How to create a survey in Slack

One way to get your team to interact while sharing their opinions at the same time is through a poll. in slackYou have several ways to create a poll to get some feedback.

Whether you’re looking for ideas, looking for opinions, or want to get a general consensus, Slack’s poll is perfect if you’re already using it Group calling app. You can create a basic survey without any additional tools or choose the Slack app designed specifically for surveys. Let’s take a look so you can choose the best option for you.

Create a basic survey on Slack

While there is currently no file Built-in Slack Feature For surveys, setting up a basic one in Slack can only take a few minutes. Could you Use emoji With answer options. Then, respondents simply react to your message using the emoji corresponding to their answer.

Step 1: Head to the message field in the channel or conversation where you want to post the survey.

Step 2: Type your question. For example, we’ll use, “When do you feel most productive?”

Then, go down to the next line by pressing Transformation as you press Enters or Back.

Survey question in Slack message field.

Step 3: Enter the first answer option with an emoji as a voting tool. For example, you can write “:sunrise: to vote for the morning.”

First survey answer option in Slack message field.

The fourth step: Scroll down to the next line and enter the second answer option with an emoji as the voting tool. Do the same for each answer option you want for your survey.

Fifth step: When you’re done, your poll can look like the screenshot below. Click on send button to publish your survey.

The primary survey is set up in a Slack message field.

Sixth step: As each respondent reacts to the emoji for their vote, you’ll see how many votes each answer option for your survey receives.

Survey responses with emojis in Slack.

Use Simple Poll Slack

Simple Poll is a Slack app for polls and polls that makes survey creation easy. You can use a template or take a survey from scratch. For this how-to, we’ll use a handy template.

Step 1: To use a template, choose simple survey In the apps Section to the left of Slack.

Step 2: pick or pick Polls And the polling forms In the two drop-down menus at the top left.

Step 3: When you see a template you want to use, select Create this poll.

Simple survey templates in Slack.

The fourth step: You can then modify the options for questions and answers in the form, make the answers anonymous, allow choices from others, limit the number of votes per person, or schedule the survey at a later time. You can also choose the channel to publish the survey.

After you finish customizing the template, select preview to see exactly that.

Simple survey template customization options.

Fifth step: If you are satisfied with the survey, select Create a survey. Otherwise, use a file behind A button to return to the edit window and make additional changes.

Simple survey preview in Slack.

Sixth step: Team members can vote for an answer by selecting the button on the right. Everyone can see the poll results as they come in. You’ll see checkmarks next to the chosen answers and the number of votes next to each one.

Live poll with Simple Poll in Slack.

Seventh step: If you want to make a change to the survey, close it, delete it, or create a new one, just select three points at the top right of the survey and choose an action.

You can also choose Survey management Sets the current settings for the survey, to repeat it, or to receive results as a CSV file.

Simple survey actions on Slack survey.

Step 8: you can use simple survey Free up to 100 responses per month or see pricing plans for more features and responses.

If you are interested in similar survey apps, you can check them out polyAnd the survey appor Poll everywhere for Slack.

Creating a survey in Slack doesn’t have to take much time. With our instructions, you can set up a survey for your team in minutes.

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