iPhone 14 event live: All the info on Apple’s launch event as it happens


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Could these shows be what the Apple Watch Pro looks like? If so, I’d like to say kudos to Apple Design and to Ian Zelbo for such strong showings of what might come in the pipeline tomorrow.

Zelbo is known for making 3D renderings of upcoming Apple products based on rumors and speculation. According to his tweet, these latest renders showing the Apple Watch Pro were made with the help of Parker Ortolani.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the capabilities of the Apple Watch Pro with a flatter, more solid design ahead of tomorrow’s event.

Anker nano . family

(Image credit: Anker)

Some interesting color options appeared on one of the new iPhone accessories today.

Anker, the famous charging accessories maker, They released the Nano 3 USB-C GaN charger (Opens in a new tab) And it showed its compatibility with the current iPhone 13 Pro lineup. The charger comes in a green and blue color that seems to match the iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue and Alpine Green colors; However, the charger also comes in purple.

There was a lot of speculation leading up to the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro that the purple color will be available on the new professional iPhone model this year. Of course, the iPhone 12 had a purple hue, and it looks like Anker’s new charger can be made to match that.

Whether Anker is just jumping on the hype to launch a new iPhone or inadvertently giving us a big clue ahead of tomorrow’s event, you have to give the company props to take advantage of this moment.

With rumors that the new Apple Watch Pro could be a much larger device than previous models, how will Apple deal with the new teams?

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman, Apple will offer a “very broad” selection of straps that play a role in the watch’s extreme sports theme.

However, despite rumors of its larger 49mm size, Gorman believes the new Apple Watch Pro can still support the older bands, though he says it’s possible it might not fit “well or look smooth” due to The new design of the watch.

Tim Cook on stage

(Image credit: Apple)

Is there anything Apple won’t announce tomorrow?

While we expect to unveil the new iPhones, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro this week. There are a few things we can say that won’t show for sure. Apple isn’t expected to unveil any new Macs or iPads, so if it’s those you’re looking for, lower your expectations. It’s also unlikely that Apple will reveal any major new home devices like the Apple TV or HomePod, however it may have some exciting service news. With AirPods Pro slated to launch tomorrow, it’s possible that any other AirPods like AirPods Max are off the table. We also won’t pin any hopes on Apple VR or any kind of headset.

What are you most interested in seeing at an Apple event tomorrow? Is it the new iPhone? Maybe the Apple Watch takes your fancy, or maybe you’re more interested in the AirPods Pro 2. How about an Apple VR headset? Unlikely, but you never know!

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There is a lot of noise on social media right now around the iPhone 14, so why not get some verified followers on your feed by checking out the iMore team?

Check out our Senior Editor/Kristen Romero-Chan: Tweet embed (Opens in a new tab)
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me too (Tweet embed (Opens in a new tab)), but I will live on this blog except for meals this week, so it would be very unfortunate for me to continue…

View iPhone 14 Pro درجة

(Image credit: Anonymous AS/MacRumors)

For example, I like this idea of Anonymous-AS More on the MacRumors Forums (Opens in a new tab). According to the post, a “fellow engineer” at Apple revealed that the two first-order points will be unified by a software layer.

“There will be an elongated grain shape, between the camera and the sensor sensor, the screen will display notification points (similar to a camera LED status indicator on a Mac) for things like active microphone (orange), active camera (green), etc.,” the poster.

This seems like a more innovative use of what would essentially be passive and unusable space on devices. If Apple doesn’t find a useful way to use the space between the two pieces, it’s hard to imagine the developers filling the lid with anything other than the background color. We hope the post’s purported source is accurate.

iPhone 14 with double hole concept

(Image credit: Ian Zelbo)

And if you thought the rhetoric about the MacBook was too much, wait until you get plenty of what’s coming to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Once again, it’s the Pro where we expect to see the most change.

Take a look at the concept depicted above from Tweet embed (A great follow-up if you want to see the pre-release concepts before the official unveilings). On the left is the iPhone 13 Pro with, let’s say, the “built-in” notch, at one of the borders of the screen. On the right is what’s expected of the iPhone 14 Pro – a floating duo of pills and a dot.

As with the previous iPhone, the idea here is to expand the screen space while still including cameras and sensors. Is it more or less distracting than what came before? iMore team is torn. But what is interesting is the potential use of space between cracks…

This chipset serves double duty in the iPhone 14 Pro, if the rumors are to be believed. This will be the first iPhone to feature an always-on display mode, according to rumors, so a more energy-efficient (and heat-efficient) chipset is needed to prevent the phone from flexing under the pressure of the always-ready screen. There is a suggestion that the iPhone 14 Pro will pack an extra 200mAh of battery capacity compared to the iPhone 14 in order to keep the always-on feature as an attractive option in the feature-to-battery life ratio race.

iPhone 14 Presentation

(Image credit: Front Page Tech)

But we all know what the main event this year really is: the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. And perhaps more than ever, the differences between the two devices will really come into play.

Normally, with the launch of a new iPhone, both the Standard and Pro models get an all-new generation or update of the processor. But that’s unlikely to be the case with the iPhone 14 lineup. Instead, all the rumors so far suggest that the iPhone 14 is sticking with what remains essentially the A15 chipset of 13 phones (although it may be renamed), while getting The iPhone 14 Pro gets the original processor upgrade in the form of something like the A16 Pro or similar.

While this is great news for those opting for the more expensive Pro model, it leaves a lot of the heavy lifting to be done. iOS 16 And any revised camera specs for the rest of the iPhone 14, in terms of justifying the upgrade.

Apple Watch Pro CAD Render

(Image credit: 91Mobile)

This digital crown is one of the main factors to expect between the Apple Watch Series 8 and its Pro-level cousin, if early leaks can be believed. Take a look at the alleged leaked CAD images, courtesy of 91 mobiles, above. In addition to the larger, flatter watch face, the entire area adjacent to the crown stands out more, with the dial housed in a rectangular case that also houses the usual right side button. In addition, the CAD images reveal a completely new additional button on the left side.

The intent seems to be to make the workout triggers easier to access – you’ll have a larger screen to see your metrics, while the more visible buttons will be easier to access in the midst of a workout session. This extra button can act as a specific event trigger (maybe even customizable) – anyone who’s tried toggling a workout on and off while swimming will know that the extra button is much more useful than a touch screen when you’re underwater, for example.

Apple Watch Pro leaks

(Image credit: Sonny Dixon)

We are out! Editor in Chief Gerald Lynch here, guides you through the first few hours as we count down to the iPhone 14 launch. It’s been a busy week with rumors, but the most active discussion has included leaks about the so-called Apple Watch Pro.

According to prolific leaker, Sonny Dixon Twitter (Opens in a new tab)The newly found images regarding the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 cases appear in their usual 41mm and 45mm sizes. But there’s also a look at a new 49mm casing size for rumors Apple Watch Prowith room for a refurbished digital crown.

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