Get $1,300 to watch 13 Stephen King movies

Tampa, Florida (WFLA– Do you like watching scary movies? You could get $1,300 to watch 13 movies based on Stephen King’s novels this year.

With Halloween around the corner, Invites Stephen King fans to apply for Stephen King Scream job.

Applications will be accepted until September 16th. Head to the site. In addition to being 18 years old and a US resident, you’ll need to share why you want to be afraid of movies in less than 200 words. said in press release.

If you’re selected for Scream Job, you’ll receive a “survival kit” swag bag and a Fitbit to help you track your heart rate while watching movies.

The winner will be asked to note how things are going during their movie watching experience, such as their heart rate, their favorite or least favorite movies, if they watch movies alone and more.

while there Dozens of movies Based on King’s books, has narrowed down their list to 13 neurological classics of a Scream job:

  • “Carrie” (original or remake of 2013)
  • “Christine”
  • “Creepshow”
  • “Kojo”
  • “Doctor Sleep”
  • “Firestarter” (original or 2022 remake)
  • “It” (original or remake of 2017)
  • This is the second chapter.
  • “misery”
  • “the fog”
  • “Pet Sematary” (original or remake 2019)
  • “Much Salem”
  • “the shining”

Website also createdStephen King Monitoring GuideWhich any movie fan can follow.

You can visit For more information and how to apply.

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