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Sunday morning write: After Saturday update The guts of the summer box office hit, with Sony’s new C CinemaScore horror movie the invitation driving with 7 million dollars in 3114 theaters. Like the late Andy Rooney, I get a lot of letters from sources. But in this case, it comes down to how important it is to be gentle when covering the box office: We’re still in the pandemic, we’re not back yet, it’s not good for our business to be bad, blah blah blah.

However, simply putting random movies in theaters without any significant spending of money and profits does not benefit the box office or the showrunners. This weekend will rank as the lowest-earning weekend to date, with an estimate $53.7 million For all titles (some believe it’s as low as $51 million). If it makes anyone feel better, this isn’t the worst weekend of the year. This belongs to January 28-30, when all titles made $34.9 million per Box Office Mojo.

On some level, I understand: It’s late August. The majority of kids are back in school (Comscore says 32% of K-12 were out of school on Fridays, with 38% of colleges on recess), and Sony has traditionally been showing a horror movie during this latter part of the summer. don’t breathe It was a hit for them in late August 2016, opening the price at $26.4 million and ending his career at $89.2 million.


But let’s be honest, the more you spend, the more attractive you are. True, the diagnoses here in this period vampire thriller with a critical rating of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and 53% of audience scores don’t guarantee the studio will spend significant cash to open it. But we’ve seen Sony do better with a little: the August 2018 movie slender man, Which received a D- score, 8% of critics and 17% of the audience on RT, opened $11.3 million and has a 2.7 multiplier for a local end game worth $30.6 million. Also, Sonny, we’re tough here because we know how serious you are about theatrical window, and yes, we know, you’ve had the biggest pandemic success in the world. Spider-Man: There’s no way home ($804.7 million) which had an exclusive theatrical window for four months.

However, if studios were to continue “experimenting” (forget about the day and date) by cutting back on P&A spending and releasing “small” films in favor of larger ones, they would have no preference for theater or show. We already heard the post-Labor Day horror title at 20th Century Studios barbaric (which replaced the new font a lot safe After moving to 2023) it’s already set to crash and burn with a single number opening. Why not predator nickname victim You go into the post- Labor Day slot? It doesn’t matter victim The #1 Hulu premiere so far this weekend from August 5-7. How many Hulu subscribers two weeks ago victim How many followers did you have for two weeks? Was it worth spending $65 million? victim for? I’m curious to see Hulu’s highest subscriber count north of 46.2 million in the next quarter… David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. will defend. , about such streaming static movies that don’t have any kind of interest in subscribers like soap operas and are a complete waste of money.

Chat is on social media the invitation According to RelishMix, it wasn’t horrible at mixed positive tendencies, with “audiences groaning and calling out Vanilla Sky, ready or not, TwilightAnd the films of Meghan Markle and Jordan Peele as well. Gossips wonder what these ingredients look like for a nocturnal vampire picnic.

Let’s turn away from the pandemic excuse that people don’t want to go back; It is simply about the product. Disney proved it last year by opening a Marvel movie this Labor Day weekend Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings to record holiday results of $94.6 million. Great movies will get people out any time of the year.

The end of Halloween

“Halloween’s End”
Bloom House / Universal

If you’re going to put out a theatrical release, let’s put some oomph behind it if we’re serious about the window and the longevity of this piece of work. The sad thing with the models saving money running out for Covid is that they are desperate for anything, helpless when it comes to a big studio that forces them to get their first big franchise out of the summer, The end of Halloween Goes today and theatrical date. Let’s not be fools, this maneuver will drain the exaggerations. Enough of this broader audience nonsense between live broadcast and theater. Peacock starving for paid subscriptions.

It’s not the same as the PG-13 rating the invitation Is Some Old Movies: It’s aimed at audiences 18-34 who attend movies now, this demo accounts for 57% of pic ticket buyers so far. Like the normal PG-13 horror title, the invitation It deviated more than females by 57%. Those under the age of 35 represent 70% of the audience with diverse demos showing 44% Caucasian, 23% Hispanic and Hispanic, 18% Black, and 15% Asian/Other. The film directed by Jessica M. Thompson has been accepted the most on the coasts and in the South. Seven were in Los Angeles’ top ten, which tended toward Latino and Hispanic moviegoers.

And not to pick Sony, but more recently, yes, you, Lionsgate, are guilty of shorthand P&A in a YA movie. Drops, which opened at $2.5 million, totaling $5.9 million. The diagnoses in this movie weren’t terrible with 74% of critics’ opinions on RT and 78% of the audience, B CinemaScore. Why not extend it to a wider audience? With results like this, it looks like there is money left on the table. This pic likely did more than that. In short, let’s stop the BS games with a nice sliding box office economic base, how to make less money, and really stick to the stage. Can we do that, studios? Obviously, if it’s a bad movie, send it to the local market, just like they used to for movies like The Last Seduction II. Sending horrible movies to the local market isn’t a new business model.


Due to the lack of producer this weekend, MGM/UAR went much wider than anticipated at the George Miller premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. 3000 years of longing Which, out of 67% of Rotten Tomatoes and B CinemaScore, unlock $2.876 million In 2436 theaters. Men actually showed up in this genetic romance inherited from Idris Elba-Tilda Swinton, at 51% between 17-34, and 48% over 35. The assorted demos were 55% Caucasian, 16% Hispanic and Hispanic, 13% Black and 16% Asians / others. Pic ticket sales come from major coastal cities, with AMC and Alamo holding the top ten.


But, Amazon, why not go too far in the Sylvester Stallone movie? When will you guys grow up, realize you bought into MGM and start releasing extensive theatrical titles and box office reports? I mean, like a tent pole type!? Cherish and review the theater studio you purchased, don’t waste it!

Why in the name of God the film is direct for service? Stallone’s last movie Rambo: The Last Blood Opened 18.8 million dollars. This is a diamond mine by epidemiological box office standards. I agree with Zaslav on this: why throw away the patina (and future accessories) of a theatrical film by sending it straight home? Has it occurred to you that perhaps more toilet paper could be sold from an address with a window play rather than just being dropped into service? I mean, you have a billion dollar cost Lord of the Rings: The Power of the Rings series next weekend (rights alone were collected by the streaming device for $250 million). That alone should lead to the start of the early Christmas season for the market location. On Rotten Tomatoes, fans love Samaritan by 82%.

RelishMix noticed the online invitation to the film and think Samaritan It would have been a box office contender, with fans expressing their “absolute admiration for Stallone, everything he represents in the film industry, and the heroic characters he’s played”, to those who are “also intrigued that this superhero project isn’t a Marvel or DC production.” And that in and of itself piques the interest of fans in a unique way.”

The goal is to get people to leave their homes, not stay at home.

Top ten movies of the weekend:

1.) the invitation (Sony) 3114 locations, Friday $2.6 million (including a $775,000 preview), $2.55 millionSun $1.8 million3 day 7 million dollars/ week 1

2.) Express train (Sony) 3513 (-268) Theaters, Friday $1.54 million (-31%), Saturday $2.39 millionSun $1.66 million3 day $5.6 million (-30%)/total $78.2 million/ week 4

3.) Monster (University) 3754 (+11) Theatres, Friday 1.3 million dollars (-70%), Saturday $2.1 millionSun $1.45 million3 day $4.9 million (-58%) / Total: $20.09 million/ week 2

4.) Top Gun: Maverick (nominal) 2962 (-7) theaters, Friday $1.35 million (-13%) Saturday $2.06 millionSun $1.34 million 3 days $4.75 million (-20%) total $691.2 million/ week 14
They have to get to $700 million. Come on!

5.) Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Cru) 2941 theaters (-77), Friday 1.3 million dollars (-88%), Saturday 1.894 million dollarsSun $1.35 million3 day 4.544 million dollars (-78%) / total $30.76 million/ week 2

6.) DC League of Super-Pets (WB) 3284 (-253) Theatres, Friday $1.065 million (-25%), Saturday $1.85 millionSun 1.3 million dollars 3 days $4.225 million (-26%) / total $74.1 million week 5

7.) 3000 years of longing (UAR) 2436 theaters, Friday $1.16 millionhe sat Million dollarsSun 706 thousand dollars3 day $2.876 million/ week 1

8.) Minions: Rise of Gru (University) 2494 theaters (-160), Friday 700 thousand dollars (-26%), Saturday $1.2 million Sun 840 thousand dollars 3 days $2.74 million (-26%) Total: $354.78 million /week 9

9.) Thor: Love and Thunder (Disney) 2450 (-305) theaters, Friday. 694 thousand dollars (-35%), Saturday $1.16 millionSun 838 thousand dollars3 day $2.7 million (-33%) / total $336.5 million /week 8

10.) Where Cordads sings (Sony) 2,216 theaters (-392), Friday 650 thousand dollars (-28%), Saturday 957 thousand dollarsSun 700 thousand dollars 3 days $2.32 million (-28%) / total $81.8 million/ week 7

11.) no (University) 1,909 (-472) theaters, Friday 640 thousand dollars (-39%), Saturday 920 thousand dollarsSun 650 thousand dollars 3 days $2.210 million (-38%) Total $117.6 million/ week 6



Lucas Film

Star Wars: Rogue One (Re)(dis) 255 theaters Friday $500,000, Saturday $326K, Sunday $274K, 3 days $1.1 millionthe total $533.2 million/ week 1 (re)
The Imax reissue included an exclusive look at the upcoming Disney+ series, Andor (I wonder what would happen if Disney made some extra money and showed the first two episodes on IMAX? What if we tried that? Why would I want to go to the theater for an ad??). rogue one She is now in Imax’s top ten all-time list with a total of $105 million.


John Boyega in “892”
Sundance Film Festival

broke down (BST) 902 Theaters, Friday 364 thousand dollarshe sat 372 thousand dollarsSun $286,0003 day $1.022 million/ week 1
Originally titled 892, Bleecker chose this world premiere for the movie Sundance which starred John Boyega as veteran Brian Brown-Easley. When he is denied support from Veterans Affairs and becomes financially desperate, he takes a bank and several of its employees hostage, setting the stage for a tense showdown with the police. One of Michael Kenneth Williams’ final films. Critics liked it with a recent 79%, audiences gave it 78%, but Comscore’s PostTrak/Screen Engine’s 55%. Attendance was 53% men, 47% between 18-34, 50% over 35 with 50% Caucasian, 24% Black, 16% Hispanic and Hispanic, and 10% Asian/other. The iPic had the top four in the top ten, but the numbers, you heard, weren’t very good overall.

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