Mayfield had choice words to describe the Browns’ plans: Report

Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield smiles as he walks along the team's side line during a game against the Buffalo Bills at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday, August 26, 2022.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield smiles as he walks along the team’s side line during a game against the Buffalo Bills at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday, August 26, 2022.

Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield had a few picks to describe what he plans to do with his former team when the Carolinas face the Cleveland Browns in week one.

According to Buffalo Bills side reporter Cynthia Freelund,Mayfield told her, “I’m going [expletive] them’ during the next post-game conversation The Panthers won 21-0 last Friday at Bank of America Stadium.

Frelund shared details of her conversation with Mayfield while appearing on an episode of the podcast “Around the NFL,” published Monday night, alongside Dan Hanzos, Mark Sisler and Greg Rosenthal. Frelund also works for the NFL Network as an analytics expert.

Before detailing the conversation, Hanzus asked Frelund about her interaction with Mayfield.

“I’ve been up against Baker Mayfield, the former Browns quarterback, recently,” Hanzos said. “I wish you could share the exchange you have.”

Frelund responded by sharing her on-the-ground interaction with Mayfield after the pre-season finale between the Panthers and Bills.

“I was like, ‘Kick some butt. ‘ She said with a laugh as she recounted her conversation with Mayfield. ‘…Go kick some ass, especially week 1, can’t wait. It uses some insults. … It’s like, “I’m going to slap them.” “

I’ll do it, Hanzus Frelund asked. Is that what his quote was? ”

In response, Freelund said, “I don’t say bad words on air. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Hanzus Frelund asked again, “But is that the quote?” She answered, “Yes.”

A Panthers spokesman said Tuesday that neither the team nor Mayfield will be available to speak publicly until the next interviews scheduled for Wednesday.

Also Tuesday, Freelund responded with enthusiasm over the comments on Twitter.

She wrote, “Boy, that’s ridiculous.” “Don’t make this any more than it is. I wished him good luck, colorfully. Colorfully agreed with me. What do you expect anyone to do in this situation…”

Speaking exclusively with the Charlotte Observer, Freelund said her intentions came from a positive light when she spoke to Mayfield after the match.

“I was like, ‘Be the best comeback player of the year. “I was cheering someone I thought was difficult. I was happy for him,” Freelund said. “It wasn’t like he came to me with any kind of anger. Nothing was like that. It was all rooted in positivity, moving forward, and being in a good place.”

Frelund said she should not share their private conversation without permission from the Panthers or Mayfield.

“I shouldn’t have had our private conversation going. I used bad judgment in that I should have asked him first, and/or cleared him with him before I said that,” Freelund said. for him.”

As an NFL Network analyst, Frelund said she hopes most NFL players will succeed both on and off the field. She said she wants every team to be good and have fun because the NFL product is best when everyone is at their best.

Freelund said she had no “anti-Brown” agenda.

“It’s frustrating, because the narrative seems to go from something that was very positive to something negative,” she said.

Her positive post-match chat with Mayfield escalated into potential billboard material for the Browns and a potential distraction for Carolina. Freelund said she did not speak directly to Mayfield, though she did reach out to her privately.

“I wouldn’t waste his time on this. If he would like to talk to me about it, I would be happy to talk to him about it. But I wouldn’t waste his time,” said Freelund. “This is not a story, in my opinion. And for anyone to think it’s a story just use Baker, in my opinion.”

Mayfield was recently named Panthers starting with quarterback After the team acquired him from Brown in early July for a conditional selection for the fifth round. Mayfield agreed to cut $3.5 million from his base salary of $18.9 million to join Carolina. The Browns paid $10.5 million from his contract while the Panthers got about $5 million.

Since arriving in Charlotte, Mayfield has quickly established himself as a QB1. Panthers coach Matt Roll said he was impressed by how quickly Mayfield countered Ben McAdoo’s attack.

The team embraces its leadership. On Monday, quarterback Bradley Bozeman said Mayfield was “a man you want to play with.”

In his final public comments, on August 22, Mayfield acknowledged that the match against Brown on September 11 would be more than “just a game.”

“I’m not going to sit here and be a robot and say it means nothing,” Mayfield said at the time. “It will.”

Last July, General Manager Scott Fetterer said he had consulted a lot of people about Mayfield before trading on his behalf. He said the team had heard enough good things to feel comfortable acquiring Mayfield, the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

“A lot of people went to Becker,” Wetterer said. “I think there are a lot of circumstances with why things happen. … but we are very comfortable with Baker. We are excited to have him added to the room and look forward to working with him.”

Since his addition to the room, the Panthers have long lost rookie quarterback Matt Corral and backup Sam Darnold. Corral was put on injured reserve with Lisfranc and . injured Darnold injured his ankle against Buffalo. Rolle said the team expects to be away for at least four weeks.

With rosters of 53 players scheduled for 4 p.m. TuesdayAnd Mayfield and PJ Walker are the only healthy Panthers players in training. Rolle said the team will start preparing for their game against Brown after the cuts are made.

Carolina opens its season against Browns on September 11th at Bank of America.

This story was originally published August 30, 2022 2:32 am.

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