The 3 Best Non-Water Hydrating Drinks From a Certified Sports Dietitian

keep your body moist It is key to a lot of what your body does. according to Harvard HealthStaying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, provide nutrients to your cells, keep your organs working properly, lubricate joints, prevent inflammation, and even improve sleep, cognition, and mood. Moisturizing Also important after exerciseBecause your body loses fluids while sweating. Drinking a hydrating drink after a workout is important to replenish the body with the fluids you just lost, while also maintaining normal bodily functions and Aid in muscle recovery.

While Water It’s usually the drink of choice when you’re thirsty—and rightfully so, since it’s great for you—it’s not the only drink that will hydrate you and benefit your body after a workout. Amy Judson, MS, RD, CSSD, LDa certified sports nutritionist who has worked with teams such as the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys (plus is the author of Sports Nutrition Guide), shares three alternative hydrating drinks you can enjoy that will also help your muscles and give you a nutritional boost.

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cow milk

“Did you know that milk is about 90% water? This makes it an excellent source of hydration,” says Goodson. Milk also contains potassium, which isElectrolytes are important for hydration and muscle function. “ (so tHat explains why sometimes, nothing quenches thirst like a glass of milk!)

Besides its hydrating benefits, milk contains 13 essential nutrients – such as calcium, vitamin D (good for bone health), selenium (a powerful antioxidant), B vitamins, and B vitamins. Some healthy proteins. “Because of its high-quality protein, milk and Chocolate milk They are excellent sources of post-workout hydration too,” says Goodson.

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smoothie “Made with cow’s milk, Greek yogurt, fruits, and even vegetables actually provide a variety of sources of hydration,” says Goodson. “[Because] Milk provides plenty of nutrients, and is a great base for a smoothie. “

milk style, Fruits and vegetables contain a high percentage of water Content that increases the hydration of the juice. Smoothies like the ones he serves Re-harvestFor example, it’s loaded with good-for-you moisturizing ingredients like goji berries and spinach.

Plus, they’re packed with nutrients and antioxidants,” says Goodson. “Milk, yogurt, Medjool dates, strawberries, and bananas are all high in potassium.” Drop them!

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Sports drinks

“If you are an athlete, do heavy exercise, or work outside, Sports drinks They are a great source of hydration for you,” says Goodson. “They provide sodium and potassium, the two main electrolytes that sweat loses.”

Electrolytes In the body it is important to transport water and nutrients to the parts of the body where they are needed while maintaining fluid balance within the cells of the body. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes help replace what you lose during exercise, keeping your body hydrated.

“[Sports drinks] It also provides carbohydrates, which are essential for workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes, she says. “If you don’t expend as much energy, but sweat a lot, choose a sports drink that’s low in calories and still contains electrolytes.”

Another tip? Watch out for added sugar – the more, the better. Also, beware of the list of synthetic ingredients, as chemicals and dyes are not ideal for your health.

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