Ryan Bowles explains Beers’ plan to “talented” Alex Leatherwood

Lake Forest – The Bears were the only NFL team to file a waiving suit for attacking hookman Alex Leatherwood after his release from the Las Vegas Raiders.

The 17th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft struggled with the right tackle during the junior season before the Silver and the Black brought him inside to guard. He’s been fine on the inside, but with a new system coming in this season, Leatherwood was abandoned after a subpar preparatory period in which coach Josh McDaniels called for work on his fundamentals and technique.

Add Leatherwood It has a lot of meaning The Bears team is looking for as much talent as possible.

Leatherwood is a physical specimen with a high IQ of soccer that can play both indoors and outdoors. Leatherwood worked the right tackle in his first practice with the Bears on Thursday, but Bears general manager Ryan Bulls said they liked Leatherwood playing several positions.

Just as the Bears did when they acquired N’Keal Harry, the Poles hope his coaching staff, led by offensive line coach Chris Morgan, can help Leatherwood polish the edges and reach the potential he showed in Alabama.

“I think the important thing is to come back, a talented player, who is definitely physically gifted,” the Poles said of Leatherwood on Thursday. “The prototype is in it’s size and movement. And then in terms of being successful with it here, I think we all believe in player development here, and we’ve put the pieces in place to allow players to be their best selves. So, we’re going to approach that in a lot of different ways, and we’re going to give it a chance to evolve.” and growth. Forget about draft selection. This is over.

“So let’s start from the ground floor. Let’s build you up and take your time and whatever that is, we want to put him in the best position to succeed. Chris Morgan and his crew and everyone around him, from the weight room, we’re going to give it our all.”

Leatherwood was treated poorly in Las Vegas.

Upon entering the draft, Leatherwood was widely seen as a second-round talent who would have to turn inside out for guard to thrive in the NFL. But Raiders coach John Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock used to get to the need in the first round, especially for the guys from the Blue Bloods, and did the same with Leatherwood.

The Conquerors stunned everyone when they drafted Leatherwood in the middle of the first round.

Regardless of the slot selection, the 2021 Raiders were shrouded in turmoil. Leatherwood was immediately thrown into the fire upon proper intervention and told to produce when it should have been given time to sit and grow. Instead, Leatherwood compiled a series of poor performances on proper handling before moving indoors.

With Gruden fired for the mid-season and Mayock outfitting after that, Leatherwood found himself in a precarious position as he was billed as a “bust” from the first round with a new coach and general manager in attendance.

McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler saw all they needed during the offseason program and boot camp and moved from Leatherwood on cutting day.

The Bears picked up Leatherwood and arrived around midnight Thursday. He took physical and was on the field with his new teammates before noon.

“It was exciting,” Leatherwood said. “Just being able to get a new opportunity, come to a new city, I’m very excited about the future.”

It makes sense for Leatherwood to run in the right direction, at least at first. Riley Reiff was the reserve left tackle, but the right tackle point from the second series has been open since Teven Jenkins switched to the right guard. Leatherwood’s versatility will help give bears a choice of depth in both handling and protection.

Entering with a limited time to learn the Bears system doesn’t bother Leatherwood, who is confident he can make an impact in a wide-area attack.

“I feel like I’m going to fit in really well,” Leatherwood said. “I’m strong and fast. I feel like no matter what, I’ll do my best to do it. It doesn’t matter what’s planned.”

Leatherwood said he won’t set a timetable for when he’s aware of the pace and ready to contribute.

this is good. with Jenkins Grab the right guard point It shows Larry Borum has the right handling job, and the Bears can be patient with Leatherwood while Morgan builds him into the best version of himself.

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