Game Of Thrones creator George RR Martin has reached out to Kevin Smith about the story of his bizarre adventures

Kevin Smith is in full hype for third clerkswhich will start showing in theaters next month, but lately, he took a while to pour a cup for it strange adventures, the aborted DC anthology series, which aired on HBO Max from Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti. Smith was scheduled to attend an episode of the series, which would feature Bizarro, with supporting characters Jimmy Olsen and Perry White. He split it up on a previous episode of Fatman BeyondAnd, in this week’s episode, he talks about a great conversation he had recently about the script.

Smith explained it Game of thrones Content creator George RR Martin took some time to answer questions about Dragon House Smith shot a script lamenting the loss of the story. Smith was at a loss for words.

“Recently, I bought a cinema, so we are in the process of closing. In mid-September, it is supposed to be completely ours… As soon as this story came out in the world, a young arrogant fellow fantasy novelist called GRRM, whom I had met years ago, reached out to me. At the Neuchâtel Film Festival in Switzerland, “Smith started his story. After a short explanation of how they handled the friendship, he came up with the most up-to-date details.

“He called me out of nowhere. I haven’t heard from him in years, but because I bought a movie theatre, he’d say, ‘Okay, congratulations, theater owner.'” “But he was communicating mainly because of [Strange Adventures]. We were talking about it here on the show, and then two websites picked up my description of what my Bizarro story would be with Perry White and Jimmy Olsen. He literally texted me for the first time in five or six years to say, “That sounded like a really cool story. I’m sorry to hear that that won’t happen. “

You can see the episode below.

Smith joked that Martin “could write ten stories better than Pizarro,” but praised the geek’s biggest statesman for not losing his passion.

“I talked a little bit about chatter on I won’t do everything again here you can continue watching chatter on If I was that much interested but I would do an episode featuring Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Bizarro,” Smith previously explained for the episode he co-wrote super girl“Eric Carrasco..” As we talked, Nick Cage was our man. We didn’t make any deal, so I’m not saying he fell on the dotted line, that’s what we’ve been going for. Perry White I was going for John Goodman.”

He continued, “Jimmy and Perry first arrived in the world of Bizarro, and Bizarro introduced the role of Nick Cage via George Reeves Superman, so Nick Cage was in his old George Reeves costume and you know he was very good and you know very well and gives performance you very know the Chris Reeve comics version Early to the character and then slowly during the show you know where you’ll see this kind of idyllic world start to unravel and people aren’t as happy as they were giving work to their version of the daily planet and you know this guy was like an angry child god who’s going to kill just as you please and there’s slow resistance They pile up against their Superman and they start rolling back S’s all over the place and so you finally know he’s just dissolving like over the course of the show he stresses that he starts turning into what we know as Bizarro and then he kills someone and takes their blood and draws an S on his chest backwards Because he was the mons. third, and then he would speak as he naturally learned through it all until it starts to break down and then it’s like, “I’m angry.”

He went on to explain that the episode would have seen Bizarro stalk Jimmy and Perry into the “real” world after Bizarro’s world was apparently destroyed, although their fight would eventually lead to Bizarro becoming the true hero he longed for when he saved a child in danger. . He also explained that he was told he couldn’t use Superman, Lewis and Clark, even though they were told they could try to sneak them up in the end. He then joked that the episode was going to have a post-credits moment that would see Superman – or at least his shoes – catch up to Bizarro.

“All of the original DC properties we’ll be building for HBO Max “It will be different from anything we see on TV,” Berlanti said. strange adventures and the green lantern They appear when the two were announced. “An anthology series of cautionary tales set in a world where superpowers exist, and in what promises to be our biggest show ever in DC, we’re going to space with a Green Lantern TV series, but I can’t reveal more about that yet.”

Berlanti green lantern The project is said to be still a work in progress, at least for the time being.

According to the official description in The time the series was announced. strange adventures It could have been the DC Super Hero anthology A series by Berlanti that will feature characters across the DC canon in one-hour episodes that explore converging moral tales about the intersecting lives of humans and superhumans. Berlanti, Sarah Schechter (ArrowAnd the SparkleAnd the super girlAnd the titansAnd the Doom Patrol), and exhibits/writer John Stevens (GothamAnd the gossip girl) served as executive producers. Charlie Houston (the authoritiesAnd the GothamShe is co-executive producer, Brigitte Hals (once a producer), and Selwyn Sevo Hinds (once) a producer.Dominique Laveau: Voodoo ChildAnd the Twilight Zone) Consultant product.

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