Isaiah Miranda’s Top 30 list drops to eight finalists

one of the great men of the nation, Isaiah MirandaAnd the He tells 247Sports that he made it to the bottom eight in Connecticut, Georgetown, Louisville, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, UCLA and UCLA.

Miranda is a seven-foot-tall Rhode Island player who plays this season for the Southern California Academy, currently ranks No. 30 nationally and is coming off a strong spring and summer run with his home team Rhode Island Elite.

Miranda told 247Sports, “I feel like in the spring and summer, I was just focused on getting better next season. I’ve been trying to do things that aren’t comfortable, so when I got here I’d be more comfortable working with the guys in practice. So far, the transition has gone smoothly.” Very smoothly and I have to keep working.”

Miranda is still skinny but has added some good muscle over the past year and has done so without losing any of his elite abilities. He can really run across the floor, he’s able to take on the edge and he’s the kind of big, versatile guy on both sides of the floor that schools want to have.

Miranda said: “I feel the versatility I have in my game and how mobile I am and be able to protect one of five. The problem some players have is that they don’t like being ranked but I don’t care. However I can help the team I will and I will use all my skills from the inside out to do so.”

Miranda was already on the campus of most of the finalists, and he’s going to officially visit Louisville next week and work on arranging visits to two others they haven’t seen, Oregon and Texas. The smart seven-footed man discussed what he liked about each of the finalists.

Connecticut – “Danny Hurley reminds me of AAU coach Nick Light and I love how aggressive they are really. Like with UCLA, I feel like I need this kind of training where I’m being pushed more to get the best out of me and make sure I won’t I just settle down.”

Georgetown – “I love the coaching staff at Georgetown. They really make me feel like one of their guys and they are really great with me. I feel so comfortable talking to them and I feel like I can talk to them about everything. There is the history behind (Georgetown) and they want to move on and that’s all.” What I’m about is to get it back on again.”

Louisville – “The coaching staff that has moved on has really had a lot of history in bringing players to the pros and they are really good at developing players. I want to know how they are going to use me and how they are going to improve me and help me get ready for the pro by the time I am ready to make that transition to be a pro.”

Oregon – “Since I was young it has always been one of my dream schools. I grew up even when I wasn’t into basketball like the one that attracted me to Oregon. It was clearly one of the schools I dream of being hired by them, it is a blessing and I want to learn about campus The university and the coaching staff are more.”

Rhode Island – “I feel that having the opportunity to play for the Rhode Island team would be a blessing because I will be able to play in front of my friends and family and really play in the state. This is really interesting to me. My main guard from my team at Al Ain University last year is there, Sebastian ThomasAnd we have really great chemistry.

Texas – “I definitely love the way they do things and I already know Coach Bird has been able to help develop the great players over the years, like a lot of them. Then one of my favorite players is Kevin Durant Like this is literally my favorite player and went there. I’m trying to do a lot of his moves and made some comparisons and this will be a great opportunity to see where he’s learned and developed.”

University of California, Los Angeles- “Mick Cronin is really hard on his buddies and doesn’t let his buddies have room for little mistakes they shouldn’t make at this level. I love the idea of ​​being pushed by a strong coach and showing everyone that I’m ready to take training. Their coaching staff is really tight And there is not much separation, they are all very close to the players and everyone is like a big family.”

USC – “They want to keep this Big Man U thing and this trend continues. They’ve had a lot of great players in the past years making it to the pros and they’ve had a lot of really good players going out there and developing at a high level. They’ve done a good job. Really with their big guys so this is a great choice and their facilities are great.”

Miranda doesn’t have a firm commitment history yet, but once he’s done with his visits, he’ll likely enter decision-making mode and have to sign early. Relationships and development will make the ultimate difference when he decides to

“It will definitely have to do with the relationship I have with the coaching staff as well as with development. The ultimate goal for me is to try to get into the NBA.”

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