‘Really cool’: junk books start a new chapter

Holland Township, Michigan (Wood) — Dozens of unwanted books from North Holland Elementary School are now new homes, thanks to community efforts to take a pile of books from the recycling bin.

Jay, a Hamilton resident, takes his kids to the school playground once a week. On Saturday afternoon, he came across a surprise: Dozens of books tossed into a big basket.

“It kind of takes your breath away for a second,” Jay told News 8 on Sunday. “Like this is a joke?” You see trash piled to the brim with books in good condition. It’s frustrating. It really is.”

Since he was a kid, books have meant the world to Jay.

“Books are the coolest thing,” Jay said. “It can literally take you anywhere. It can completely change the mood you are in right now.”

That’s why he couldn’t believe that an elementary school was throwing away dozens of books. He quickly posted the photos to Facebook and received a solid response.

“You knew if you posted something online, some good would come out of it,” he said. And that’s exactly what happened. It’s the happy ending to the story.”

He added, “There were some people who came up and were like, ‘Hey, tell me more about this, where is the trash can? “

Within an hour, Jay said, people showed up at school and took all the books out of the trash. They put the books in a row against the fence near the playground.

“They were roughly organized by reading level at that point,” Jay said. “That way, anyone who comes here to take the books, can easily determine which books will be appropriate for their older children.”

A spokesperson for West Ottawa Public Schools said the books are being recycled in the Gator paper box. As they updated their library, they reviewed old books, evaluating their condition and how often they were used.

A News 8 spokesperson said the discarded books had not been examined for several years. In addition, it was shown to teachers in their classroom libraries before being placed in Paper Gator.

“We are currently in the process of revitalizing and modernizing our library spaces as part of our strategic plan for the region. In order to do this, weeding is in progress. The weeding process includes an assessment of the condition of the book as well as its circulation. Due to the length of time since the last weeding, there has been Several books to be removed from this library that have not been withdrawn in the last 10 years.As part of the weeding process, these discarded books were first given to teachers for classroom and student libraries, and the last remaining books were transferred to Paper Gator Although it may look like a trash can, it is actually a container that is used by schools to recycle paper products and generate money that goes back to our schools.”

West Ottawa Public Schools

The books were very popular on Saturday. Marisela Garcia, whose child is in primary school, saw Jay’s post and wanted to take her daughter.

“I stopped everything I was doing just to make sure I was seeing everything right,” Garcia said. “I had to go see my husband, and he’d say, ‘Should we go now?'” “

Within hours of Jay’s publication, all the books had new homes.

“They have been able to donate them to free libraries, to their families, to teachers in the area who can use them as resources in their classrooms,” Jay said. “it was amazing.”

Garcia ended up taking her daughter to school on Sunday to see if there were any books left. They have all gone.

“I’m not surprised,” Garcia said. “I am glad they made their way to a good home. They will actually be used and not recycled.”

It’s a new chapter for dozens of books.

“I think what happened was really cool,” Jay said.

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