Little League World Series 2022 results: Hawaii overtakes Tennessee to win the US Championship

When talking about the Hawaiian minor league team, two names come to mind: Jaron Lancaster and Cohen Sakamoto.

The two-way stars led Team Hawaii on the plate and on the hill at this year’s championship.

But on Saturday, as Hawaii neared an American title, the supporting cast came to play.

Take Ruston Hiyoto, for example. The player put on a decent display at the LLWS, but then had the biggest hit of the tournament, a volley into a dead center yard to fuel a 5-1 win.

It was a perfect day for a team that seemed perfect to most of the LLWS. With a +45 running differential, Hawaii was the most dominant in the series’ recent history.

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Despite giving up his first hit in the LLWS, Sakamoto was off most of the day. Hitting seven in 4 2/3 innings, mixing a fiery fastball with smashing dirty pitches.

All he needs is a little running support. Hiyoto served the bulk of it with his dinner plate.

Now, Team Hawaii prepares to face off in Sunday’s championship game International Champion in Curacao. If Hawaii can claim victory, it will have finalized one of the most dominant tournaments in LLWS history.

Sports News tracked live updates from Saturday’s game. Here are the main and the most prominent live scores from the US Final at Lamed Stadium (EST).

Live updates of Little League World Series, highlights from Hawaii vs. Tennessee

1 2 3 4 5 6 F
Tennessee 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Hawaii 1 2 0 2 0 x 5

Sixth half

5:39 pm: Hiramoto gets a K! Hawaii wins the US Championship and moves to the LLWS Final!

5:37 pm: …but second officer Kekoa Payanal takes it too far, and gets a lead line before he beats it first for double play.

5:33 pm: The Rhodes fissures hit the second blow of the day to give Tennessee a bit of life.

Fifth half

5:31 pm: McNeil out of the half unharmed! A Tennessee ace convinces a poor connection more to make Hawaii a third-place finish.

Another run to go. Time to Empty the Tank If you’re from Tennessee, you’ll imagine it.

5:29 pm: After getting out again, McNiel hits another racket, this time Ruston Hiyoto. Two a day, two away from McNeill.

5:28 pm: Brennan Thomas takes first place after taking hits on the court.

5:26 pm: McNiel puts a pop up around bowler’s hill for the first time from five.

5:22 pm: Just like clockwork, it’s one step, one way out for Savior Luke Hiramoto. Hawaii is three teams away from the US title.

5:19 pm: This is the end of Sakamoto’s lineup, who put in another strong showing on Saturday. Last line: 4.2 innings, seven hits and two hits only I gave up. This will make for a good day at the office.

5:18 PM: Looks like Sakamoto was heading into another 1-2-3 round. However, companion man Lane Dever with combines an impressive two-stroke effort. In the end, Dever hits a ball into the left field to reach the base.

Fourth half

5:10 pm: And McNeill gets to strike! He throws a beautiful cracker ball that goes out of the area to hit the Lancaster. This is how it’s done!

Hawaii is leading 5-1 through four runs.

5:08 pm: McNeil is finding it a bit tricky at the moment. Esaiah Wong gets one song. Then, McNeil hits the batter.

Two ducks on the pond for a Lancaster. It can go wrong here.

5:01 pm: bubble! Ruston Hyoto runs a fastball and is sent into orbit. Straight to the dead center.

This will give Hawaii a little more room to breathe. 5-1 advantage for Hawaiians now.

4:59 pm: Mika Nola takes first base after absorbing a hit from McNeil. One day, well known at the bottom of the fourth.

4:56 pm: Sakamoto will score another K in the penalty area. Clutch stuff, really.

4:52 pm: Sakamoto scores another hit, this time with heat. However, it would have been more beneficial to the state of Tennessee; Sakamoto’s floor was unruly, only sizzling past the nochi’s gauntlet. However, neither the hitter nor the main runner moved. You may have taken an extra rule somewhere as a result.

4:50 pm: Some good rules run by Rhodes lead to a Tennessee run. The Nolensville group scored a swing hit, but Rhodes waited for Nouchi to throw for first before running home.

Hawaiian bullets were cut in two.

4:47 pm: Things are getting bigger interesting to Tennessee. Payanal drops the routine pop fly outside. Some strong sprints by Rhodes make him move to third base after he took a second compliment from the runaway field.

4:44 pm: Jack Rhodes puts some good wood on Sakamoto’s fastball. This is the first hit that Sakamoto has given up this Junior League World Series.

Put that ball in Cooperstown.

Third half

4:40 pm: This is another thing for Tennessee. We’re heading to the top of the fourth.

4:38 pm: Watson flies to Porter, who has switched wings and is now standing in the left field lawn.

4:37 pm: Lancaster pops up from Nash Carter per second. One-way.

4:33 pm: Sakamoto urges another person to finish the round. He’s halfway through the match and hasn’t given up a shot yet.

4:31 pm: Fourth K of the day for Sakamoto, who gets the swing hit.

4:30 pm: McNiel makes poor contact on Sakamoto’s broken ball. After a slight crackling, Lancaster took him out with a throw for the first.

Second half

4:28 pm: The pop-up ends. 3-0 Hawaii edge after two rounds.

4:27 PM: Keko Payanal leads for another round, this time on a smoky dodger that splits the playing field. 3-0 advance to Hawaii early.

4:25 pm: This is another race for Hawaii, this time by Fielder’s Choice! The evil ball falls into the trail of the second baseman. However, he opted out instead of getting the lead runner, who easily scores from third.

4:24 pm: McNeil began to feel the pressure. He throws an unruly tone that pushes the contestant into third place.

4:22 pm: McNiel was unable to find the area in the full count. That’s two on the pond for Tao Purcell.

4:19 pm: McNiel makes a nice play on the hill, trailing a free kick before sending off Sakamoto in second. One on, one away from Hawaii.

4:17 pm: Sakamoto has already performed plays on the hill. Now he’s making it on diamonds, too. The Hawaiian pitcher smokes the ball off the wall loudly.

4:14 pm: Soft grounder ends the run to Hawaii. Through his 13 LLWS rounds, Sakamoto hasn’t had much success.

4:13 pm: This is your last one from Sakamoto! Porter jade on low ball. That’s two strikes per second.

4:12 pm: Sakamoto gets his second K of the day, holding on to dough as he looks hot.

4:10 pm: Wright Martin takes first rule after ruling that catcher Kaeo Noguchi interfered in Wright’s swing.

4:07 pm: Watson fields a slow cylinder in third and hits it at the start for the first time of the stroke.

first half

4:04 pm: The pop drops out in William Santinoff’s gauntlet, and the inning ends. Hawaii has the first advantage of a single run.

4:02 pm: Hawaii on the board! Daly Watson smashed a high-belt fast ball into the left field wall, over the head of defensive player Charlie Mallum.

Lancaster was rocking, coming home first while Watson slipped to second base with a double.

1-0 Hawaii.

4 m: Lancaster gets good wood on a ball out of the area, pulling it into the 5.5 hole. One on, two outs for Hawaii.

3:57 pm: Hawaii hits a pair of pitches toward the right field wall. However, Josiah Porter tracked both balls beautifully, catching a pair of pop-up balls.

Superstar Jaron Lancaster is up to the pile now.

3:56 pm: Trent McNeill takes the hill for Tennessee. He appears to be using a series of different forms with his shedding.

3:52 pm: A lazy fly ball lands in the right player’s glove, and the inning ends. 1-2-3 start for Sakamoto.

3:51 pm: Sakamoto throws gas early. Hit 75 mph on the gun on its way to strike. Two outs per inning.

3:50 pm: Nice jump to steal Satinoff from one blob. Just one of the residents of Hawaii.

3:48 pm: Cohen Sakamoto takes the ball to Hawaii to start the game. He will face hitter William Satinoff of Tennessee.

Little League World Series start time today

  • start time: 3:30 p.m. Eastern time
  • TV channel: ABC
  • Live broadcast: ESPN+, fuboTV

The LLWS US Final will be broadcast live on ABC at 3:30 p.m. Karl Ravic will play at Lamed Stadium. He will be joined on the stand by analysts Kyle Peterson, Jessica Mendoza and Julie Foday.

For the wire cutters, Saturday’s game will also be broadcast live on ESPN+, too fuboTV, which offers a free trial. For Spanish-speaking viewers, the game will be shown on ESPN Deportes.

Little League World Series Lists

With only two days left in the tournament, let’s take a look at the players who reached Hawaii and Tennessee on the brink of glory in the Little League World Series:


number player POS. Bit
4 Kobe Hino if L / R
5 Luke Hiromoto if / q p / p
8 Ruston Hutu OF / P p / p
9 Mika Noda if / q p / p
10 Kayo Nochi c L / R
12 Daly Watson if / q p / p
13 Jaron Lancaster if / q p / p
14 Kama Angel From L / L
15th Kiko Payanal if p / p
16 Cohen Sakamoto OF / P p / p
17 Junoven Snevin OF / P L / L
18 Tau Purcell OD p / p
19 Brennan Thomas From p / p
20 Isaiah Wong if p / p

art Device: Gerald Oda (Director), Keith Oda, Willis Cato


number player POS. Bit
1 Grayson May OF / P L / L
2 GF Forney From p / p
3 Nash Carter 2B/SS/P. L / R
4 Haret Dever UTIL p / p
5 Bo Daniel C / OF / P p / p
6 Gas Log UTIL L / R
7 Josiah Porter From p / p
8 Charlie Malum From p / p
9 William Satinoff ss / p p / p
13 Drew Chadwick 3 b/r p / p
14 Jack Rhodes c/q L / R
19 Wright Martin 1 b p / p
20 Trent McNeill L / R L / R

art Device: Randy Huth (Director), Evan Satinoff, Mark Carter

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