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cAroli Schneemann was born in 1939 in Pennsylvania, USA. Her father, a physician, gave her an early introduction to the body and its viscera. I got a scholarship to Bard College at the age of 16 and left to study there New YorkIt ends up in Colombia. “I never found a precedent for women artists in the art history books that were available to me,” Schneemann said in 2017.

Schneemann has worked for many years refining her multimedia practice. This included performances, films, photography and painting, which were exemplified by the 1963 Picture Series Eye Body: 36 Transformative Actions of the CameraAnd the where she depicted herself naked and covered with paint, glue, fur, snakes and feathers, and at once was the seer and the spectator.

Although there is a comprehensive body of work and writing, acting on exhibition and recognition has eluded Schneemann for most of her life. However, she never stopped being creative, always involved in politics, and defies the limits of the physical body and the mind’s eye. Thursday, body politics, the first British survey of Schneemann’s work, opens at the Barbican in London. Below, the novelist Stephanie Lacava She remembers her friendship with the artist.

a The painting comes alive. Daphne, about 20, wears black with a white apron skirt. Responsible for her is Carole Schneemann, after the operation at her home in New Paltz, upstate New York. There are actually two types of Karolize: one in a bedside mirror. The young woman leaned over the other, wrapping her leg in mummy gauze. there are flowers; The transistor radio is running in the background. On the quilt, surgical scissors and open squares of hospital-wide bandage.

This is the scene when I first met Karoly in March 2017. I had traveled from New York City with a girlfriend to start recording an oral history, interview to come out at the same time with an American retrospective of her multimedia work. The second session was four months later. I rode the bus, berries appeared in the yard and a copy of Clarice LispectorCollected business on a covered table. Her tablecloth was the property of the artist and writer Kathy Acker; It was one of her skirts.

Carole Schneemann, Four Fur Cutting Boards, 1963.
Carole Schneemann, Four Fur Cutting Boards, 1963. Photo: Courtesy of Carole Schneemann’s Homestead, Gallery Lilong & Company, Hals Gallery, P•P•O•W, New York

My relationship with Karolyi soon became personal. I’m not sure why she liked me – or even if she really did, but we’d stay close until she died two years later. For a while, we talked on the phone every two weeks. Even when she was frustrated with me, she would ask, “And do you write?” It wasn’t cute, but rather a reminder of the priority.

She went to Venice when Karolyi was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. He was arrogant. I didn’t have a place there, but she welcomed me. The morning after the party, we sat in her hotel room with a Venetian lion mask on. She said she preferred it over the hood decoration they gave her – the golden lion statue.

A year later, I had a small celebration to publish A book of uncollected Karolyi texts Edited by art historian Branden W. Joseph. She loved being kept in a loft like the one she shared with her first partner, the composer James Tenneyin New York in the sixties. When she moved in, she had what she called a “debutante party” downtown. It ended up with holes smashed into the walls. Shortly thereafter, she would perform at one Claes OldenburgLower East Side Offers. Her role: Stabbed the wall on the nights to the end.

This was no achievement for Karolyi. She was not an actress, but rather an active creator, and her own agent. While living in New York, she found Goodson Dance Theater Along with other artists like Yvonne Rainer And the Trisha Brown. Her pioneering kinetic theatrical performances crystallized when she honed a practice that included cinema, photography, sculpture, and writing. However, she always considered herself a painter.

Carole Schneemann.
“Pushing the Limits of Earth Energy” … Carole Schneemann. Photo: Courtesy of Canyon Cinemas

“Schneemann’s unique contribution to the history of art and painting in particular was literally Withdrawal The eye returns to the body that sees: both the body’s inextricable connection with what is seen and its role in determining the nature of the visible,” writes the art historian Kristen Styles. Karolyi’s workspace was off the canvas, and included her real life.

This was a hoax, too. A maker of image and image, Karolyi was keenly aware of creating her own artistic historical record. This is, in part, the reason why Karolyi welcomed me home on the first day, just a week after her leg surgery; A live painting was waiting for me. After Daphne finished the work, Caroly pointed to the trash, smiling, her head tilted down. She alerted me to the name of the medical bandage: “Vantage Gauze”.

Caroli left New York City in 1964 to move to an 18th-century farmhouse in New Paltz, where she visited. The house would become inseparable with so much of her work. Her studio and shelter, it was here that she did her famous exploration of the equal external exchange of intimacy in a heterosexual relationship, the 16mm Experimental Film valves. Over the course of three years, she has been filming herself and engaging Tinny making love from different angles, one shot obtained by hanging the camera from the chandelier. The camera aims to capture the viewpoint of one of her beloved cats, Kitsch. Karolyi painted and baked the film himself, so it is full of color and scratches. It is sensual and erotic, showing that its Creator is engaged in a very human and shared love.

Plug it in... Schneemann in Fuses.
Plug it in… Schneemann in Fuses. Photo: Courtesy of LUX

However, it is not hardcore porn that caused the outrage of male critics when it was shown at Cannes. They couldn’t understand why it didn’t contain the predictable ads. Caroly said, “To find out what the curse is, and locate that in terms of a living sense of fairness.” It would be part of the Barbican Show.

“We have to remind ourselves that throughout the 1960s, only men maintained creative power: women were inspiration, partners,” Caroly writes. This sums up the way I first appeared in my first book, The Incredibles, as a feminist reflection on the artist/inspirer relationship. She and Fuse Looming over my latest book, I’m afraid of your pain. The network of culture workers, the woman is fascinated by her body and its needs. Smuggled by tactile sensuality. The experience of being a masculine look has been decimated. Writing as a performance – the awakening of the politician.

Karolyi is perhaps best known for her first two kinetic theatrical segments: meat joy And the Inner scroll. meat joy It premiered in Paris in 1964 – described by Marcel Duchamp as the most chaotic work of art France has ever seen. Eight semi-naked men and women, including Karolyi, roll with paint, paper, chicken, and raw fish. “Expanding bodily energy – beyond painting,” is how Karolyi interpreted the living sculpture.

Scrolling in the Womb: Schneemann's Interior Manuscript, August 29, 1975.
Scrolling in the Womb: Schneemann’s Interior Manuscript, August 29, 1975. Photo: © Anthony McCall / © 2021 The Carole Schneemann Foundation / Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York / DACS, London. Photo © Anthony McCall

A decade later, she came out to an audience in East Hampton, New York, wrapped in a sheet that had fallen only to reveal an apron. She had to read from her book Cézanne, she was a great painter. After he painted her body with dark dye, she proceeded to pull a roll from her vagina. (I also read a passage that appears to have been addressed to a male critic, “A Happy Man/Structural Filmmaker.” This text would become the scroll in the second edition of the Inner Manuscript, shown at the Telluride Film Festival in 1977.) A condensed selection reads:

(from scroll 1 🙂

be ready:
to waste your time
Your intentions are distorted
The simplest relationships in your thoughts
To be used and abused…

They will make fun of you
Try to sleep and you want to change it
with your energy
They will scold your energy

Karolyi’s work has always been about energy: exchanging it, creating it, and circulating it. A tactile, sensual world, very feminine.

(from scroll 2 🙂

You’re a magician / But don’t ask us to watch your movies / We can’t…
Hand Touch Sensitivity/Daily Indulgence/Painter’s Mess…

Karolyi was also known for her poetic correspondence. You wrote me many emails. After the party at my house, she texted me the following, referring to my son who was present at the event and only five years old at the time: “Tell Max I loved his dance…it was really memorable and full of dangers. But as an adult, I didn’t give him the best appreciation. He deserves it.” On another note, she’s showing off her wit, probably playing in internet slang all over the place. “VRWTB,” she wrote her own acronym: “Very hurried with the breeze.”

Carole Schneemann, Up to and Including Her Limits, June 1976, Studiogalerie, Berlin.
Carole Schneemann, Up to and Including Her Limits, June 1976, Studiogalerie, Berlin. Photo: © 2021 Carole Schneemann Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/DACS, London.

This partly reminds me of a job Nora Turato. Her recent performance of self-created scripts at MoMA in New York borrowed something from Carolee. in the critic Philippa SnowHis new book on self-harm as entertainment, Which, as you know, means violence, quotes Karoly as speaking of female performance as being indelibly linked to the cultural pleasure of a man (dancer, stripper, actress), while male performance physically challenges the body. She writes: “He’s climbing a mountain instead of laying on a glacier in your underwear.” Karolyi understood the menacing nature of a woman who spoils all eyes. The viewer is disturbed and somehow changed, but he is not able to fully respect the always attractive factor of the message.

After death, awards quickly come to Karolyi. They were never prepared for it when she was still pushing the boundaries of earthly energy, inhabiting her body.

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