Mom pulls to ask her daughter to give the inheritance to the sons: Shame on you

Online commentators were outraged after a mother revealed her plan to transfer her daughter’s inheritance fund to her two sons.

in viral form reddit The post posted on r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/Icy_Office2441 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) details the many occasions her daughter has financially saved her family, but cited her success as a businesswoman as justification for withdrawing her impending inheritance.

entitled “[Would I be the a**hole] If I ask my daughter to return her inheritance? ” Mail It has received more than 7,000 upvotes and 3,500 comments in the past five hours.

Beginning with explaining that her husband was “ill” at the time her eldest son finished high school, the original poster said her eldest daughter “Jeanne” stepped up and took over the family business, allowing her son to pursue a career in medicine. And when her youngest son decided to study medicine, too, her daughter paid for it – again.

Now, six years later, the original poster said Jenin is still running the family business, tripling her earnings, and making life so much easier for the whole family.

However, after the OP’s husband decided to leave the majority of the business to their daughter in his will, problems arose, mainly due to the lack of money flowing to her other children.

“[My husband] She decided that from the company’s sales, Jenin would get 70 percent of the money and her siblings would share 30 percent [that’s] Left, “OP wrote.” His reasoning was that the company paid for the medical school fees.

“I agree with that, Jenin [put] Her life is on hold for her brothers, but she will marry a very rich man who will take her [care] For her part, “The OP continued.” My sons on the other hand… they all want to stay home with their wives.

Or added. “[But] I decided to ask Jenin to give money to her siblings after her father transferred her.”

Despite its intended purpose – to leave valuable assets to family members or other deserving recipients – inheritance money is often More controversial than restorative.

Given that a conversation from certh and what is almost exclusively related to the loss of a loved one, a certain level of emotion is to be expected, especially when the estate is divided between children who left it.

But when common sense leads families to divide an estate equally among siblings, common solutions do not always apply. complex problems.

“There is a difference between leaving an equal inheritance, where each child receives the same amount, and an equitable inheritance, where each child receives what is just, according to his circumstances.” Investopedia Confirms.

Circumstances, along with an individual’s relationship to one’s mother or deceased parents, should determine which children are entitled to certain portions of the estate and according to the viral Reddit post, the poster’s original husband planned to divide his estate based on his daughter’s massive sacrifice and willingness to take on the family business to introduce her siblings into Faculty of medicine.

Unfortunately, the original poster contains other ideas. If it were up to her, her children would have an equal amount of money, ensuring that her daughters-in-law would stay home at the expense of her daughter who spent a decade putting everyone’s needs before her own.

The mother was amazed at the will of the husband
The mother was shocked by the proposed will of the husband. Members of the forum r/AmITheA**hole on Reddit invited a mom who detailed her plan to pass on her daughter’s large inheritance to her two sons.
PhysX/iStock/Getty Images Plus

During the comments section of the viral post, Redditors criticized the original poster for wanting to violate her husband’s will and wishes — and for trying to take money owed out of her only daughter’s pocket.

“[You’re the a**hole]Redditor u/PsilosirenRose wrote in the top comment of the post, which has garnered more than 20,000 upvotes. I’ve already sent the rest of your kids to college for you. Now you want her to get a lower inheritance?

“What time does she get a return on her hard work?” they wondered.

Redditor u/DoodleLover20, whose comment received over 11,000 votes, echoed that sentiment.

“Your daughter stepped in and died in college to take over your family’s business,” they wrote. In what world would it be fair to punish her for her marriage with money?

They continued, “You don’t like your daughter.” “You love your children.”

“YOU REALLY A**HOLE HERE!” Redditor u/Canucks-R-Us shared, garnering nearly 6,000 upvotes. “Your daughter did what she could do to help the whole family.”

In a separate comment, which has garnered more than 3,000 votes, Reddior u/hanbnanAU gave a simple assessment of the original poster’s actions.

“Your daughter took charge of your children and you want that [penalize] They wrote her on it. “shame on you”.

NEWSWEEK u/Icy_Office2441 has been reached for comment.

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