General Roll Betting with Crimson Tide, Buckeyes

College football is kicking off a high this week, but the events in the sports books have been piling up for months.

After two seasons hampered by COVID-19, SuperBook CEO John Murray said, the betting handle on college football is back to pre-pandemic levels in his books.

“Public procedures are back,” Murray told ESPN.

As of mid-August, Caesars Sportsbook had seven National Championship bets on long-range teams that would pay out $1 million:

  • $2000 in Central Florida at 500-1 was placed in late February by a bookmaker in Louisiana.

  • $1000 in Utah at 1000-1 was placed in mid-April by a bookmaker in New Jersey.

  • $1000 in Utah at 1000-1 was placed in mid-April by a bookmaker in New Jersey.

  • $1000 in Utah at 1000-1 was placed in mid-April by a bookmaker in Illinois.

  • $100 on UMass with 10,000-1 odds placed in New York.

  • $100 on UMass with odds of 10000-1 placed in New York

  • $100 on UConn with 10,000-1 odds.

The biggest bets the Caesars took were on Alabama and Ohio, the two most favourite. The sportsbook reported betting $100,000 on Alabama at 2-1, and $50,000 on Ohio at 3-1.

Here is a comprehensive look at how the college football betting market is shaping up for this off-season:


International Championship

Alabama is the unanimous favorite to win the College Football Playoff, with odds of +150, followed by Ohio State (+300) and Georgia (+425). These are the only three teams that have single-digit odds.

Alabama and Ohio State account for approximately 64% of the money betting on BetMGM’s odds of winning the National Championship and have each attracted nearly six times the money as any other team.

The SuperBook has published a backing on whether the national championship game will be between Alabama and Ohio State. “Yes” is +340 and “No” -410.

At FanDuel, USC pulled in more bets to win the National Championship than any other team.

Heisman Cup

Ohio State Quarterback CJ Stroud He is the unanimous candidate to win Heezmann at +200, followed by the Alabama quarterback Bryce Young at +430. USC Quarterback Caleb Williams It is next at +700.

Alabama linebacker Will Anderson Jr.. Draw more bets – and more money – to win at Heisman than any other player in some sportsbooks. Anderson is +2200 on Caesars Sportsbook.


Here are the nominees for each conference:
AAC: Cincinnati Bearcats (+160)
ACC: Clemson (-120)
The big ten: Ohio State (-250)
12 beige: (+190) Oklahoma
CUSA: UAB (+140)
Mac: (+300) Toledo
Mountain West: Boise (+220) and Fresno (+220)
Buck 12: Utah (+180)
SEC: Alabama (-150)
sun belt: Appalachian State (+220)

* Odds via SuperBook

coaches: Kansas State coach Chris Kleiman has the best record against spreading as the favorite among coaches with at least three years of experience. The teams coached by Kleiman are the 10-4-1 ATS favourites. Kent State coach Sean Lewis (10-5 ATS) and Tulane coach Willie Fritz (35-19 ATS) also exceeded the betting market’s expectations at their preference.

On the other hand, Cal coach Justin Wilcox has a 7-14-1 ATS as the favorite. Arizona State coach Herm Edwards (9-16 points per day) and YouTuber coach Dana DeMille (15-26 pips) struggled to meet the expectations of the betting market when they favored it.

the underdogs

  • The underdogs covered the spread in 49.3% of games last season. The Underdogs covered the spread in more matches than the favorites in four of the previous four seasons.

  • UMass opened at 10,000-1 to win the National Championship and represents Caesars Sportsbook’s biggest responsibility. Liability on Minutemen includes two $100 national title bets from clients in New York. UMass, now 5000-1, has been 2-26 for the past three seasons.

  • coaches: Wilcox struggled as the favourite, but he was great as the underdog. Cal went to the 23-9 ATS as an underdog under Wilcox. Florida coach Billy Napier is a 12-5 ATS as an underdog, and Herm Edwards of Arizona is a 12-6 ATS as an underdog.

  • Among the coaches who struggled to live up to betting market expectations as an underdog: Tennessee coach Jose Hubel (2-7 ATS), South Georgia coach Clay Hilton (5-13 ATS) and West Michigan coach Tim Lester (5-10-1 ATS) .

Anecdotes and wonders

• John Murray, CEO of SuperBook, reported that he took the season’s winning totals last week from an “I Really Respect” client at less than 11.5 wins for Alabama and more than 9.5 wins for Michigan.

• Total wins in the Utah season have attracted more excitement than any other team in PointsBet, with 98% of bets and 97% of the handle on Utes winning over 8.5 games. Since the opening in May, the price in Utah has risen from double to -160.

The most moving first week spreads at South Point Casino in Las Vegas:

TCU in Colorado Buffaloes: Horned frogs went from -7.5 to -11
Notre Dame in Ohio: The Buckeyes family went from -14 to -17
The Army in Coastal Carolina Divas went from -5.5 to -2.5
Miami (Ohio) in Kentucky: Wildcats went from -20.5 to -17.5

  • The average spread margin – the difference between the winning margin and the closing streak – in college football is 8.2 points over the past five seasons.

  • The most common winning margin in college football is three: 9.3% of games over the past five seasons have ended by a margin of three. Seven is the next most common margin of victory, followed by 10 and 21.

  • Games featuring at least one FBS team have averaged 56.3 points over the past five seasons. Last season, games averaged 55.2 points, the lowest in the past five seasons.

  • 52.3% of games last season remained below the total, the highest percentage since 2017.

Coaches who cover and who do not cover (at least three seasons)


Liberty Hue Freeze 72-41-1 ATS
Chris Kleiman of Kansas State 22-13-1 ATS
PJ Fleck 64-43-3 ATS from Minnesota


Tim Lister of Western Michigan 23-32-2 ATS
Dana Demel from UTEP 47-65-0 ATS
Mike Locksley, Maryland player 28-37-0

home games


Shawn Lewis of Kent State 12-5 ATS
Liberty Hugh Freeze 39-19-1 ATS
Karl Durrell, Colorado 13-26-1 ATS


Jeff Collins of Georgia Tech 9-21 ATS
Mike New 11-21 ATS from Ball State
Dana Demel from UTEP 20-33 ATS

road games


Ryan Day at Ohio 8-3-1 ATS
Philip Montgomery of Tulsa 29-11-1 ATS
Pat Nardozy’s 11-25-1ATS of Pittsburgh


Lincoln Riley from USC 7-13-2 ATS
Mike Locksley from Maryland 11-19 ATS
Texas Steve Sarkissian 15-24 ATS
Tim Lister of Western Michigan 10-16-1 ATS

Conference Games


Ryan Day in Ohio 16-9-1 ATS
Brent Brennan of San Jose State 23-13-3 ATS
Navy Ken Niumatalolo 43-24-2 ATS
Colorado Jay Norville 14-24-2 ATS


Tim Lister of Western Michigan 14-23-1 ATS
Mike Locksley from Maryland 18-28 ATS
Dana Demel from UTEP 29-44 ATS

Non-conference games


Thomas Hammock, Northern Illinois 6-2-1 ATS
PG Flick from Minnesota 24-9-1 ATS
Mel Tucker of Michigan State 5-2 ATS


Jeff Collins from Georgia Tech 4-13 ATS
South Georgia Clay Hilton 6-13 ATS
Brett Brennan San Jose State 6-11-1 ATS

In the August/September games


Liberty Hue Freeze 25-10-1 ATS
Thomas Hammock, Northern Illinois 5-2-1 ATS
Willy Fritz 22-11 ATS from Tolen
Neil Brown of West Virginia 16-8-3 ATS


South Georgia Clay Hilton 6-15 ATS
Jeff Collins from Georgia Tech 7-13 ATS
Tom Allen Indiana 6-11 ATS

after the loss


Jay Norville of Colorado 16-8-2 ATS
Billy Napier of Florida 8-4 ATS
Jim McKelwin, Michigan midfielder, 27-14 ATS


Tom Allen Indiana 8-21-1
Ryan Day at Ohio 1-2-1 ATS
Kentucky Mark Stubbs 18-33-2 ATS

over / down

highest percentage

Chip Kelly from University of California (60%)
Tyson Hilton in Western Kentucky (59%)
Ryan Day in Ohio (58.8%)

highest percentage

Justin Wilcox Cals (64.8%)
Louisiana Monroe Terry Bowden (63.3%)
Billy Napier Florida (61.5%)

* ESPN Statistics and Information Researchers Darius Sanjana and Zach Rosenberg contributed to this article.

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