First call: The Steelers tried to get a different line factor before Jesse Davis. ex-Steelers QB has a new home

Thursday’s “First Call” has the backstory to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ recent acquisition of the offensive line. The former Steelers quarterback has a new home. Baker Mayfield performs damage control over an alleged quote relating to the Cleveland Browns.

Plus, we’re taking a look at the Pirates-Blue Jays series this weekend in PNC Park.

Plan B?

As it turns out, trading with the Minnesota Vikings tackle Jesse Davis wasn’t the Steelers’ first choice to bolster their offensive streak.

According to ESPN NFL reporter Jeremy Fowler, the team preferred to acquire Carolina Panthers forward Dennis Daly instead. But he ended up going to the Tennessee Titans.

Much like Davies, Daly played just about everywhere on the offensive line except midfield. He had 13 in the left tackle, seven in the left guard and one in the right guard.

Depending on who the Steelers have been trying to get hold of in recent days, two things are clear.

1. They don’t trust beginners along their offensive line.

2. They can’t find anyone good enough to replace those appetizers at the right price.

3. As a result, they will only try to upgrade the depth players, who also didn’t think they were good.

Encouragement, eh? Thank God the new midfielders can move on.

OK with KC

After the Steelers cut quarterback Chris Oldcon, many Steelers fans were upset. They thought this meant that Oladcon was a lost pick.

Not so. If Oldcon had not been drafted by the Steelers, he would not have signed with them as a free rookie because three other quarterbacks with clear slots were on the roster. And they loved it, as did many other bands.

As it was proven from the news that he signs with Kansas City Chiefs.

Also keep in mind that the Steelers had a boys in the house in case someone strips their socks off at a Mason Rudolph trade show — or if Rudolph, Kenny Pickett or Mitch Trubesky get too hurt in pre-season.

The Steelers picked Oldcon out of South Dakota in the seventh round of this year’s NFL Draft (#241 overall). They gave him up as part of reducing the roster to 80 players on August 23.

Oladokun is just going to the Chiefs’ Training Squad right now. He will be behind Patrick Mahomes, Chad Heaney and Shane Boychel.

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There is no such quote

Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield insists he didn’t say he wanted “(expletive) over” Brown in the first week of the season.

via Cleveland.comAfter the Panthers’ 21-0 win over the Bills on Friday night, Bills side reporter Cynthia Freelund claimed Mayfield said of his September 11 meeting with Brown in Carolina, “I’m going (expletive)”.

It didn’t happen that way, Mayfield told reporters in Charlotte on Wednesday.

The story was originally shared onAbout the NFLPodcast featuring Dan Hanzos, Mark Sisler and Greg Rosenthal. Posted Monday night. Frelund is also an NFL Network Analytics expert.

Hard days for Jays

The Pirates (49-81) return to PNC Park for three games against the Toronto Blue Jays, Friday through Sunday.

The Bucs dropped two out of three games each in Philadelphia and Milwaukee during their six-game road trip. But Jay also quarrels.

Toronto 70-59, good enough to hold the third and final wild card position so far. But they only have a two-game advantage over the Baltimore Orioles. And they’ve lost four of six, just like the pirates. And that stretch came against two poor teams – the L.A. Angels (57-74) and the Chicago Cubs (56-75).

Lately, Blue Jays haven’t been ringing the scoreboard quite like they usually do. In that Angel series, they were disqualified twice and beat 22-3 over the course of three games. With 595 runs, the Blue Jays are still second in the MLS.

Toronto starts Alek Manoah 1 game. He leads the team with 12 wins, 155.2 pitched runs and an ERA of 2.60. Tyler will oppose him with a pirate hand (1-4, 4.88).

Dukes are taking down colonies

Local battle on the football field went on the way Docoins.

The Dukes improved to 3-0-0 by defeating Robert Morris (0-2-0) by a final 2-1 on Wednesday.

Logan Mack got the board first with a header at 3:03 to give Duquesne a 1-0 lead. RMU drew 1-1 at 14:00 when youngster Logan Gilly scored from the right post.

Cameron Tretto scored the winning goal in the match two minutes into the second half. The colonists only made one shot after the end of the first half.

The Dukes next play on Tuesday at home against James Madison. The colonists visit Xavier on Sunday.

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