Non-dwelling support in Jax with OCD, and other mental health problems

Dr. Julia McKay treats a patient at the Sulzbacher Center Clinic, where she serves as the principal physician and works to address the health needs of non-Jacksonville residents.

I looked at the clock hanging in the hallway. There were only three more patients left before the lunch break. I desperately needed my daily dash for the safety of my COVID-free car, so I could take off my N95 mask and breathe deeply. This is my daily pattern as a chief physician in a non-residential shelter in my city.

Finding commonalities

The next patient was Carlton. When I entered the exam room, I saw that Carlton had tried. His dull hair was brought up to a semblance of order. He flipped his worn-out shirt inside out to the dirtier side. Carlton may not have benefited from showering for months in the Jacksonville heat. However, he was someone in need of care. I shook his hand and made eye contact.

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