Megan Rapinoe Rath forced NBA legend Draymond Green to back Britney Grenier and other WNBA stars at once: ‘At the end of the day what Meghan wants’

USWNT star Megan Rapinoe was one of the most legendary footballers of her generation. Apart from her famously colored hair, the quarterback has several accolades under her belt. She has been a Ballon d’Or Féminin, World Cup winner, and Olympic champion. Besides being named Sports Illustrated Personality of the Year (2019), Rapinoe was recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Rapinoe has been equally successful off the field. The soccer star has been a key figure in the fight for equal pay in the sport. While the female athletes had to face a lot of political backlash, some athletes also opposed the proposal.


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Megan Rapinoe forced Draymond Green to change his stance

The strength of the Golden State Warriors striker, Draymond Green, was one of the athletes to ask Megan Rapinoe and her initiative. An ace basketball player once suggested that female athletes focus on growing their sport rather than on wages. The statement didn’t sit well with Meghan, who returned with a stinging response.

TACOMA, WASHINGTON – AUGUST 29: OL Reign’s #15 Megan Rapinoe hits back after a 2-1 win over Portland Thorns FC at Lumen Field on August 29, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Abi Bar/Getty Images)

Megan is strong reply Draymond was reeling and eventually changing his position on the issue. The NBA athlete returned with a refund as he said he agreed with the reason. Green color He saidAnd the She said it was unfortunate that this was my view. I think it’s unfortunate that she thinks it’s unfortunate that this is my view.” But Draymond quickly clarified the atmosphere by saying they wanted the same result. “At the end of the day, what Megan wants and what I want is the same.”

No matter how Rapinoe or Green do things, said Greene, “I am all of this.” Draymond has stated that he will not condemn Meghan’s comments towards him and is fully supportive of them because he also wants to see that happen.

How did the dispute begin?

In March 2021, Draymond posted a series of tweets amid the math-led fight for equal pay. Green claimed that athletes like Sue Bird and Brittney Griner didn’t do enough behind the scenes.


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Green suggested it instead of “complaint” WNBA stars must come up with a plan of action. He said female players should prevent companies from using them as a face to empower women and not generate any revenue. Green writes that if the athletes just keep asking for money and don’t take any further steps, the order will be kept “drop on me deaf ears.” He urged them to change the way business is done in the women’s sports department. “People who can change He. She He will go on to say, “Revenue is not there.” Rapinoe did not welcome these statements and asked Draymond what he thought they were doing.

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After six years of legal battles and fending off a backlash out of court, the USWNT has won its lawsuit. The team won $24 million in compensation. They also won a pledge from the NFL for equal pay for men and women.

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