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MAll life was before this moment. Some women dream of their wedding day or funeral; I dreamed of the day I would put the funniest things on the Guardian’s internet list. Like any highly anticipated event, I feel simultaneously overwhelmed with excitement and also unprepared. But how can I be? I’ve been practicing this my whole life, from the times I’ve been sending Family Guy clips to each other via Hotmail, to all the gatherings where I’ve wrapped up videos of “The Videos I Watch at 2 AM Cure IBS”. I’m always online, whether it’s instructing a friend to “write SNL” or dying of laughter at 3 AM because another news reporter was attacked by a cat on live TV.

In some ways, I’ll never be happy with the end product, but let this be a tile in the mosaic that is my brain. Can I divide? No. Can I truly Number? I’m sure I hope not. But what I can do is send you a series of links at 4 am that you can reply to a few days later with: “Sorry I just saw this! Haha, very good.”

I hope this brings you some happiness, but most of all, I hope some really bother you xx

1. Tiffany Pollard talking about Gemma Collins

Tiffany “New York” Pollard graced our screens for the first time on the TV show Flavor of Love. A star is born. She approaches every project she is involved in with incomparable determination. She is smart, funny and attractive. The only person who could come close to how convenient and inconsistent it is (a new word for you, Mr. Oxford) would be Gemma Collins. GC, baby! An incredible reality figure in its own right. God was smiling the day producers put GC and New York in the Celebrity Big Brother house at the same time.

Have they seen eye to eye before? No, what shoes is Tiffany talking about? I have no idea. What I do know is that the moment Tiffany walked into the diary room, we as a society were never quite what we were. Shakespeare was trembling as she produced the greatest monologue of our time. If I could dine with any three people from a date, it would be three Tiffany Pollards. enjoy.

2. Cole Escola – Lauren Was On The News!

Everything Cole does is perfect. The first time I saw one of their clips was a notorious commercial for juice, and if you haven’t, you’re living half a life. Escola is the type of performer who makes you think that whatever they do is made for you and your taste, they are just as good. I can squirt on Cole all day long. If you haven’t heard of it before, this is the beginning of the rest of your life. It’s as if Almost Famous’s character Zooey Deschanel is leaving the house and telling her brother about the record set under his bed.

3. Defining a Girl – Untold Facts About Dressing Modestly

Girl Defined Two sisters – two identical ones, 45, I think – who hold evangelical beliefs. They take the teachings of the Bible, manipulate and see what happens, with a little experience and confidence most people can only dream of.

Their videos are incredible. Do they love each other or hate each other? What we know from their videos is that they are not attracted to their husbands and they think that if you want to wear a tank top, you’re probably going to hell, hon! I especially love this video because even though years later they agreed that the messages in it were malicious and no longer believed what they were promoting about blouses or skirts or anything else, they refused to remove the video. Most of my funny things work Youtube And oh baby, YouTube would be nothing without purists.

4. Les Miserables Wedding

Well, this is amazing. My good friend Cat Finch introduced me to the world of weddings a few years ago and I never looked back, except to check if there was a big band forming behind me. Every YouTube wedding video has something to love and hate. What I love about this is the little mommy who gave this experience to the bride and groom. Before the song begins, she says, “You’ll get to the end of the day and you’ll wish it lasted…one day…one day…mowa” (read with a New York accent). Hold the microphone in time to sing “One Day More Than Les Miserables.”

I love this. Why this song? Because it’s epic and fun and pops up people all over the place. It’s a great song for flash mob. Sure, it has the lyric “we’ll be ready for these boys at school, they’ll wet themselves in blood” but you know what they say… “something red, something blue, something borrowed they will drown themselves in blood.”

5. Saturday Night Live – Romano Tours

When something funny And the Sad, I’m in heaven. I’m an SNL girl, suing me. There are a lot of clips I can recommend. Wells boys, Totinos, things are not getting any better. This with Adam Sandler made me really good. I’m a huge fan of The Sopranos and when Tony says, “There is no geographic solution to a geographic problem,” I stop breathing. It was perfect. This passage is what happens when someone makes a drawing of this line.

6. Innocent men

a look. I have no idea. It just makes me laugh every time

We are just innocent men.

7. Hot section – the sad woman

I love the Hot Department’s fast-paced choreography and their butt cheeks, but what I love most about them is how they write sad women living sad lives. When I saw this clip from their series Dark Web, I didn’t exist anymore.

If you like Call the Midwife or any other show where a British woman tells a shocking story and ends with two girls riding two bikes off a cliff or something, you’ll love this infographic. Remember what I said about Zooey Deschanel and the records? Same thing here. Reese Nicholson is a nun! How gay!

8. A bride sings her way down the aisle

@notbfiner #wedding #bride #youraisemeup #joshgroban #camp #cringe ♬ original sound – Ben Finer (He/Him)

“,”alt”:”singing bride”,”index”:33,”isTracking”:true,”isMainMedia”:false,”source”:”TikTok”,”sourceDomain”:””}”>

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Comedian and IRA informant Emma Holland sent me this clip. Full credit to the boys here, because this one is a winner. I don’t make fun of this woman, I want to be her. To sing along the aisle and then ask your dad to share a sentence or two with you and then repeat again? The limit of perfection. Rumor has it that she pushed all the guests to leave so that the acoustics would be better. So don’t feel bad about her, she has soulmates. They’re just outside, like, having a conversation? I love this woman. I dream about it every night. She is the demon of my sleep and my uncle. lift me up.

9. Why Hi Jill

@gregjames The day our lives changed forever. It will never be beaten @ainsleyfoods @alisonhammond #whyhellojill #ainsleyharriott #alisonhammond ♬ original sound – gregjames

“,”alt”:”Ainsley Harriott”,”index”:36,”isTracking”:true,”isMainMedia”:false,”source”:”TikTok”,”sourceDomain”:””}”>

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Why hello, Jill. There is a common joke on TikTok that includes this phrase “The woman was too surprised to speak.”. Jill was. This little woman is on the verge of death? Better get celebrity chef Ainsley Harriot to sing: “Why hello, Jill!” Jill’s heart could definitely take her. Don’t feel bad about it though, I got a bunch of free shit and a free meal Ainsley cooked himself. Plus the NHS is very good there.

10. It’s me or the dog

The introduction to this show is simple: me or the dog. The trainer comes to save a relationship, of any kind, in which an unruly dog ​​is harmed. In this case, the couple, with the devil on their side, created a pair of mighty Labrador crosses to ruin their teenage son’s life. The way he talks about his parents making delicious meals for the dogs is great but my favorite part is how the dad has absolutely no control over the dogs when he walks on them. Parties fly everywhere. It looks as if it was put in the washing machine during a hurricane. I love him. You will love it. I die laughing every time.

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