So I just discovered BTS

Every fan from every band has been there at some point. I spotted them performing at the GrammysAnd the Working with James CordenAnd the Take Grand Centralor Hanging out with Joe Biden. I heard ghee On the radio, and I said, “Hey, that’s eye-catching.” You’re intrigued – you love their music, and they seem like great guys. You are ready to be a fan. So what’s the next step? How did you get inside the band?

I have good news for you: Army (BTS fan name) is a welcome group. The prospect of joining an established fan base can be intimidating at times – but in general, we here in Army Land are very, very used to being flooded with new curious fans after every big award show, single, or other BTS event in all the headlines. Come and settle down. We are glad to have you.

To get rid of another concern: No, it’s never too late. You may have heard that BTS broke up – term “gap” It has been suggested by some and contradicted by others.including Hybe, The parent company of BTS Classification) as a translation error. The current circumstance is that The band is still working togetherHowever, members are also more focused on their individual work than they have been in the past. (In other words, we’re not currently in One Direction mode.) Members are still active as artists, songs, and videos are still being produced, and there’s still an extensive library of content and lore, dating back to the band’s debut in 2013, for you to explore.

One housekeeping note: I’m assuming in this article that you’ve already heard BTS’ music. If not, then there is all types of resources Online meltdown band recordings I encourage you to check out – this article is for people who have already tasted music but are interested in connecting with the band in other ways as well.

BTS members

When you listen to BTS songs and interact with the group of shows, videos, and other content, you will naturally develop a sense of who each member is. But I think it pays to know, at a minimum, everyone’s name and surnames before diving in.

Well, this is a picture of BTS.

White House press briefing with BTS

Photo by Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

From the left we have:

  • Fifth/ Kim Taehyung / 김태형 – singer with an angelic baritone voice and broke world records Follow Instagram. Currently in Disney Plus reality show With a tight-knit group of friends comprising parasite Star Choi Woo Shik.
  • Jung Kook/ Jeon Jungkook / 전 – Singer and youngest member. You’ll hear him called “JK” and “Kookie” – he also makes short films under the name “Golden Closet.” He has a habit of doing livestreams for several hours where he keeps insisting he’s about to go to bed and then doesn’t, and we love him for that. It was recently described as “Wait, I swear I’ve seen that guy in a club before” by a non-military friend who was re-watching the Grammys with me.
  • Jimin/ Park Jimin / 박지민 – singer, nicknamed “Mochi”. Procedure He liesAn absolute sausage living rent-free in my head. The only BTS member my parents have ever heard of.
  • RM/ Kim Namjoon / 김남준 – Rapper and leader of the group, also known as art collector. Famous for mastering the English language by watching friends Repeatedly. He was recently described as “the one I’d totally have a beer with” by my 35 year old boyfriend.
  • Gene/ Kim Seokjin / 김석진 – Singer, oldest member, and frequent presenter of dad jokes. He is often called “universal handsome” and tends to Go viral when it appears publicly. A friend of mine insists that she took a class with him at the university, but I’m still waiting for the proof.
  • J-Hope/Jung Hoseok/정호석 – Rapper and lead dancer, known for shining a light on other members when they make mistakes on stage and for his bright, infectious laugh. newly Address Lollapalooza. You’ll hear people call him “Hopi”.
  • longing/ Min Yoongi / 민윤기 – an accomplished rapper and producer. You’ll often hear him called Suga, but he did a (excellent) solo job called “Agust D.” She recently collaborated with Psy on an incredibly catchy song That.

(To what army is reading this: I’m oversimplifying things. These are very complex humans with many awesome facets and functions – this is not meant to be much more than a very brief introduction to the members we know and love.)

Well, now that you get the names, here is where you can find everyone on social media.

BTS social media

You will find a number of verified BTS accounts if you search for the band on Twitter. There are two types that I recommend for new fans to follow. BTS_bighit It is the band’s official account, operated by their company (I suppose). Here, you will see all the different ads for the band’s projects. BTS_twt It’s where members tweet – you’ll see selfies, jokes, birthday messages and similar fare. All seven tweets are from that one account, but they usually put their name in their tweets. If they don’t, it’s still very difficult to figure out where the tweet came from.

If you can’t read Korean, there are a number of Twitter accounts that translate everything BTS posts into English. I recommend that new fans follow and follow a few of these – over here some good Of which.

On Instagram, members have their own accounts with distinct vibes. RM He publishes a lot of technical material, J-Hope He has a mix of personal content and promotions for his work, Fifth He is more on the avant-garde side with the occasional thirst trap, Gene been in tennis content recently, longing He posts a lot of selfies, Jimin He seems to be living his best life in different locations, and Jung Kook It lurks mostly but occasionally pops up for comprehensive questions and answers. (Again, I’m oversimplifying.) There’s also official instagram groupwhich I find mainly useful for keeping track of whether it’s new Being! BTS Episodes release (more on that below).

But the best place to start if you really want to get to know members is Weverse. Weverse is a social network developed by Hybe specifically for musicians and fans. It’s built a bit like Facebook – artists can post text, photos, videos, and other media together, and there’s even a feature that’s similar to ephemeral stories.

In my experience, members are a bit more personal and less organized on WeVerse than they do on Instagram (and have more room to express themselves than Twitter gives them). It’s also the only place you’ll likely ever be able to interact with them – they regularly respond to fan feedback on this platform.

United States Music Entertainment Award - Grammy Award

BTS performs at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.
Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

BTS TV Shows

BTS has a whole bunch of video content, which is another good way to get to know the members. The sheer amount of it can be intimidating for a new fan, so I’ll try to recommend some good places to start (but those are just my opinions – other fans may very reasonably differ, we all do our best here, etc.).

Personally, I recommend that new fans start Play BTS. This offer is available on VLive, but you can also find most episodes on YouTube. It’s one of the smartest shows BTS has ever made, but that’s why I find it a good introduction to how entertaining and elegant these seven really are.

The basis of the show is that the members compete in a variety of games, some of which I’ve heard about before (mafia gamesAnd the escape roomsAnd the tennis tournaments) and some are just silliness (there was an episode in which producers hid playing cards all over the duty free, ran around the duty free to find cards, and the member with the most cards won a gift certificate to the duty free. I’m not making it up – it’s One of my favorite episodes).

Not only is the show a lot of fun (BTS takes even the most ridiculous challenges seriously), but when you watch each member compete, plot, cheat, gloat, get angry, endure and throw their own way, you’ll get a great introduction to who they are all and their strengths Their relationships with each other and the way they think.

Another good first option, if this doesn’t work for you, is BTS In The Soop. This is a more relaxed reality show that follows the group on two away vacations. You watch them stroll, read, swim, play sports, paint, fish, cook, jog, fly kites, race remote-controlled boats, set off fireworks, play the guitar, carve wood, and play AvalonAnd anything else people do on vacation. This is a good way to see BTS just kind of live where the glamor and charm have been removed – while the members clearly realize they’re putting on a show, you really get the feeling that you’re watching them hang out (and the members mentioned that they felt that way while shooting it too).

There are any number of other shows and movies that you can check out, especially if you are interested in BTS’ history and career. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Happy trip – Reality show that follows BTS on various international trips during their vacation
  • theater burning 2017 BTS Wings Documentary Series a trip
  • bring the soul – Documentary series about BTS’ Love Yourself World Tour 2018-2019
  • break the silence – sequel to bring the souland continue to follow the Love Yourself World Tour
  • rookie king – Variety show that premiered in 2013, BTS’ first year, in which the members mock various TV formats
  • BTS Gayo – A variety show similar to Being! BTS The group performs various activities related to K-pop

And after that, there are all kinds of content on BTS’ official YouTube channel, BangtanTV, Including vlogs, choreography practicesAnd the Live performance recordingsAnd the interviewsAnd the coversAnd the Behind the scenes shots From buds and big events. If you just want to see the members chilling and chatting, you can watch hours upon hours of old live broadcasts at VLive App. I think you’ll get more of this stuff when you’re more familiar with the members and their work – but feel free to watch them whenever you want. You are the manager!

There are endless ways to connect with this group, and the programs described in this article are just the tip of the iceberg – but I hope it’s a useful starting point for anyone who wants to learn more. Good luck and God bless you. I hope these artists bring you the same joy that they have brought to so many other people around the world over the past nine years.

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