Lakers’ Russell Westbrook likely to be traded or sent home after a Patrick Beverly deal, says report

Kyrie Irving’s trade speculation may be off (for now), but that doesn’t mean that Los Angeles LakersThe war drama has come to an end. Thursday, the Lakers Acquire Veteran Defensive Pest Patrick Beverlywhich led to speculation about the status of the beleaguered nine-time All-Star Russell Westbrook going forward.

It’s no secret that the Lakers have been looking into trades involving Westbrook for some time, with multiple reports that potential deals have been squashed due to the Lakers’ unwillingness to include one or both of their available future picks in the first round. With Irving off the table, it seemed reasonable for the team to enter a training camp with Westbrook as the starting point guard. Darvin Hamm, New Lakers coach, has already discussed a New offensive vision For the previous MVP that included shooting more triple angle indicators.

However, Beverley’s addition brings back questions about Westbrook’s future with the Lakers. In fact, with Beverley on the roster, Westbrook likely won’t see the field at all with the Lakers next season, According to Jovan Boha of Athletic. Westbrook can either be traded in or sent away from the team. More from The Athletic:

“Beverly’s arrival increases the likelihood that Westbrook will be left off the active roster with the start of training camp, either through trade or sending the team home at La The Rockets with John Wall last season, according to a source close to the situation.”

Certainly traded. But the treatment of John Wall? This is a scenario that hasn’t really been raised as a realistic possibility. Beverley is a serviceable starting point guard who will likely add some daring to a Lakers defense that dropped from the NBA’s best in 2020-21 all the way to 21 last season. Westbrook was one of the worst offensive players in the league last season for efficiency — 0.844 points per possession was second-to-last for any player with at least 1,000 possessions, according to Synergy Sports — but if he’s willing to accept a new role under An important oversight, it likely provides much more offensive dynamism and firepower than Beverly’s.

However, predictions from SportsLine data scientist Stephen Oh says the Lakers will be much better in 2022-23 without Westbrook, even without any pieces returning in the trade.

with Westbrook





without Westbrook










Oh explained: “The sims have a long history of seeing Westbrook as an add-by-subtract case going back to a time when we had OKC improve through several games with Chris Paul and Houston getting worse after trading for Westbrook.”

The fact that the Lakers are willing to pay Westbrook $47 million to sit at home speaks to the deteriorating relationship between the two parties. Trade is clearly the preferred option – deals include Miles Turner and Body Heald to rebuild Indiana Pacers Comes to mind — but that would almost certainly require the Lakers to hand at least one of their future picks, especially since Tallinn Horton Tucker, one of their only young assets, went to the Utah Jazz in the Beverly trade.

So far, the Lakers haven’t been willing to compromise their future to get Westbrook off the roster, and now it looks like they might be content with eating his salary to keep him away from the team. Of course, there’s always the possibility that this report is taking a stance on the Lakers to appear as they aren’t as desperate to dump Westbrook as they seem. Only time will tell, but it seems increasingly realistic that Westbrook will not fit in for the Lakers to start the 2021-22 season.

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