Meet the Cast of Dimes Square Reality Series from “The Come Up”

From left, Claude Schwartz, Sophia Wilson, Ebon Gore, Tovik Abijako, Fernando Casablancas and Ben Hard.
Photo: Marie Tumanova

whatever Dimes Square It is exactly – ironically a naughty anti-wake-up intellectual movementIn the post-epidemic period, creative vanguard From downtown New York, or, more likely, just a bunch of pretty and privileged young men hanging around a few new bars along the east end of Canal Street thinking they’re doing something important just by being there – it’s as good a place as anywhere else in the city today to see and be seen. Why isn’t there Dimes Square? reality show?

and come, Which premieres in September on Freeform, not so much Real Housewives of Dimes Square Because it is an optimistic “unwritten” documentary series about six General-Z New Yorkers with their hustle. Light on sex and parties but full of dreamy ads about city life – “I came when I was 17, and that changed everything, my dear!” – and romantic street shots, particularly in the area outside Clandestino, the show attempts to portray what it’s like to be a boundlessly ambitious young man who wants everything (love, money, status).

The cast includes actor Fernando Casablancas, fashion designer Tovik Abejako, photographer Sophia Wilson, nightlife personality Ebon Gore, and actors Claude Schwartz and Ben Hard. Hard, strawberry blonde with freckles, is the new kid, from San Antonio, who works as a waiter, and is eager to try new things, like stand-up comedy, street hot dogs, and boys. “Here in New York, I think there’s a lot of this culture of sexual awakening,” he notes on the show. Oh, and also: “I kissed a model, and it’s my first.” (This would be Casablancas – the scion of the model’s family – whose story line includes a breakup with model Jordan Barrett, whom he “married” – but not legally – last year at a party in Ibiza that featured Shaman and Kate Moss.)

and comeNew York City is not burdened with boredom, but rather fascinated by the naivety of self-confidence and serendipity. It’s the kind of place that the producers of a show about young people in town choose, and one that will mostly be seen by people who don’t live here but watch Freeform, a basic cable channel that is better known. The nest has grown. (It will also air on Hulu.) Every member of the staff is filled with the conviction that they deserve it. “Crazy things happen to me. This is my life,” Wilson says. And Hard: “My friends can see me at home…or I can be famous!”

age: 24
hometown: New York
“I’ve always lived downtown, because where else would I go? I’m a trans woman who wants to be an actress.”

age: 22
hometown: New York
“a Vogue magazine The cap is going to be sick, you know? “

age: 23
hometown: Jacksonville, North Carolina
“I want to prove that we’re going to have the best party anyone has ever seen.”

age: 24
hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
“I still consider myself a struggling artist, to some extent.”

age: 24
hometown: Rio de Janeiro
“Downtown kid first of all. It’s a girl down there. They say, ‘Let’s go rave about it. A kid downtown having a good time.'”

age: 23
hometown: San Antonio, Texas
“There are some unbridled creative people lurking in the shadows, ready to give me ketamine!”

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