Laura Loomer loses the Florida primary and turns on the Republican Party

Laura Lomer, the far-right extremist and proud fanatic who failed to win the Republican nomination in Florida’s congressional race on Tuesday, is as despicable as he comes. But because Lumiere encourage her fans Not to vote for the GOP candidate in the general election, you might be the Democrats’ best weapon to win the secure GOP seat. Here she hopes to inspire other MAGA losers to follow her lead.

For those lucky enough not to know who Loomer is, they are a one-stop shop for bigotry.

For those lucky enough not to know who Loomer is, they are a one-stop shop for bigotry. She called herself “Proud of Islamophobiaand backed up by a slew of hate-filled comments about Muslims being “savages.” In a podcast hosted by a white nationalist, she announce, “I will fight for the whites” and added, “I am really a big supporter of the Christian national movement.” And this 29-year-old – who was cheerful It was endorsed by Donald Trump when she ran for Congress in 2020 – It was forbidden Through a number of platforms from Twitter to GoFundMe, for her hate speech and conspiracy theories. She can’t even catch Uber or Lyft.

As vile as she is, in 2020 Le Maire won the Republican congressional nomination in Florida’s 21st congressional district. Thank God, Democrat Louis Frankel crush it 20 points In that solid blue area.

But Lomer had a new plan for 2022. She ran in Florida’s 11th congressional district, a staunch Republican, to challenge 73-year-old Representative Daniel Webster, who has been in office since 2011. She almost won. Webster outperformed her only by about 5000 votesLomer shocked many by attracting 44% of the vote.

But Lomer — who took a page from her beloved former boss — refused to accept her loss. Election night is announce In a Trumpian way, “I don’t give in, because I’m a winner!” And as you might have guessed, she claimed he was there voter fraud. Soon some of her followers were online Repetition Her allegations of fraud are devoid of facts.

Le Maire stepped up her speech Wednesday. On GETTR, one of the few social media platforms that didn’t launch, she posted in all caps, “I don’t care.”

Then I applied to her Nearly 38,000 voters That would make Democratic candidate Shanti Mons happy. “I encourage all my supporters and every constituent to not support Daniel Webster and the voter fraud machine at RNC and Big Tech that supports his weak body and denies my constituents the representation they deserve and need,” Lomer wrote. Then, for mismanagement, she added, “I am asking Daniel Webster to resign, because everyone knows he is unfit to serve.”

This is not an empty threat. While the newly reconstituted Eleventh Congressional District is designated by a nonpartisan Cook a political report A “strong” Republican area, Cook predicts would favor Republicans by 8 points. This is the bottom line of strong GOP areas. A simple math tells us that for Webster to win in November, he will need Republican primary voters to vote for Lomer.

According to another Fundraising Reports Ahead of Tuesday’s election, Loomer raised $763,009 against Buster’s $595,280, meaning he likely spent a good chunk of that fending off it. (The final spending report for the primaries has not been released.) If Lemire Webster’s supporters don’t help replenish his campaign funds for the final two months of the general election campaign, it helps Mons, who ran unopposed.

I urge Lomer voters to do exactly what she asks: refuse to vote for Buster. Moreover, the hope is that other losing MAGA candidates will criticize the GOP candidates and the Republican establishment. And no one is more likely to do so than Trump himself if he runs in 2024 but does not win the Republican nomination. Does anyone think that Trump wouldn’t say the nomination was stolen from him, that he wouldn’t burn everything before he allowed another Republican to win the presidency?

The hope is that the other losing MAGA candidates will attack the GOP candidates and the Republican establishment.

There was a time when many of us hoped that Republican leaders would exclude extremists from their party. Obviously this will never happen. As we can see from the Loomer fundraising pull that overshadowed a veteran GOP member of Congress, a good deal of the energy at the Republican base is with MAGA extremists.

At this point, our best hope is that a growing number of MAGA fanatics and conspiracy theorists will help Democrats win by turning against the Republican Party establishment. Perhaps then the Republican Party will rise from the rubble and become a major political party again, not a white nationalist anti-democratic movement. But even if that doesn’t happen, a divided Republican Party is much easier to defeat for Democrats than a united party.

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