Kennedy: Red Sox plan to keep Kim Bloom, Alex Cora

The Red Sox have lost seven of their past 10 competitions, leaving them to lose four games under 0.500. At 62-66 years old, they are last in the American Eastern League and seven games from last for Wild Card. The Sox will very likely miss the playoffs, and the -48 differential players are only better than the Royals, Tigers, and A’s in the MLS.

That’s certainly not what Sox expected in the season, and the conflicts have predictably led to some speculation among the fan base about the future leadership of the organization. These questions don’t seem to boil over inside the Fenway Park offices. Says Sam Kennedy, CEO/President of Boston Ken Rosenthal athlete The club has no plans to fire major baseball officer Haim Blum or manager Alex Cora this off season.

I’m very relieved to say that Haim and Alex will be back. And I am very relieved to say that there is a strong belief in the direction of excellence from our proprietary group,Kennedy said. “This trend continues to build for the future, but it also continues to invest across major leagues.

Cora and Bloom remain under contract for at least one more season. proactive sox practice Their options from 2023 to 24 are in Cora services last November, putting it in the fold for two years after this year. Bloom has been hired to lead the front office through the 2019-20 season, making this his third season on the helm. Rosenthal has now reported that the contract was no less than four years in length, so even with the extension banned, the Red Sox could keep it at least until the end of next season.

There was little doubt that Boston would keep Cora at the top of the hidden stairs. Cora was originally set up ahead of the 2018 season, and led the Red Sox to the World Championship title its first year at the helm. The club missed the playoffs in 2019, and Cora was left out of that off-season when his role in the Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing scandal was announced. MLB suspended it throughout the entire 2020 campaign, but Boston immediately reset Cora once that ban was lifted. During the first season of his second assignment, the club won 92 games and advanced to ALCS. Even with this year’s loss, the Sox went to 346-268 under Cora’s guidance.

Results for the team under Bloom’s leadership have been more mixed. Boston went 24-36 and finished last in AL East during the 2020 short schedule. As mentioned, they bounced back with a very successful season last year, but now they are facing a potential last place. It was the second in three years of Bloom’s leadership of the organization, and he wasn’t part of the 2018 championship team like Cora.

As with every baseball group, one can point out the many successes and failures of Bloom’s front desk. The club made some strong moves under the radar in the 2020-21 season that contributed to last year’s turnaround. Sign Enrique Hernandez For a two-year deal worth $14 million, he was rewarded with perhaps the best season of his career in 2021 before his production exploded this year. they picked up Garrett Whitlock From the Yankees in Draft Base 5 and immediately watched him evolve into one of the late game’s best weapons. In the previous trade deadline, Boston landed Nick Pevita And the Conor Sebold for analgesics Brandon Workman And the Heath Humbury. Pivetta has had his ups and downs, but having a nearly manageable league start average for a pair of middle loyalists is a solid result for the Boston front desk.

Bloom and his group focused on building a minor league pipeline. They seem to have taken some steps forward in this regard. Shortly before Bloom was hired in 2019, baseball put the Red Sox at number 22 in the organizational talent rankings. earlier this month, ESPN’s Kelly McDaniel He finished 13th, with a first-round pick last year Marcelo Mayer It is now considered one of the best odds in the sport.

At the same time, there are plenty of recent moves that have drawn criticism. Decision not to re-sign Mocky Pets In 2020, it’s more likely to fall under the property’s feet than the front office, but none of the players involved are making a comeback (Alex VerdugoAnd the Jeter Downs And the Connor WongHe did as well as the club had hoped this season. Biggest Free Agent Site in Boston for the past 3 years, Trevor’s storyHe underperformed in the first year of a $140 million deal.

deal Renfro hunter for Jackie Bradley Jr. and prospects David Hamilton And the Alex Pinellas Over the winter it added some talent to the middle tier of the farm system, but it was a notable step down into a right field position that continued to give problems to the team. The club’s belief in Bobby Dalbeck At first, it seems that the rule was misleading, and their handling of the trade deadline (acquisition Tommy Fam And the Eric Hosmer while working away Christian Vasquez) It said caused some confusion from the club and others within the organization.

Regardless of how one feels about the moves the Red Sox have made recently, the more relevant question is how Bloom and his group plan going forward. Aside from the Story deal, the team has been very cautious from a long-term spending perspective. assuming Xander Bogarts Upon exiting his contract, Boston will only have about $60 million in secured money on the books for the next year. Raphael Devers Headliners for a judging class will likely push internal spending into the $85 million-$90 million range, but there is still plenty of room for a club to exceed the $230 million luxury tax threshold this season.

The front office has consistently maintained its desire to strike a long-term deal to retain the Boagerts and to strike an extension with Devers. There is no indication that they have made progress yet either way. Whether or not the Bogarts is brought back, the club will face a lot of change in starting rotation, bullseye, and pitch. Unsurprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be any thought of deliberately rolling back in 2023, so a fairly large roster overhaul would be required.

Next year will be the 22nd season of John Henry-Tom Werner-Mike Gordon Fenway’s sports group stewardship of the franchise.Kennedy told Rosenthal about the property collection.Since we’ve been here, we have a goal every year to play baseball in October. I don’t see that changing. I see that we continue to invest across the entire organization, at the Major League level, during our baseball operations. This group is hungry for another World Championship. …I know we are in a difficult situation now. But we have a lot of flexibility in this off season. I’m really excited to see what we’re going to do with this flexibility and the resources that we have.

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