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FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts. Quick-impact thoughts and notes about the New England Patriots and the NFL:

1. Stronger Goddon Finish: One of the unresolved mysteries of the Patriots in 2021 is what contributed to the formation of the full back Matthew GoodonLow production down the extension of the house.

Godon totaled 12.5 sacks during his first 13 games, but has been held without a sack in his last five games, which coincided with the Patriots 1-4 near the season. He only had two quarterbacks at this stretch.

While Goodon spent five days on the COVID-19 list between weeks 16 and 17, he previously downplayed that as a factor. Now, as he prepares for the 2022 season, after tuning into the Friday night pre-season finale by playing 14 catches and scoring a tackle and quarterback against the Las Vegas Raiders, he has an even stronger ending on his mind.

In his first interview on WEEI Sports Radio on “Gresh and Keefe,” Goodon was asked about one area he’s looking to add to his game, and he said, “Long-term conditioning. It’s a long season, and I have to be new. I’ve been asking some veterans how They did it, and how they went through it and continued to succeed year after year wonderfully, throughout the entire season. That’s a big thing I’m working on.”

It makes sense, considering Godon played 877 high-level defensive shots last season. That was significantly more than its previous high of 793 in 2019 with the Baltimore Ravens.

In 2020, the season prior to signing a four-year, $56 million contract with the Patriots, Godon played just 565 defensive shots.

This year, the Patriots have shown no signs that they intend to tone down Godon’s role, perhaps other than taking him out of the shooting unit. He’s a key player in the early touchdowns – offering a combination of edge-versus-running and rushing-passing – and in the team’s more special dash packs.

“Matt has a lot of good energy, loves football and plays hard,” said Patriots coach Bill Belichick. “He works well with everyone and is a good communicator. A physically strong football player.”

There doesn’t seem to be much depth behind Godon, with the 2020 third-round pick Forever Jennings Emerging as the best backup and second-rounder of 2020 Josh O’Shea Profiling as more of a swipe specialist. Hopes that 2021 pick the third round Ronnie Perkins He will be part of that group that crashed when he was put into injured reserve due to an undisclosed injury last week.

Goodon said the Patriots are determined to play with a “regressive mindset” and “want to be aggressive, attack the line of scrimmage and flip it again.”

Godon’s ability to do so – from start to finish – will be crucial if he presents defense in those areas. And due to some pre-season struggles from Mac JonesOffensive, the Patriots may need to rely on defense more to gain more attack time to find their groove.

2 – Montgomery’s injury: The veteran Belichick said running backwards T Montgomery, who was taken to the locker room after injuring his ankle during Friday’s pre-season game, traveled home with the team from Las Vegas. Montgomery was to have more tests to determine the severity of the injury. It seemed like a lock to make the menu as the third option behind it Damian Harris And the Ramondry StevensonAnd, if injury keeps him away for too long, Belichick will have to assess how comfortable he is with heading towards the juniors. Pierre Strong Jr.. And the Kevin Harriswho said he did some “encouraging things” on Friday night.

3. QB Detail: Belichick noted how the Patriots view joint practices as an extension of pre-season games, so between two with the Panthers and then two with the Raiders, these were four player ratings opportunities plus three pre-season games. In quarterback, rookie Billy Zappy He easily played the most shots in games (119), followed by Jones (41) and Brian Hoyer (30). This reflects how much of Jones’ work came about in Common Practices.

4. Scout Kenny Beckett: The Patriots visit the Steelers in week two of the regular season, which is why Sunday’s final pre-season numbers from the Steelers-Lions will be of particular interest to Belichick & Co. the Steelers in the first round. Kenny Beckett He charges to win the starter mission Mitch TrubeskyAnd what happens on Sunday will be an important factor in Steelers coach Mike Tomlin’s decision. It’s the story of an NFL major, with a major emaciated impact in New England – with some similarities to the way Jones made it his mission to ultimately win the job. Cam Newton Last season.

5. Trent in LT: Why did the Patriots move? Trent Brown From tackling the right to tackling the left this year? Part of that may have to do with keeping Brown motivated, but former Patriots assistant head coach Michael Lombardi conveyed remarkable insight when he spoke of his experience. Podcast “GM Shuffle”: “One of the things that I think people miss is when you have a left-hand intervention that can run, it sets a different tempo. The Patriots did that to run the ball left. It gives them a better chance of really controlling the line of scrimmage going to your left.” Ramondry StevensonThe 13-yard run Friday night, with Brown in front, was a good example of that.

6. Wayne’s Future: offensive tackle Isaiah WayneNew England’s future became a hot topic when’s Albert Breer mentioned that the Patriots had spoken with other teams about it as a commercial possibility. The timing of those talks feels like context important, because it makes sense that the Patriots explored it in the spring when Wynn wasn’t part of the offseason program and the team was looking at options to create a salary cap space. But after taking a closer look at the backups Justin Heron And the Yodni Kagust During training camp, Wynn’s trading now looks risky unless the team blows them up with an offer.

7. The sign of the era: “The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that’s going on.” Those words are on a banner in the Patriots offensive line conference room, according to the Patriots staging center David Andrews, which he said reflects how the line workers are always trying to improve their communication and learn how to work together. As Friday night showed, there’s a long way to go, with O-line asymmetry among the top concerns.

8. HOF IN KRAFT WAIT: It was disappointing news for Patriots owner Robert Kraft last week when the late, inventive coach Don Correll was announced as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame from a pool of 12 coaches and contributors. This means that Kraft will have to wait another year. As part of the process among voters, the group of 12 was cut in several cuts, and Kraft was part of the final cut to four this year. This is why some think it’s more a question of “when” than “if” for Kraft.

9. Community Service Award: The Patriots’ Kickoff Gala premiere Thursday night is scheduled to take place on the field at Gillette Stadium, and the prestigious Ron Burton Award for Community Service will be presented. It is often said by Belichick that one of the cornerstones of being a Patriot is positive contributions to society, and there is no shortage of good candidates, with a defensive line in Year 6 Dietrich Weisz Jr.. between them.

10. Did you know? Zappe is the thirteenth Patriots quarterback drafted under Belichick (2000–present) and the first player in any position from Western Kentucky to be drafted by the franchise.

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