Nebraska vs Northwestern Score: Scott Frost Cornhuskers win double-digit score, wildcats reign in Ireland

For the second consecutive season, Nebraska The season opener dropped a Big Ten opponent in a painful fashion, blowing not one lead, but two double-digits in a 31-28 loss to North West in Dublin, Ireland. Routinely at the wrong end of close matches, the Cornhuskers are now down to 5-21 in single-score affairs under fifth-year coach Scott Frost.

Nebraska showed real promise early in the third quarter, but that all changed once Frost called A weird side kick After going up 28-17. Northwestern quickly spotted the kick and it was converted by a 44-yard drive capped by Cam Porter’s 3-yard drop to cut the lead to four.

then, Texas Quarterback Casey Thompson made his first interception in a Cornhuskers uniform. Northwestern responded with a six-game, 42-yard sprint that culminated in four yards from running back Evan Hall to give the Wildcats the lead for good. Northwestern ran the ball 12 times in a row to kill the clock in the fourth quarter, using the four-minute drive to take the clock outside the two-minute mark. Thompson then threw another back-breaking interception from the receiver’s fingers on the next possession to end the game.

Much was asked of Thomson in his early years; He threw the transfer 41 times for 355 yards with two touchdown groups. However, one pass was set a bit high and the other was directed by a receiver to two frustrating interceptions. Anthony Grant ran back for 101 yards and two touchdowns, but Kornhusker averaged just 2.2 yards per carry out for 46 yards.

Northwestern quarterback Ryan Hilinsky played one of the best matches for a longtime caregiver, however, completing 27 of 38 passes for two without any interceptions. Hull and Porter also combined for 213 yards in the rush and earned two scores.

What did we learn from Saturday’s week 0 match in Dublin? Here are three takeaways from the Big Ten opener for the 2022 season.

The new age is similar to the old age

After a disappointing 3-9 season last season, Frost brought in a new quarterback (Thompson), a new offensive coordinator (Mark Whipple) and a number of new players and assistants. In many ways, this has been described as a new program that got a fresh start under a beleaguered coach.

Northwest II exerted no pressure, however, returning the mummies to the errors of the old.

“I think we will learn as an attacking device that you have to be a little creative in this league,” Frost said. “It’s hard for me, there’s no one way to do things. I think we can collaborate a little bit more.”

Despite the drills heralded by new offensive line coach Donovan Raiola, Nebraska was an unimportant factor in the trenches. When things started to get uncomfortable, Thompson’s receivers quickly fell back. It wasn’t helped by the fact that a tight end left Travis Voculik with an injury. The final round of the game ended with a receiver dropping followed by a pass that bounces off the receiver’s fingers to intercept. Naturally, it ended up being a decisive factor.

Frost had incredibly bad luck in close matches during his tenure. At a certain point, there was simply no excuse left.

It is an even numbered year

The Wildcats have been known for putting together their best even-year campaigns over the past few seasons, including the Big Ten West title in 2020 and 21st place in the AP Top 25 in 2018. After a miserable 3-9 effort last season, Northwestern looked even more impressive In almost every aspect than anyone would expect.

The offensive line was the most impressive unit on the field by far, paving the way for a group that scored 528 total yards on 6.4 yards per game. Even more impressive, the Cornhuskers had no sacks and only one player pressed their quarterback.

Sure, it’s hard to know exactly how much to read things with an inconsistent Nebraska team on the other side, but Northwestern won the game on its own terms. Although there is still a lot to prove before the middle of the Big Ten schedule, the Wildcats have some legitimate elite talent groups that have an upside even against the best in the Big Ten West.

Pot eligibility becomes more difficult

Nebraska hasn’t been in a bowl game since 2016, and Frost needs to reach that milestone in 2022, at least, in order to keep his job. Unfortunately, losing the season opener the Cornhuskers were favorites for the second year in a row makes the path even more difficult.

Nebraska returns home to play a tough game against a tough FCS team in North Dakota and will play Clay Hilton’s team in Georgia South the following week. Then, it’s a fight with Oklahoma’s No. 9 at Lincoln in a game that could make or break Frost’s career.

There are winnable games on the horizon – but are any as winnable as against Northwestern? Without any goodbyes before September 24, there isn’t much chance of settling down. And don’t count on leaving Frost alone if results don’t come in 2022.

“number,” Frost said When asked if he would resign after the loss, “I love men.”

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