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Champions She is cool again. to be fair, Champions It was almost always great. from 2008 outrageous empire to 2014 Khaled, The band was unstoppable, almost single-handedly resurrecting defeating Death. With the speed and agility of a whip, they shone through quirky and treacherous songs, dazzling with every movement. Their music was not malicious. It was totally fun, listening to band leader Dave Davidson’s raucous solo action back to the crazy flights from recordings like Rest in peace As they take blows in new directions. After Davidson adopted the seven-string guitar, things got a little less interesting. Khaled It took an unpredictable turn and everything was better for this variety, but the next great sin And the the outside Failed to catch charm early Champions. But look at lower sky promising Champions They’re back as a three-piece, and they’ve taken the longest break between albums of their career – a whopping four years. Was rest and regrouping enough to straighten them out?

It’s like the outside It didn’t even happen. fit its theme, lower sky Makes a natural heir to Khaledand a fall from Twilight graves into firelit caves, and though the band decry Dante, I can’t help but hear Poe’s gothic in their horrific but mischievous music. lower sky It is clearly a death metal album Champions He achieved, but even without the mysterious mysterious beating of their first four records, he possessed a vitality that was faint great our sins And the the outside. I doubt it’s partly due to Dan Gargiulo’s departure; With the guitar working squarely in his hands, Davidson can count on nothing but his own duet to continue the songs, filling every second with the heaviest he can muster. I’m surprised by that lower sky Not just something else Champions album. it’s a ChampionsDeath Metal Album. Unsurprisingly, it’s awesome.

lower sky Davidson’s extravagant guitar act stirs up the extravagant mischief of The Black Dahlia MurderSatan’s cauldron is boiling with all the flames of unbridled Hell. It is illuminated with contents such as “Nihilistic Violence”, a bittersweet noisy track the killer through Khaled A complete filter with perhaps the least accurate single that Davidson can afford. But the record’s highest score imagines a more spectacular bush hell. The rolling edge of Escher’s staircase for “Lessons in Mysterious Theft” and the astounding solo section of blockbusters from “Strange and Eternal” are the kinds of things you can stare at, following the curves of each melting pot and sifting through the tormented little shapes to find what awful things they are. The devil hides them for their tender, unprotected genitals.

Among the collection of great songs, “Geeks Art Galleries” prove especially important. An introduction and a nod to the subtle harmonies of ArchesperBut the flesh of the song is charred and bleeding. Davidson’s guitar descends from high-record strings through a zigzag tremble to a low sound, his cry echoing: “Descend down the skeleton stairs / Deeper in the catacombs / Show me pictures of Gastley / In the galleries of Nerve and Bones.” Sure, that’s like death metal as your photos can get, but Champions Invite rather than reply, and dispense with these pronouncements with warm plays, as if you were reading a dear ghost story from a yellowish book with ornate crowns.

Not a return to form, but an interesting new form, lower sky he is ChampionsBest record in a decade. Dark Romance Expansion KhaledAnd Davidson, Bamberger, and Pearson release the darkest and heaviest songs of their careers together, never missing a beat. The album’s biggest mistake is their single focus; Bambegrer and Pearson take on background roles on guitar and the trio’s dedication to heavyweight results on a less varied record than Khaled, although it avoids the errors of this log. But the sparks of joy that passed through the band’s early career came back again. As the incendiary “re-steel” drops strikes and blasts to wrap around Davidson’s tentacles, it never fails to put a smile on my face, one that continues until the spectrum of harmonious guitars rushes lower sky until its end.

evaluation: 4.0 / 5.0
Dr: 6 | Format revised: 320 kbps mp3
a poster: metal blade records
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Worldwide versions: September 9, 2022

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