Ex-employee: T-Mobile misleads home internet customers

After we published a story about me T-Mobile home internet is dying Since customer service is unable to fix the problem, I’ve received a lot of messages from readers who have had similar experiences. A former T-Mobile support engineer who was handling home internet support calls also reached out, claiming that the company uses canned excuses like “we’re upgrading the tower” in order to get customers off the phone and their stats.

Our source, who requested anonymity in print but provided documentation that he actually worked for T-Mobile, said he had been with the company for several years before leaving last spring. In his most recent position, he worked in engineering, which he said was the latest level of escalation for home internet service problems. There, he claims, he was often unable to solve customer problems, but was encouraged to use the “it’s the tower” explanation so he could keep calls in less than ten minutes. He said service reps are penalized if calls last longer than 600 seconds or if customers call again about the same problem within a week.

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