SNL Legend and Ex-Senator Al Franken Responds to Rob Schneider, Saying Show Is Over

During a podcast appearance last week, long ago SNL Cast member Rob Schneider targeted his previous show. He specifically cited Kate McKinnon’s post-2016 election cold opening in which she played “Hallelujah” dressed as Hillary Clinton. moment of realization it’s over”. In the days that followed, the other former cast members and Shareholders Asked about his ideas, the last to come out public is original writer, former senator and comedy legend Al Franken.

Appear in CNN, a former player not ready told Primetime that he’s been hearing the same frequency for nearly fifty years now. He called Schneider’s remarks “ridiculous” and told an anecdote about how long that precise accusation had been flying. You can check out his quote below…

Al Franken guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live.

(Image credit: ABC)

People say the show is over (forever). You are one of the original writers. I remember after the first show, season two, I think Lily Tomlin was the host, and it was a really good show. I go up to the seventeenth floor, where we write the show and all that stuff, and the phone is ringing, and I, like an idiot, answer it and someone says, “Okay, the show’s over. Saturday night she’s dead. We’ve heard that forty-seven years ago or something. So, No, it was a silly thing for Rob to say, I think.

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