Kid Cavalli’s injury shows Washington’s tough road


Cade Cavalli was supposed to start Thursday afternoon for the Washington Nationals, and the fact that he won’t dampen the rest of the excitement as the final month of the season begins. The Citizens have the worst record in baseball. that they Trade the best hitter in the game. that they In full rebuild modeA potentially pivotal part of that rebuilding process is on the casualty list after one career start. It’s problem after problem after problem.

But Cavalli’s absence – he was diagnosed with a sore shoulder over the weekend and Closed for at least two weeks A reminder of all that reform it requires. The Nats’ rise to competition a decade ago wasn’t just about Stephen Strasbourg. It was about Jordan Zimmerman, Geo Gonzalez, and the players behind them. By the time they won the world championship, it was also about Max Scherzer and Patrick Corbin.

And so the “reboot,” as General Manager Mike Rizzo calls it, isn’t just about Cavalli. As long as Rizzo is in charge – and with a new owner likely to take over after the season, who knows how long his rule will last – the Nationals will be built around starting to promote. This means Cavalli and Josiah Gray. Mackenzie Gore and Cole Henry mean. That means Garleen Susanna and some unknown bowler we don’t know yet – perhaps a big first-round pick in next summer’s draft. This means more than that.

Since shoulder inflammation, Tommy John surgery, and thoracic outlet syndrome all seem to be part of the scramble, that means there must be a group that is not only talented but profound. Who knows when the next player will wake up the day after making 99 ground throws and think, “I’m not feeling well”?

This is what Cavalli did next First appearance on Friday night against Cincinnati, when he was charged with seven runs in 4 rounds – a stat line that looks shoddy but came with enough flashes to justify the fuss. This start fits perfectly into the rotation of citizens throughout the summer, And it’s basically the worst in the game – last in an era (5.96), last in walks and hits per run (1.56), and second to last in batting average against (.282).

The bleakest season in Citizens history may end with some unwanted records

Think about it for a second: The Major League average this year is 0.243. Put him against the nats’ spin, and he’s hit nearly 40 points! That’s cool, and it’s a fall from what NATS were less than three calendar years ago.

October 2019 ended with a show as Anthony Rendon and Howie Kendrick went deep against the Houston Astros. But it was built on Strasbourg’s exit from the wild card game and Corbin’s exit from the base game in Game 7 and all those heroic performances from all the novice shooters in the middle. The Nats won 12 games in October. I don’t do much touting wins as a meaningful stat, but the credit for winning 10 of those games went to Scherzer, Strasburg or Corbin. This is no coincidence. That was by design in the overall organizational philosophy and organizational strategy that month.

It only reinforces the way these nats were built – and if Rizzo is still in charge, how will they be built again. From 2012 to 2019, the Nats rotation was second in baseball in the ERA and WHIP and average batting opponents. But you could argue that the starting Washington bowlers had more impact than any group on any other team because they used so much. No alternation has won more matches or played more roles – and this has a negative impact on the whole team.

Over the eight-season period, Nats averaged 5.93 runs per outing — somewhere between 17 and 18 out per night. So, over the course of eight seasons, which team has the fewest innings? You guessed it: Washington.

Over the past three seasons – starting with the 2020 short-shortified covid campaign – not only have the freshmen Nats scored the worst ERA (5.24) and second-worst WHIP (1.44) in the sport, but they’ve dropped to 4.98 runs in the outing. That’s almost a full half short of what they offered in their competitive stretch. Extend that over one season, and you’ll get 462 more than a Bullpen – in fact, a file weight bullpen – you must get it. Put aside the 43-game streak in which a NATS player hasn’t scored a win. This isn’t the kind of business Rizzo envisions rotating.

Now, the sport is undergoing a change as well, because novice shooters have never been asked to do less than they are now. Except for the short 2020 season, the innings of novice shooters have fallen in every season since 2014. Until now Rizzo logo He did not change: “With the start of the promotion, everything is possible. Without it, nothing. “

With a young team in the process of rebuilding, NATS coaches focus on development

Cavalli is a character that is supposed to open up these possibilities.

“He has truly evolved into the man we hope will lead our staff forward into the future,” Rizzo said Wednesday during his weekly appearance on “The Sports Junkies” on 106.7 The Fan.

But here he says that when and if the Nationals go into competition again, the rotation will not be Cavalli’s, first-round pick in the 2021 draft; Gore, who acquired trade with San Diego for Juan Soto; Henry, second round pick in 2020; grey, Who is back in trade 2021 which sent Scherzer and Tria Turner to the Los Angeles Dodgers; and Susanna, an 18-year-old flame thrower who excels at 103 mph and she was The last part of the Soto deal. This is very simple and very smooth, and does not take into account the bumps that are sure to come along the way.

Cavalli’s shutdown, while not thought to be dangerous, is one of those bumps. So is the fact that Al Gore did not get into a game in the citizenry system Because he’s working his way back from injury. Also the fact that Henry hasn’t played a game since June and will be undergoing surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome – the condition Which basically destroyed Strasbourg. So is the fact that Gray misses turns in the turns To monitor his workload.

Cavalli’s beginnings were supposed to be events for the Nats during the final month of the season. His absence only underscores the difficulty of what lies ahead because being a contender again does not only mean identifying, collecting and developing initial talents. That means keeping this talent healthy enough to take the ball every fifth day and deliver, as Strasbourg, Scherzer and Corbin have done throughout the entirety of 2019, including that last magical month.

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