crosses from the left. Firmino wins a header from the far stick, but sends it back across the goal. When play stops, Fabinho is given a yellow card for a previous block on Gueye.

90 min +1: He cuts gray from the left and aims at the top right. There is no repeat of his championships against Arsenal last season. Allison claims easily.

90 minutes: There will be at least six minutes added.

89 minutes: Gotta tries to squeeze his way into Everton Square six yards from the left. Patterson does not give up the ground, leading both Jota and the ball to take the goal kick.

87 minutes: Salah throws a low cross to Everton Square from the right with the outside of his shoes. It falls to Firmino, who hits a shot towards the bottom left. Pickford is once again up to the task. The Everton goalkeeper is sure to name the man of the match; He made some blinding stops.

85 minutes: That McNeill shot took two deviations on its way to Allison. What a good reaction except that it was.

84 minutes: McNeill cuts from the right and turns toward the top left. Alison’s advice is superb. Nothing comes of the resulting corner kick, but it is Everton who are more likely to be looking for a late winner. “Analytics crowd may appear Liverpool Dominate but that’s nonsense,” Marie Waltz argues. “Everton match Liverpool’s punch. What a cracking match this was. Whatever the outcome, I’m proud of my team.”

82 minutes: Local hero Gordon went to a standing ovation. McNeill replaces him.

81 minutes: Onana is frustrated, and I feel Van Dyck being challenged. Pickford comes and convinces him to go back and plow. Everton Inhale a winner.

80 minutes: Liverpool Make the final subs. Jota and Matip came for the ineffective Elliot and Nunez.

79 minutes: The resulting free kick led to a corner on the left, and Tarkowski forced Van Dijk into action. Gray swings inwards, but Fabinho heads clear.

77 minutes: No, the VAR is not interested. File that one under: You’ve definitely seen it. Van Dijk is a lucky boy, having initially contacted the Onana cane before slipping his boot down and fixing on the top of the foot.

76 minutes: Onana hit Van Dyck and entered the book. He’s lucky he’s not red; Its studs are planted atop Onana’s boot, and VAR might be interested in reviewing that.

75 minutes: Firmino floats cross inward from the left. This is very easy for Pickford. Liverpool They lost their activity at the beginning of the second half.

74 minutes: Everton is in the lead now. Onana crosses from the right. Iwobi hardly takes advantage of Milner’s reluctance to feed Maupay. Gomez, who was Liverpool’s best defender this afternoon, is clearly superior to him.

72 minutes: Tarkovsky cuts Nunez with his buttons. The striker is not happy, and undermines the referee who does not show much interest. Goodison is blowing up right now for various reasons.

No goal. Everton 0-0 Liverpool

Coady was already out. Fractures in it but sneak up nonetheless. Before the game starts all over again, someone channels Eddie Kavanagh’s inner channel and invades the playing field.

70 minutes: …but the VAR will check this for offside. Cady looks with the naked eye, but you can never tell. Did Milner manipulate him? Let’s wait for the lines.

Goal! Everton 1-0 Liverpool (Cody 69)

The corner kick is long. Maupay recycles possession to the left of a file Liverpool Six yards square. swings. Coady, on the far stick, rolls inward. Goodison breaks out!

68 minutes:Everton Broke, Gordon skates to the other end and wins a bottom right corner! This game is slowly turning into a basketball game.