How to share your location on Android

Google Maps logo on a smartphone next to a magazine, pen, pair of glasses and a cup of coffee

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If you’ve ever met a friend in a new place, you’ve probably fallen prey to the most annoying version of the hide-and-seek game known to man.

Just a picture, “Where are you?” “Where do I park my car?” “Which side of the building are you on?” “I can’t see you, where do we meet?”

All while holding the phone to your ear and walking around the building.

It’s 2022, folks. We are still some time away living among robotsbut we definitely have better ways to share our locations and easily meet people without walking in circles.

How to share your location on Android

There are several ways to share your location from Android phoneMost of this can be done via either Android or iOS. Google Maps It is one of the best ways to share your location with others. It is fast and direct.

Find and launch the Google Maps app to access your location information.