How Ted Lyons’ Purchase of Washington Citizens Could Create an Unprecedented Local Sports Network

President of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Ted Leonsisis in the process of creating an unparalleled empire across the sports scene.

Leonsis, who already owns Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, Washington Mystics and Capital City Go-Go franchises, Looking to try hard to land the citizens of Washington along with Partner David Rubinstein. MS It is also in the process of buying the entirety of NBC Sports Washington With the aim of creating a unique streaming platform in the future.

If the former America Online CEO succeeds in his bid to buy the Nats, he will become the only sports owner to own three “Big Four” teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) in one city.

As it currently stands, Leonsis is one of only 10 owners to own two franchises in four major sports leagues in North America.

owner MLB NBA NFL NHL the total
Kronky * nuggets rams Avalanche 3
aline pioneers Seahawks 2
Benson swans saints 2
Dolan nicks Notice 2
Harris 76ers demons 2
Ilic tigers red wings 2
lyonsis processors capitals 2
Pegula Invoices Cyber 2
Rensdorf white socks bulls 2
Tannenbaum wild birds leaves 2

Stan Kroenke, who owns the Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, is the only current owner with a majority stake in three teams. But there are caveats. Avs and Nuggets are in his wife’s name due to the NFL not allowing additional off-market ownership. Los Angeles and Denver are not the same city either. Leonsis, by purchasing the Nationals, will own three Big Four teams in Washington, D.C., and will be the only owner able to claim this unprecedented feat.

The last time anything close to this kind happened was when Ted Turner, who has his own connections with AOL, was the founding owner of the Atlanta Thrashers in 1999 through Time Warner. At the time, Turner was Time Warner’s largest single shareholder and the company owned both the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks through a merger with Turner Broadcasting in 1996.

However, Turner has never owned Time Warner in the same vein as MSE Eunice. Therefore, Ted would be in a league of his own making if he took over the DC baseball team. And if he doesn’t get it, [does best Goldberg voice] Baltimore, you’re next.

Easy access for fans to watch the Leonsis teams will be a vital element. Last week’s acquisition of NBC Sports Washington gives MSE a unique opportunity to broadcast important sports in the capital year-round on the same network. They’ll already have most of the calendar full across the Capitals, Wizards, Mystics, and Go-Go games. If Leonsis can work his magic and snatch the citizens’ broadcasting rights away from MASN, his summer broadcast schedule will improve.

“This is key to our strategy to develop our one-of-a-kind sports and entertainment platform: a superior regional sports and entertainment company with multiple teams, multiple venues, multiple networks, multiple technologies — fully integrated,” Ted Leonis He said on Twitter.

Zack added on his Instagram:

We’ve built great relationships across the two organizations, which gives us great confidence that NBCSW will fit right into our platform after closing. NBC Universal and Comcast will continue to provide the network with certain services for a transitional period after the shutdown.

With the network’s local team, we plan to build an exceptional and innovative platform for sports fans at DMV. In closing, we will be proud to welcome our new colleagues into our huge family and will work carefully to implement a smooth transition.

Although there is a lot of work to be done, we are confident that we can build for the future while delivering great programming to our fans. We couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of welcoming NBCSW to Monumental.

The Leonsises family has long sought such a network. With a few more moves, they might make sports history.

Banner photo: Elizabeth Kong/RMNB

Additional research and reporting by Peter Hassett and Ian Holland

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