Steph Curry aims to inspire ‘I Have Superpowers’ book

NEW YORK (AP) – On nearly every basketball court around the world – from NBA arenas to elementary school gyms – you’ll see players of all sizes regularly attempting to shoot three long points. There is one man largely credited with turning basketball from a must-see over the edge game into a long-running box office shooter: Stephen Curry.

But the Golden State Warriors star who He broke the NBA record with three points last season Now aiming for a different target: children’s books.

Carrie said from “I have superpowers,” as Jennifer Powers put it. “We want them to be able to set their sights on what they want to achieve in the world and really believe it’s possible.”

The father of three says the book is inspired in part by his children’s love of reading.

“You kind of keep your kids in mind when you talk about a book, and then you realize that this is a global opportunity to get into the next generation,” the four-time NBA champion and Finals MVP winner explained.

Member of the prestigious NBA 75th Anniversary Team And executive producer of the “Holey Moley” game show, Curry spoke with The Associated Press about empowering children and the upcoming NBA season. Answers have been modified for clarity and brevity.

AP: What do you want young people to learn from “I have superpowers?”

Carrie: We are all unique and we all have something to offer the world. And if you have a work ethic, if you have a belief and feel that whatever it takes is already inside you, then good things will happen.

AP: What would you say to parents who might say it’s easy for you to say to kids, “Just work hard?”

Carey: You can always go back to the time I started playing basketball when I was five – I started playing organized basketball at the age of nine. I was leaner and leaner and never talked about being the best at anything. And (I) had to go through these experiences of trying and failing…I think this is something that we hope most people can learn from, connect with, and be inspired by.

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AP: You and your wife Ayesha are building a media brand through TV shows and books. Why choose Media Space to make an impact?

Carrie: There are a lot of different mediums for storytelling and inspiration. And publishing and writing this book is another example of ways to communicate and kind of broaden your horizons… My wife showed me how it’s done, so now I have to follow in her footsteps a bit.

AP: Switching gears, most of this season in the NBA has focused on the Brooklyn Nets drama with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving alongside the daily soap opera The Lakers. Do you realize that a lot of the talk wasn’t about the Warriors, despite them being the title holders?

Cory: We’re aware of everything that’s going on in the league in terms of different storylines and rumors and all that. It’s the best place to watch all this happen when you hold the cup and enjoy the summer and understand that, as the champions, you are the one who is being chased again now.

We don’t need anyone talking about us. We know what we’ve accomplished. It’s about getting ready for another round (and) we feel we can do it all over again.

AP: Sports fans know that you may have changed the way you play basketball forever. Are you personally aware of how you changed the game?

Cory: I know, but part of that for me is to keep doing what I’m doing in my career and hopefully to stay at that level for as long as possible. There is no feeling that I have reached my peak. I always feel like I can get better. So, I’m driven how far I can extend this.

The biggest message about how to change the game is that it’s possible, and how I play is definitely possible…but it takes a huge amount of work that I’ve been doing since I was nine years old. So, I don’t want anyone to feel like they can skip the steps to get there.

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