‘House of Hammer’ introduces the Armie Hammer family to horror

Several reports – as well as his DMs – indicate this ARMY HUMMER Likes to physically connect women and Sexual assault and abuse of themAnd the Imagine eating their meat. None of this has been legally proven and he does not currently face criminal charges due to any of the lawsuits against him, but the court of public opinion has spoken thanks to the accusations of several ex-girlfriends about his usual pattern of coercion and control. hammer house It will only further damage his tattered reputation, revisiting those ugly claims through the candid testimony of ex-lover Courtney Voskovitch and social media whistleblowers who amplified her story and her likes.

Even worse for the actor Allegations made by his aunt, Casey Hammerabout their illustrious family, which she says is known for its history of male domination, criminality, and sexual brutality.

A three-part documentary series that premieres on September 2, hammer houseThe main hook is the engagement of Casey, who has placed an inordinate amount of blame on her grandfather Armand, his son (and father) Julian, and her brother (and Armie’s father) Michael. As she says, these individuals were three dysfunctional, ruthless, bullies, and she is more than happy — along with directors Elie Hakami and Julian B. A founding member of the American Communist Party, who supposedly spent his early years working as a real spy against the United States, funneling money and intelligence from our shores into the Soviet Union. When it came time to become a capitalist power player, Armand erased those elements of his background, and sent his first two wives before he married his third, which funded his eventual promotion to magnate status at the helm of Occidental Petroleum.

hammer house Armand is depicted as a ruthless tyrant who rules the lives of his descendants, makes fortune through bribes and other illicit activities, and has little interest in anyone else but him – distinguished by his constant monitoring of everyone’s activities, most tellingly, by an anecdote about how, when his wife discovers That he was having an affair with Martha Kaufman, he responded by forcing Martha to change her name to Hilary Gibson (as well as her hair) so that they could continue their relationship. Although Armand’s out-of-control son Julian learned from his father’s example – in one disgusting story, the doctor claims he quarreled with his son Michael after trying to buy Michael’s teenage girlfriend at a party, and then experimented with her for eight months – Armand hated his offspring. Then again, who didn’t, given that he had to cover up Julian’s 1955 murder of his friend over a gambling debt. Instead, Armand saw his grandson Michael as his obvious heir, and transformed him from a very partying young man into his successor.

According to the Hakami and Hobbs series, Michael became an evangelical Christian after marrying his wife Dru, and eventually courted Armand successfully enough to become his main benefactor (worth $40 million) when the man died in 1990. Casey equals Michael’s violent business maneuvers to exploit his hate women and the entitlement of her Hammer relatives, including Armie, whose behavior is seen as a continuation of a long family tradition. Over the hammer houseCasey speaks forcefully of the abuses her relatives committed against others and herself, the most insulting of which is her discovery that her father, Julian, was not just a physically intimidating addict of alcohol and drugs, but an allegedly sexually abused predator – an abuse that proved reticent to discuss in detail.

There is a lot of stink in hammer house, led by the now well-documented behavior of Armie, whose recent social media ordeal sparked in the first episode of the proceedings. Hakami and Hobbs never miss an opportunity to overexcite their material as possible, whether it’s through dramatic, creepy recreations (filled with ominously closed doors, dark hallways, and rope shots laid on hotel beds) and the accompanying overcooked music and sound cues. The series tends to have a popular nature at all available turns, so much so that it sometimes conflicts with its #MeToo-style support for Armie’s victims, exemplified here by Vucekovich, a Dallas-based businesswoman whose impromptu affair with Call me by your name The star started with an online chat and ended with slavery-related incidents that Kourtney is still too shocked to fully describe.

The series tends to have a popular nature at all available turns, so much so that it sometimes conflicts with its #MeToo-style support for Armie’s victims…

Courtney’s account showcases Armie’s bare-knuckle modus operandi of flooding new flames with passion and interest (i.e., “love bombardment”), keeping them off their feet with trips into the desert, then slowly revealing his true perverted appetite, which includes shibari (a Japanese form of rope bondage), and carving His initials – and left horrific bite marks on – his lovers, regular rapes and cannibal fantasies. The texts exchanged with Kourtney illustrate his strategy for courting women. Meanwhile, social media users Candice Cronkhite and Lauren Skae explained how – in the wake of former Armie Effie launching devious conversations with him through her Houseofeffie Instagram account – they worked to publicize the controversy surrounding the actor and, later, his family’s hidden secrets. In terms of the ongoing scandals recap, it’s serviceable, backed up by archival photos, home movies, and personal videos, some from Armie’s Finsta.

Whether Armie ever faces justice for his alleged wrongdoing is still up in the air, as are his chances of a career comeback that he craves (although his current job selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands are ambiguous factors in this plan). However, as a combination of a tawdry TMZ show and an incendiary autobiography that tells it all, hammer house Depicting his subject with the least amount of flattery imaginable, he portrays him as a violent violator who learned the tricks of his horrific trade from his ancestors – seemingly making him the movie star personification of ruined American wealth and privilege.

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