Kenny Payne’s opinion about NIL wasn’t actually overwhelmed

Louisville basketball coach Kenny Payne spoke about his stand-up from scratch over the weekend, and while he is admired, his opinion seems unrealistic.

One of the significant problems that Louisville Basketball Association faced in its first season under new coach Kenny Payne was its ability to get quality players into the transfer gate.

Upon Payne’s arrival, guards Dre Davis and Noah Locke were among the names of the players who were not encouraged to return. Davis’ annoyance, Ty – one of the Louisville signers – was allowed to get out of his LOI.

Fans saw this as exciting news because, while it’s never great to see players leave for other teams, Payne and the Louisville staff have been praised for their ability to win high-profile names.

Players like Malachi Smith, Isaiah Mosley, Tyrese Hunter, and Emoni Bates have all been a hit in Louisville. All of these names are closely associated with the show, and Hunter and Bates were also considered near “locksmiths” to join this year’s cast.

However, the opportunity to sign with a great guard came and went. Ultimately, the cards replaced Locke, the Davis brothers, Mason Faulkner and Jarrod West with the 2023 re-ranking Fabio Basile.

Lots of rationales explain Louisville’s inability to convey a big name. The new hires haven’t had time to develop relationships with players in the 2022 class – most of them have already signed letters of intent with other programmes.

However, there was plenty of time to reach the transfer gate. Given the lack of depth in the guard position, Louisville needed to either keep two names in the fold or eventually mentor a player transitioning from a different team.

None of these things happened.

While the gap can be filled this season with walkers Hersey Miller and freshmen Mike James, Devin Ray and Kamari Lands, basketball in Louisville needs to win the 2023 recruitment cycle in a big way in order to avoid another season of ups and downs. .

Pine’s thoughts on NIL

This leads to Bain’s recent comments on nil deals.

A few weeks ago, Payne went on the record to say he doesn’t discuss NIL with the guys.

NIL, or Name Picture and Similarity, gives NCAA student-athletes the ability to capitalize on their similarity. This will play a major role in how all college basketball coaches are offered to recruit and approach top players.

Existing Louisville players are taking full advantage of the new NCAA rules. Big Man Center Sydney Curry is said to have signed a lucrative deal with several local brands. Tennessee move Brandon-Huntley-Hatfield is very active on social media, busy promoting several brands. Miller – the son of rap moguel Master P – earned a lot of recognition when he signed a four-year, $2 million deal last season.

There’s no doubt that Louisville players will do very well on the NIL front – including the lucky players in 2023 and beyond.

However, over the weekend, Payne doubled down on his stance when speaking with a local church group.

Check his comments over hereas captured by Tyler Griffier of WHAS.

“Yeah, I have no cash,” Payne said. But you will not come to this university because of that. I have something special more than nothing.”

Let me say this first

Payne, after all, is not wrong. What he says in this video is impressive. It’s leadership. It is heartening.

However, the way NIL is presented and sold in a negative way feels not really overwhelmed.

Let’s be real here. This is not the world of recruitment 20 years ago. Hell, this is not the world of recruitment 5 years ago.

When Payne was in Kentucky, his relationship building and ability to sell players when they came to play at his school was second to none.

But while Payne went to the NBA for two years, a lot has changed across the college basketball scene. Between the one-time transfer rules and zero chances, there is no place for players and coaches Not Take advantage of their brand as a tool for players to earn money instantly.

There are a lot of options for players now. Between opportunities to travel abroad, play in the NBA Development League, and play in leagues like Overtime Elite, there is more competition than ever. Players can choose not to go to college and get paid even before they finish high school.

Amateur basketball, at level five, is becoming a thing of the past. The ability to make money Currently One of the main factors that players will take into consideration.

Five-star elite players like DJ Wagner, Aaron Bradshaw and AJ Johnson are highly considering joining the Louisville squad next year.

However, when the ability to earn money is one of the determining factors, your program leader should be willing to at least have a conversation about that.

Otherwise, we could look five years down the road at the same levels of indignation about the Louisville program.

Kenny Payne will make a huge difference as you build a culture, right the wrongs of the past, and bring a community together at a time when it is needed most.

However, if Louisville basketball can’t reach the top players, the program may spin its wheels on the court against programs that lean toward the NIL.

Teams like Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina are on the Louisville schedule on an annual basis — and they’re all on board for the NIL discussion. Other programs at UofL are on board to discuss the NIL. At this juncture, basketball in Louisville cannot be left behind.

I hope Kenny Payne continues to maintain the same energy. But here’s hoping he can change his tune a bit when it comes to the NIL discussion in the future.

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